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Honestly everytime.
If this isnt the truth hahaha
There are two types of growers...
I mustache you a question
anything past 5 seconds is history to me.

Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!

car hair in da weed

bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in

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living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks

Me right now

The man deserves a Knighthood

Getting baked in the sun
So far my best run with this strain , 🤔
Here’s some advice
Walking around a forest in France, I share this here

try it, trust me

Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here

The mighty gatorbeug

Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!
1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬
My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.
It's like candy
Dont you hate it when you drop your weed
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That’s dated 😂

Lmao I'm hot on this trail right now, but I'll never get why I'd smoke out of plastic if a glass pipe is like 15

The guy that sells the $15 pipe in your area used to smoke out of a water bottle with his friends or maybe a aluminum can

How do you some out of a bottle? Seems a lot more efficient than cans so Id appreciate this peice of knowledge

Get a plastic bottle. I preferred 2 liters, but go smaller you have low tolerance. Then get a [socket]( and something to cut a hole in the bottle and bottlecap.

Cut hole in bottle's cap and fit the socket into the hole. Use socket as bowl piece. Cut a hole into the bottom part of the bottle. This is your carb. You will have to fill it with water so plan the carb accordingly.

Next, fill the bottle with water (holding the carb so it doesn't leak). Put cap on, pack bowl (the socket), light the weed. Once lit, slowly release the carb so the water drains. The pressure pulls the weed into the bottle and fills it with smoke. Once drained, twist off the cap and smoke it.

Also this is really bad for your health (due to inhaling metal/plastic) so don't do it often/at all. Just my experience in high school pre-legalization.

Okay thanks man this will actually help a lot

Imma screenshot this for educational purposes

Gravity bong 😍 you can also cut the bottom off and use a bucket of water makes for some lung busters biggest hits ive taken in my life

I've also put the socket in the side of the bottle and smoked with the regular bottle opening. Makes a decent DIY steamroller in a pinch.


most relatable

Using a plastic bottle as bong :') Great old times

Well tomorrow I’ll tick off the last one, cuz I’m going to get myself a first bong