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LAST ONE - COMPLETE CBD WEBSITE! The hemp industry is the fastest growing in the United States.

Now YOU can enter the CBD business TOO! By purchasing this complete CBD dropshipping business, you can enter the industry and get a cut of the billions of dollars of hemp products sold every year.

Website DEMO: http://nationalamericancannabisassoc.com/ - Website FeaturesFully created self hosted Wordpress website (No risk of Shopify bans)Easy installation (using included plugin)PDF Instructions included8 CBD products for sale including vape pens, cartridges, and spray.Custom and unique wordpress themeAll product descriptions/ingredients/dosage addedTestimonials upProfessional picturesEmail autoresponder set upDropship based - you dont ship anything!Discount programAll text/content doneHow does this complete website work? Dropshipping is the future of online commerce.

When a customer orders a product from you, you place that order with the dropshipper and they ship it out.

Then, you pocket the profit.

Its like wholesaling but you only ship a product when a customer pays you! That way, you don't have to have inventory on hand.

This website is completed and has great SEO potential, a super easy checkout system, and great pictures.

Site is made on Wordpress, so no risk of Shopify problems that other CBD vendors face.

This website would costs 10x as much to make new, but you can get it for a great price! This completed website is uploaded to your own web hosting.

Then, you place orders when the dropshipper when someone orders from you Here are the profit margins: CBD Oil - $20 profit per sale Softgels - $24 profit per sale Gummies - $9.45 per sale Vape Cartridge - $14 per sale Vape Oil - $14 per sale Vape Pen Kit - $16 per sale Spray - $23 per sale Salve - $12 per saleOnce purchased, I will send you the website file and the PDF.

You basically install wordpress, install the import plugin, and just import the site.

Its that easy! You can install it on any domain, using any web host you wish! Then, follow the instructions to connect your Paypal and contact email information, as well as signing up with the dropshipper.

Now, you have your very own CBD business! Frequently Asked Questions What do I need to get started? To get started, you'll need web hosting, a domain, and a fresh Wordpress.org installation (This site does NOT work with wordpress.com) Do I need technical knowledge to use this site? Yes, technical knowledge will be helpful in setting up the website.

While the instructions are easy to follow, technical knowledge is a must when running any web based business.

Please note that since we do not offer refunds, one without web knowledge shouldn't purchase this website.

Will you set it up for me? We offer website setups for a $10 fee.

You will need your own hosting and domain still.

If you'd like to choose this option, please message me before purchase and I'll send you a custom offer! What if I don't get approved by the dropshipper? Getting approved by the dropshipper is easy and as long as you are not trying to hide your identity you will get approved.

If you choose not to use them you can use another dropshipper or buy from a retail store, raise the price, and send them directly.

Do you offer refunds? I used to offer refunds but unfortunately I no longer do.

Sale of this CBD site is final.

This is because the item cannot be returned.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will work to make it right but cannot offer refunds.

Please note that this item is not covered by buyer protection.

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