What do Colombian doctors say about cannabis prescription?

What do Colombian doctors say about cannabis prescription?

This series of chronicles tells the personal experience of a doctor who prescribes medical cannabis in his country.

Each article is told in the first person and tells the subjective experience of each expert.

Started with a firm belief in the importance of teamwork and without forgetting that my field of action was not neurology we work with these girls. The families accepted this because the option they were considering was to move to California to access medical cannabis, which implied a family break, starting with the social, cultural, emotional, and economic impact of families, who were already affected by the condition of their girls.

A few weeks after discharge from the hospital, the seizures began to decrease significantly, they became milder, the progress in motor, cognitive and behavioral parts became apparent, then we started a progressive decrease in oral antiepileptics and all of this gave us the strength to investigate further and work hand in hand with these families. More and more families came to my office with cases like Lele's because I discovered with this family how hospital waiting rooms and intensive care units had become a place of socialization for all these families.

Today, after a few years in this area, there are many stories to tell. Lots of insights, lots of people went through our office, all great teachers. In many of them the results were excellent, in others it did not work because, as with any therapeutic instrument, the reactions are variable and not only depend on one or more substances, but on the interaction with each person, unique and unrepeatable.

As a working group, we are committed to masterful formulas to ensure personalized medicine, work with a complete plant and always take into account the environment or the synergy effect, to accompany patients beyond the office to comprehensive therapies that take them into account. Fundamental issues such as nutrition, exercise, other alternative therapies, and generally promoting healthy lifestyles that potentiate the effects of this ancestral plant that will finally regain the place it deserves.

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