I mustache you a question

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Honestly everytime.


If this isnt the truth hahaha
There are two types of growers...
I mustache you a question

anything past 5 seconds is history to me.

Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!

car hair in da weed

bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in

New to this sub

living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks

Me right now
The man deserves a Knighthood
Getting baked in the sun
So far my best run with this strain , 🤔
Here’s some advice

Walking around a forest in France, I share this here

try it, trust me
Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here

The mighty gatorbeug

Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!
1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬

My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.

It's like candy
Dont you hate it when you drop your weed
I accept that this data will be stored on the website after I clicked submit
I have read the privacy policy and accept it.

Don’t forget to stash that stash in your secret stash

The answer is yes

anyone else high read the notification and think it was personally speaking to you? 😂

I always do!😁


Hahah hahahahaha hahahahaha it’s a me! Mario ! Omg this made me laugh so hard just because that was one of my nicknames w my bff

I like your bff's style!

Lol yeah she was Luigi I was Mario

Is she ok? Or are you just over the nicknames now? The past tense leads me to think something bad happened ☹️

Oh we’re actually stepsisters now ..... her dad married my mom ten years ago lol that’s a whole other episode in my life

Aww, happy ending. Yaay!!

Wow that is a good looking stash!


"Verde Sanchez".

Bruh lmfao


How lol

Luck o the draw lol

You got something in your moustache there..

Can we be besties!!! 👯‍♀️

Usually I’m all “no new friends” but “in times like these we learn to love again” 💕


That’s a nug. Or nugs. Either way, that’s the most beautiful mu stash

Imagine a bowl big enough to house that monster then snapping it

Right! It would only fit in this giant bowl I once saw getting passed around at reggae fest at Nelson ledges like the bowl could probably fit a qtr easily lmao

Or a zong bowl like the big zongs

Can you tell me what your shirt says?

Lol I got it for 2bucks at Gabriel brothers it’s basically a fake boxing add of a piece of pizza vs a burger for best food choice

That made me chuckle, thank you

It's when a plants that are grown and have female and male flowers due to pollin or growing conditions and or stress. It doesn't mean it doesn't have the in it but it just means it's better used for different purposes then smoking. Reproduction being the most common or if I'm right about the Bud in the pic then blowing it into shatter or using it for edibles. It's not uncommon for this to happen to plants that are being grown . and even less common for people to trim off the signs of it so they can sell it as usual.

I love this

with the power of PGR’s anything’s possible

Uh oh you sayin I shouldn’t smoke this cause I may get cancer?

If its true pgr then smokin it once or twice isnt to bad but some nugs are just naturally dense what strain is this?

I didn’t ask my brother , I’m really not one that cares about names. I just smoke it. Unless I’m specifically looking for a certain one for certain ailments.

If you knew what strain it was you could look up images of that strain and see if its naturally dense or if its pgr but if it taste funny at all Id be careful

Oh no it tastes amazing, believe me I’ve had experiences with weed that I feel was affected with chemicals before. Thank you though

I don't have bong, but go ahead

You can see signs of seed pods that started growing and they trimmed it off. It's almost hermafrite weed.

Ignorance is bliss here .... can you please explain?

Munchies caused those big cheeks?

Lol whaaaAat the fuck

I don’t even want to smoke it lol

The one mustache your partner won't tell you to get rid of

Lmao believe me you right my bf tells me to wax my Italian stache when needed

It's cuz he knows the full Mario stache is to powerfull

Waiting for 420 likes like 😱
I’m sorry I mean upvotes lol

What if, not saying it could be real, but what if, that's how the snot from COVID-19 actually looks like? Stay safe!

I want to downvote for the pun but have to upvote for the dankness

I’m a punny person (actually the only time I use this line is when I’m taking pics with my nug staches)

How many big starches do you have

Lol I’ve had a few good nug stache pics over the 12 years of my smoking life