If this isnt the truth hahaha

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Honestly everytime.


If this isnt the truth hahaha

There are two types of growers...

I mustache you a question

anything past 5 seconds is history to me.
Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!
car hair in da weed
bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in

New to this sub

living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks
Me right now

The man deserves a Knighthood

Getting baked in the sun

So far my best run with this strain , 🤔
Here’s some advice

Walking around a forest in France, I share this here

try it, trust me

Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here
The mighty gatorbeug
Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!
1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬
My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.
It's like candy
Dont you hate it when you drop your weed
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I have read the privacy policy and accept it.

Bruh mines kids recognised me while I was at work😭


my dealer is also my classmate

You saw your dealers kid? The closest I got was seeing my dealers obese dog

I've met my guy's entire family to my own misfortune. Everytime I go to pick up, it's a different family member that answers the door!

Nearly all my plugs are rastafarians and im good friends with all of them,the percs are also very good.

Or Cat (Garfield)

I never needed a dealer, I just always scored mine through friends.

Then my cousin started seeing a guy who grew medical. And that was the end of needing dealers EVER. Now we have rec here, so I'm just growing my own this year.

Oh fuck yeah! Would love to be updated on the grow!


This is what she looked like two days ago. I make a new post in r/microgrowery about once a week.

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\#1: [My 59yr old anonymom’s 1st organic grow at 4months from seed, (128days to be precise) she also had an 8’ft’er at the same age! She’ll be tickled to see any amount of likes besides her FB meme share feed! Strain is Rare Dankness’s Ghost Train Haze #1 5yr IBL](https://i.redd.it/2rp1puhuqfu31.jpg) | [176 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/microgrowery/comments/dmckcu/my_59yr_old_anonymoms_1st_organic_grow_at_4months/)
\#2: [Home Grow Canabar](https://imgur.com/B5B6Na2) | [184 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/microgrowery/comments/ey74cr/home_grow_canabar/)
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Good for you

I aint got nothin against a Pokemon talk


then you say "damn thats crazy"


My dealer is some 40 year old that lives like 5 minutes away, he has kids but I’ve never seen em. He says if I get him a hot girl my age (I’m 18) he’ll hook me up with marijuanas

Nonce behaviour 😂 set him up tell him your 17 and youll tell police hes touched you for free weed, slightly unethical and wouldnt advise if hes a nice guy

Don't do this mister.


I was once the kid 😔