living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks

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Honestly everytime.

If this isnt the truth hahaha

There are two types of growers...

I mustache you a question
anything past 5 seconds is history to me.
Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!

car hair in da weed

bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in
New to this sub
living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks
Me right now
The man deserves a Knighthood
Getting baked in the sun
So far my best run with this strain , 🤔
Here’s some advice
Walking around a forest in France, I share this here
try it, trust me

Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here

The mighty gatorbeug

Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!

1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬

My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.
It's like candy
Dont you hate it when you drop your weed
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I’m out here blowing smoke out my window like a common fool

I dont even sneak out anymore. Times have changed

Either haha, used to sneak out or just tell my mum I’m going for a walk, now I sit in my bathroom and just hotbox it every night, this lockdown is annoying but it’s pretty lit being able to hotbox every night considering I used to only smoke every few months, I’m spoiling myself but after what’s happened to me I think I deserve it :)

Can totally relate. I just wanna smoke a joint, and enjoy dinner while watching a movie. Fucking prejuices.


i feel attacked.

I was sneaking into the computer room to play StarCraft as a kid...