CBD vaping: what is it? Your CBD vaping 1x1

CBD vaping: what is it? Your CBD vaping 1x1

When vaping CBD, the cannabidiol is transported into the body quickly and easily. This is another reason why CBD vaping is one of the most popular types of CBD consumption.

CBD has been heavily hyped and the demand for CBD has grown worldwide. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is obtained from industrial hemp. Vape oils can also be produced from CBD.

If you plan to do CBD vaping, talk to your doctor beforehand.

What are CBD oils?

CBD oils can be found in all variants and forms. This also includes the CBD e-liquids. CBD oils can also be a cannabis resin oil or a pure CBD oil. The CBD oil contains triglycerides, which unfortunately produce bad by-products when the CBD oil is burned or vaporized. It is therefore not recommended that a CBD oil is used for CBD vaping, but rather CBD-E liquids.

What are CBD-E liquids?

CBD-E -Liquids have been specially developed for vaping and are therefore more suitable for CBD vaping. CBD-E liquids are less viscous because a diluent is added to the CBD-E liquids. CBD-E-Liquids contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Which vapes should be used for CBD-E-liquids?

Most CBD brands apply high standards when it comes to quality controls for CBD-E -Liquids and other products. We would consider adding the following products to your "CBD Vaping" range.

CBD Vaping Pen:

A CBD Vaping Pen has a heating coil inside, which is used for regular CBD vaping shows wear. However, the coil in the heating chamber can be replaced. The coil on the CBD Vaping Pen should be replaced regularly to prevent it from breaking apart and oxidizing! Otherwise there is a risk that metallic residues are contained in the smoke during CBD vaping with the pen.

CBD Vaping Tank:

If you want to generate a lot of steam with CBD vaping then there is Tank vapes exactly what you are looking for! Tank vapes are ideal for CBD vaping of CBD e-liquids. The tank vape consists of an evaporator, a heating coil and a tank. The tank of a tank vape is enclosed in a shell that absorbs the CBD-E liquids, which can lead to huge clouds of steam when CBD vaping CBD-E liquids with a tank vape.

CBD Vaping - is it environmentally friendly?

Since there are also disposable vaporizers (Buh! dda) for CBD vaping, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you are choosing a reusable vaporizer.

What do CBD vapes cost? < / h4>

The prices for CBD vapes are around 30 euros. Depending on the quality requirements you place on the vape.

How do I vaporize CBD in CBD vaping?

We will be happy to explain how CBD vaporization works in CBD vaping!

  1. You need a CBD vape / vaporizer and a CBD e-liquid of your choice
  2. Fill your vaporizer with your CBD e-liquid < / strong> You will find an empty cartridge in your vaporizer and can add the CBD e-liquid there. Please wait before you vaporize the CBD because the CBD e-liquid has to chill around the heating coil!
  3. Switch on your vaporizer and vaporize if the CBD e-liquid Of your choice and had time to be absorbed by the heating coil, you can turn on the vaporizer and start vaping. You can inhale the steam through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.
  4. Clean the vaporizer Since your CBD vape / vaporizer can also be contaminated by bacteria, we recommend that you clean the vaporizer after each use .
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