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Honestly everytime.
If this isnt the truth hahaha

There are two types of growers...

I mustache you a question
anything past 5 seconds is history to me.
Just bought a northern lights cartridge. Let’s see why Creed knows about it!
car hair in da weed
bought myself a fancy silk weed robe to lounge around and smoke in
New to this sub

living with my parents in quarantine is giving me flashbacks

Me right now
The man deserves a Knighthood
Getting baked in the sun
So far my best run with this strain , 🤔

Here’s some advice

Walking around a forest in France, I share this here

try it, trust me

Missing My Stash Since im overseas for quarantine... its $40 a g for some reggae here

The mighty gatorbeug

Low-grade photo, high-grade collection!
1 oz of Fuel, 1 oz of Pineapple Thai, and in the jar is just over 1/2 and oz of Lemon Pie. Living my best life 😎🌬

My high ass just microwaved a plate with nothing on it.

It's like candy

Dont you hate it when you drop your weed

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Churches were the only places allowed to have alcohol during prohibition.


Yeah, they still needed wine for the Eucharist. Churches are also the only place legally allowed to give alcohol to minors for the same reason

Yup. Growing up Catholic I had plenty of wine.

Too bad church wine fucking sucked. Burned like whiskey and tasted like shitty fruit water

Yeah but... alcohol

No bad go away :(

10$ goon bruv

And that was just from the priests grooming you for the mass after party

Nice fact

Wait is that current? Can churches legally give alcohol to minors? That doesn’t seem like an actual modern thing.

Yeah, technically. But it's not like they're selling them a bottle of vodka, it's just a single sip of wine about once per week

I don’t know what country you reside in. However in the United States that seems like a strange thing because of the way we have freedom of religion. So linking a religious establishment with being allowed to doo things others can’t seems like a weird concept. Do you know the logistics of it.

I'm from the US : )

So I don't know all the logistics, but it's a bit of a strange situation. In the US, all religious establishments are given a pass in some ways, such as tax exceptions and stuff, regardless of what religion it is. Considering how it's just a small sip of wine once a week, and it isn't being sold to anyone, it's given immunity

It's also a bit weirder specifically with Catholicism (and a few other Christian denominations) as we believe in transubstantiation, which is essentially a small miracle performed during the Eucharist. It's believed that when a priest performs the ritual of the Eucharist the bread and wine literally turns into the body and blood of Christ, not just symbolically. So according to Catholics, we aren't giving wine to children, we're giving them the body of Christ, which brings salvation

That's a huge oversimplification, but I'm not an expert in religion, just very interested in it : )

Come to think of it I do remember a similar “ritual” if you will. When I was younger I went to a catholic summer camp. I remember dipping bread into some sort of grape made liquid. However I believe it was grape juice not wine.

Also unrelated however I see you have the title Heavy Smoker next to your name but you don’t appear to be listed as a moderator. What’s up with that.

I dunno, man. I just smoke a lot of weed. Helps with my anxiety and helps me feel more connected to the world around me. Unfortunately, that means I have a huge tolerance which requires me to smoke more weed. Right now I'm doing a (very necessary) t-break and it sucks

This is true cause it has to do with religion.

Loool this cant be true

Not sure if your joking but its true I have been legally drinking wine since 2nd grade

Me too. Welcome to Catholicism

Nah I’m fr. I was just surprised that this is legal.

In Wisconsin, as long as you’re with a parent/guardian, minors can drink in restaurants.

Ok did a lil research (for Germany) and the priest can decide for their community but it’s a grey area. Just because Wine is allowed at 16 years of age. But this only covers selling it or handing it out at public events and church is not a public event.

