Cannabis tincture: this is how you mix your own CBD / THC liquid

Cannabis tincture: this is how you mix your own CBD / THC liquid

This hemp tincture containing CBD or THC can simply be placed under the tongue in drops to improve the general wellbeing of body, mind and soul.

Important: Cannabinoids (THC and CBD) are UV and light sensitive. Therefore, always keep the hemp tincture in a dark place - the brown bottle only helps to a limited extent. Use only high quality cannabis, otherwise any contamination will be absorbed into the tincture.

You need this for the preparation at Cannabis tincture recipe:

So you process the ingredients for that Cannabis tincture recipe:

  1. The decarboxylated cannabis with the grinder or similar. shred
  2. Pour cannabis into the mason jar and then pour alcohol on it.
  3. Close the lid well and swivel briefly.
  4. Store the mason jar in a dark place for 7 days (cupboard, cellar) and shake every day.
  5. Now the tincture can be poured into the bowl through a cloth or coffee filter to filter out the plant remains.
  6. Now fill the tincture into the brown bottle with the help of a funnel - done.
  7. It is best to start with the dosage with just a few drops since the required dose can vary widely.
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