Me right now

Join the official /r/Weed discord server! (Now with the vanity url as weed lol)

r/weed Logo Competition!

Honestly everytime.
If this isnt the truth hahaha
There are two types of growers...
I mustache you a question
anything past 5 seconds is history to me.
Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!

car hair in da weed

bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in

New to this sub

living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks

Me right now
The man deserves a Knighthood
Getting baked in the sun

So far my best run with this strain , 🤔

Here’s some advice

Walking around a forest in France, I share this here

try it, trust me

Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here

The mighty gatorbeug

Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!

1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬

My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.
It's like candy

Dont you hate it when you drop your weed

I accept that this data will be stored on the website after I clicked submit
I have read the privacy policy and accept it.

I once laughed for like 5 minutes cause of a low effort meme while high

You literally reposted this from this sub. I mean come on that's just fucking retarded it even says it at the bottom

Repost go brr brr


Whos cringe?

Sharing the love brother, all about good vibes and sharing the love

Me rnnnn