I thought non-distilled alcohols like wine and beer were ok at 14 with a parent in Germany? I think 16 is for them alone

Yeah that could also be correct I think. I started drinking and going out at 16 and let it be at 19. Never drank a drop of alcohol since I’m 20 and I’m gonna keep my streak till I die.
Uh point being: don’t know if you can drink younger than 16 but seems plausible

Eucharist. Poor catholics with their made up shit they believe in. Don't you people even read your bible? What page is this made up stuff on? I would love to see this

The book of Matthew, chapter 26, verses 26 to 29

Please don't be rude to over 15 percent of the world population just because you don't agree with them

That is actually a Jewish custom. It's called Kiddush... I guess you think I should be nice to those who murdered hundreds of millions of people to push their lies. Think again...

Jesus was Jewish and Christianity does stem from ancient Judaism. Not sure where you are going with the millions murdered and lies comment so won’t stoke anything there

All of Christianity is based on Judaism, as is Islam. They're called Abrahamic religions

And I'm a bit confused, who exactly did I murder? Or my priest? Or my family?

Or are you just saying things to be rude?

Hoow are facts rude? Or are they rude because you don't like that your faith is based on murder and lies? I don't hate catholics, but I do hate your lie of a faith. fuck catholicism.

bruh im athiest but this is rude and ignorant asf.

ignorant? You must ignore history as well as God. Look up the spanish inquisition. Mel brooks even made a short comical video for people like you

okay lmao, when u talk to people like this and dont even listen to what they have to say. “people like you” wdym people like me. you dont know me. and btw sorry i assumed that you were insulting like christianity as a whole not just catholics i didnt rlly read it right. anyway ye chill out lmao i apologize fo what i said too

right on bro. I apologize to you too


I knew of some churches a few years ago that would smoke weed based on what the Bible says.

What did the bible say about smoking weed?

Get stoned to death /s


Genesis 1:12 “I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use.” Raised catholic until I was old enough to break free, still remains my favorite bible verse ever!

Same here brother nothing worse than a Irish catholic

Yhea but u definitively learned a lot during this process and I’m sure it made u a better person they might not have the perfect idea on what is god and how to thank it for is gratitude but their goal is to give love

It was pretty rough growing up, still trying to shake a lot of damage that was done, I feel for you brother.

I did not read the Bible, so this was just a quick google search but it looks like they interpreted it from “Genesis 1.29”

Good man 👍

Moses be burning that bush

This is such an underrated comment

Some Native American tribes are still permitted to use Peyote in ceremonial rituals. Religious persecution laws state that if you can prove it has a ceremonial/ritualistic use in your religion it’s allowed, with restrictions.

The problem with that is under the first amendment, the rantings of a schizophrenic homeless man can be considered a "legitimate" religion. People can and are getting away with not wearing masks in places where they're being required because "its against their religion." Religion is stupid. Peyote is good though. 4 out of 5 dentists would recommend. The 5th is still in the desert so no feedback yet.

Technically doctors could prescribe it as medicine as well. So wrong?

Just fucking with ya.


I'm sure there was a bunch of other places with alchohol too but I'm having a hard time remembering 130am in the morning.

You used to be able to go get coke for a stuffy nose and heroine for a headache. Oh the good'ole days haha

Racism and money to begin with, and misunderstandings more recently.
The majority of younger people (30 or below) that I’ve talked to are for legalization but even some of them don’t have fully realized arguments.
Those in the 31 and above crowd are a mixed bag but from what I’ve found they don’t even really know its effects, and are just content with the status quo of legal or illegal. Fewer and fewer are truly passionately anti-weed but they definitely exist. And I should note this is from a native west coaster who has never really been to the true south or some of those upper east parts of the country so someone who’s more familiar with that situation could chime in.

I’m from Tennessee and there are boomers here who think that it’ll just make you a lazy sack of shit and I have to tell them that the jokes on them because I already am.

I think that’s pretty true. I’m in Florida, and it seems the younger population includes many users or people who frankly don’t care if it’s legal or not. It will be interesting in the next 10 or 20 years to see if national legalization becomes possible or if states will remain in control of their marijuana laws.

