Stoner & COVID-19

Stoner & COVID-19

So this COVID-19 thing is real. It is an infectious disease caused by a novel (new) corona virus with no known cure.

COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands, infected hundreds of thousands more, and affected the lives of people around the world. This is the first global pandemic that many people are experiencing in their lives, including all of us stoners who have really been looking forward to a full month of April 20 this year!

Please note the CDC guidelines first During this time, stay home and adhere to the social detachment measures recommended by the government and other local and global health agencies. Fortunately, so far (with legal cannabis) states have classified cannabis companies as "essential" and have not blocked them like many other companies during this time. I encourage you to continue to support local pharmacies and cannabis retail stores and use roadside delivery or other pickup / take away services they offer to minimize contact with others. We can still participate responsibly and be socially distant when buying cannabis products! Then bring the cannabis home and stay there. As they say: Stay home, save lives !!

Second, I have to make it clear that smoking weeds if you are infected with a virus is not a good idea. Yes, THC and CBD have pain relieving, sleep-promoting, and anti-inflammatory properties, but inhaling hot smoke is the last thing your lungs need to fight a cold or flu. Do your research before taking any medication.

Other than that, and provided you are healthy, what can a quarantined stoner do? You are at home in the COVID 19 quarantine or block for weeks and still want to enjoy your cannabis products and the cannabis community. I have put together some options for activities, online communities and events, as well as cannabis products that can help you keep calm and weather the weather in this wild time.

Entertaining activities that you could enjoy while at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has us all with more time at home. For many stoners, a COVID-19 lockout could be the moment they were waiting for (YES! I can smoke weed and watch Netflix all night!), And for some it could be almost soul-shattering (I need my stoner circle !!). In any case, we must do this to protect ourselves and others during this global pandemic AND make the most of our time. Is it time to finally start growing your home? Can you finally learn how to roll a joint? Can you perfect the recipe for perfect pot brownies you've always wanted to bake? Or maybe it's just time to become aware of other things you can improve with mediation, self-care or other skills.


Find your higher one Yourself

This is the perfect time to take your self-care to a whole new level. We now want to keep ourselves healthy and perhaps more important than ever, considering that the novel coronavirus is something against which none of us currently have a known immunity. I believe that self-care is critical to our health and general well-being and can include anything from healthy eating to exercise to the creation of art or mediation. Sophie Saint Thomas' new book Finding Your Higher Self describes all the ways you can safely imagine including cannabis in your self-care routines, regardless of whether they are new or established. There are some excellent online platforms that help with fitness and exercise, including my personal favorite for stoned yoga Adam Andrews Johnson, who now offers free courses on Instagram Live several times a week! Many other platforms currently also offer free online offers.

At home

Would you like to create a garden? While you're at it, throw in a few seeds for peas, carrots and lettuce and you're on your way to a victory garden!

Not the garden type, how about working on these pre-roll Skills? Rolling a joint is something that many stoners don't do or don't do well, and now we have time to perfect it! Check these steps. I am so grateful that cannabis is seen as a vital business in all of Covid 19's previous bans, and we should make sure we support the cannabis industry as consumers.

Online cannabis platforms and communities:

The most obvious way to spend time at home is with the variety of options that we have online. I bet social media platforms are reaching an all-time high with their engagement numbers and Netflix is ??seen more than ever today. I thought this would be a great streaming advice from Respect my Region if you're interested in the media marathon.

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