3 VIPs who got into trouble with the law

3 VIPs who got into trouble with the law

Stories about Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson and Whitney Houston. They all got into trouble with police because of drugs.

Louis Armstrong (1930)

That time Louis Armstrong ignored his capture in a prison cell.

Armstrong was captured in 1930, alongside drummer Vic Berton, outside the Cotton Club in Culver City, Calif. Supposedly, as indicated by Berton's sibling Ralph, Berton and the celebrated jazz performer went through the night "giggling it up" in a cell, where they were kept for the time being after the capture, since "they were still high." An appointed authority gave them every half year prison sentences (which were later suspended) and a $1,000 fine.

One of the capturing investigators conceded that he got warned by an opponent bandleader about Armstrong's whereabouts.

Willie Nelson (2006)

The world-well known nation artist — and current co-seat of NORML warning board — was busted at the Texas outskirt in 2006 for ownership of 1.5 pounds of pot, and a few ounces of mushrooms, fined a little more than a thousand bucks, and set waiting on the post trial process for a half year. Be that as it may, it could have been a lot of more awful, notwithstanding the brisk thinking about his band and group, who all asserted responsibility for drugs. The sums appropriated were sufficient for a crime whenever controlled by one individual, yet since five others guaranteed ownership, Nelson's charges dropped to an offense.

Whitney Houston (2001)

That time Bobby and Whitney pulled off the great escape.

After word got out about the episode in Hawaii, a few people asked why air terminal security permitted Houston and Brown to get onto their trip as opposed to arresting them. As per reports, officials held onto Houston's sack and called police, be that as it may, since air terminal security faculty are not authoritatively cops, they don't have the power to make captures. The flight left with Houston and Brown on it before the police showed up.

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