I’m from Georgia and it’s pretty much a mixed bag for all ages. I know a lot of older people for legalization and a lot of people I went to school with too. Then there’s a lot on the other side too.

God: \*creates the beautiful rainbow of human diversity\*

Humans: \*invents racism\*


Born in raised in the sunshine state and I definitely noticed for the past couple years the younger generation especially are not against weed. There’s more right winged people outside of the cities. I think it’s going to get legalized here soon, we already have mm.

I’m in Indiana and most of the people I know smoke weed including my parents

ngl weed is probably one of the greatest creations from God... i mean just look at it

Weed, dogs, and pizza. Given that pizza was made by humans, but I'm sure God himself blessed the person that created it first.

Cats are a blessing also.


Dogs were made by humans too. And so were most strains we love.

Yeah, okay sure. Wolves were made by God, yet they still ended up together generations later :)

Let the man have his moment.


”Oh, so that’s why there’s all this trash in their water”

"Welp, nuke em and start over. Maybe those ants were a better choice after all"

Ye right, we're stupid

You’re high right now aren’t you?

Even if he is high, he’s right. Humans are fucking stupid as fuck.


"Monkeys killing monkeys killing monkeys, over pieces of the ground" - Rght in Two by Tool

I lol when I see memes about legalization. Can’t believe countries still arrest people over it where my government sends it directly to my house via the mail!

The entire country of Canada has made weed legal for over a year now and NOTHING has changed other than there’s more jobs and more taxes.

Smarten up political leaders! :)

You guys are so lucky I always wanted to live there. I’ll just have to wait till uk does the same.

Tell Boris it’s good for business!

It was funny the day before it was legalized everyone was like omg... what’s going to happen tomorrow it’s going to be crazy! Lol

Well it would be nice to sit in living room and not have the worry of the old bill kicking your door in for a bit of smoke. How many are you allowed to grow over here. It would be nice to be allowed to have 2 in bloom and 2 in veg all the time. That ain’t hurting no one. Your blessed in many ways you have the most wonderful place on the earth to live. I don’t know why I alway look at Canada on map and see it as a place of safety & refuge . Prob cause you are at top of world. Take man have great summer

2 plants per household!

2 on the go all the time?

The first thing god did was make a plant illegal

and the first thing men did was breaking the law

Imma get technical and put it out there for the record that, in fact, women broke the law first and then tempted men into doing it.

I think he meant men as in humans bro.

My god! You're right!


Hey don’t gotta convince me I ain’t religious,!just what the Bible says.

God made crack and God made booze,
God made the human race to lose.

Humans made crack, that shit didn’t sprout from the ground lmao

It’s a song called God Made Dirt by AJJ. Give it a listen

My bad I’m stoned haha I hadn’t heard of it

Not a worry friend, without context on my first comment your reply is completely rational lol

Damn a real fan. I never see anyone mention any album besides people who eat people.

People who eat people is a good album, but I know exactly whatcha mean. I appreciate you

But he also gave us god bud weed strain

ALSO GOD: Am I a joke to you?

Also god: makes nicotine, opiates and alcohol

All for which we give thanks and praise.

And psilocybin

That one is good

Imagine if people who used weed everyday where it was legal then made unavailable to get... Oh wait sounds like the closed recreational purchases during this quarantine 😾

God: Creates humans
Humans: create Peter griffin

that’s just such a stupid thing to say, coca plants are also natural, just like opium poppies

You wouldn't get jailed for planting those.

it's probably because it's way harder to make coke or heroin out of those plants than it is to just cut off a flower and smoke it.

I'd argue most people wouldn't be able to grow a good plant and have even decent bud without prior experience and there are so many variables that its comparable


Coca and opium both offer plenty of medicinal uses, too. South American natives chewed the coca leaves to help with tooth pain. LOTS of drugs are derived from plants. For example, the chemotherapy drug vincristine was first made from Madagascar periwinkle.

stupid politics man

Doctors - "someone paid me to make sure that you consume opium for that!"

Couldn’t the same argument be made about Opium?

Of course, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with opium. It's been used as medicine for millennia.

He gave us these gifts, it's up to us if we're going to enjoy them in moderation or abuse them at our own peril.

I’m personally religious and I belief god made me do opium

The rule is, if it’s natural to this planet then it’s not fucking illegal.

That's not a good argument. Humans are Natural so everything they do is natural too, so nothing would be Illegal. The thing is that weed isn't harmful.

Weed can be harmful actually. Even though it’s natural it can still harm you. You can get addicted and your body can go through withdrawals. And yes humans are natural and most of the things they do is natural but that doesn’t mean take advantage of nature and the balance of it.

What an idiotic take.

illegal because the alcohol mafia want,in france such as wine mafia

God flooding earth rn he hates us

If you think he hates us now, you should read his book. Back in the old days he was *really* mad.

So I guess he just doesn't bother anymore. Or he tried weed and is high af.

Fucking humans...

Why listen tho. Illegal or not. Do let stop you from knowing what’s necessary

God bruh wtf why u ban my good kush

God didn’t do it, humans did because were stupid.

well i mean... you could say the same about heroin. But y'know

Heroin isn’t natural. Morphine is natural and that’s what heroin comes from but you can just go grab a plant and Make it into heroin. Morphine is natural but in order to make heroin you have to cut it with a bunch of shit.

You see why man can not be God.

I grew up in church. Weed was the devil’s lettuce.
Then I started smoking it.
Then I found a more positive perspective in my life.
Then I told my pastor all the ways it’s had a positive effect on me.
Then I left church.

Cause they need a straw man to push an agenda on people.

God also created the ability to rape and murder so this meme is shit

They hate us cause they ain’t us💨

Just smoked brixed weed, lungs would’ve been saved from the plastic if shit was legal. Fuck that mf

God: *creates sharks*

Humans: *get eaten by sharks*

God: 🤪🤣🤣🤣😂😂

on god

Not me G man, I'm puffing with you every day.

Im pretty sure making a plant illegal was on of the first things god did...

It’s all about the $$$ when you have a drug like weed that can put a lot of pharmaceutical drugs out of business there’s gonna be a lot of opposition. Big Pharma has a lot of say in Congress.

It was the one thing given to us to help deal with the shit life hits us with and this is what they did to it. If lawmakers weren’t going to hell already, it’s certain now.

Isn’t making a plant illegal one of the first things God did?

very true God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.


That's some shitty meme

There needs to be balance. The MORE ACT although does a great job with legalization and scheduling it falls completely short by allowing illegal grow operations within national parks of cannabis and OTHER substances and prevents the forestry service to investigate, arrest and contact local pd for assistance. I couldn't believe those provisions are actually in the bill.

Well it would be nice to sit in living room and not have the worry of the old bill kicking your door in for a bit of smoke. How many are you allowed to grow over here. It would be nice to be allowed to have 2 in bloom and 2 in veg all the time. That ain’t hurting no one. Your blessed in many ways you have the most wonderful place on the earth to live. I don’t know why I alway look at Canada on map and see it as a place of safety & refuge . Prob cause you are at top of world. Take man have great summer

cali gang 😎

But yes I will remember that if I end up in front a judge. Nice one

All that matters is you know you are a good and compassionate person and you don’t need other people force it down your throat. I have my own private relationship with God. And he seems happy with that to🙏

God: creates poisonous mushrooms
People: don't eat poisonous mushrooms. God: (-_-)

I Blame Christian religion because weed usa Pagan drug

That's God's son btw

Because duPont synthesized plastics rendering the need for hemp moot🤔


God: these guys don't smoke enough blunts

Same for basically every drug

You have to go a ways back. It’s about money and then in the late 50’s early 60’s it was all political.


The only thing keeping humans from enlightenment is other humans

is that kurt russell??

More proof there is no god

Shut up