✪ THIS IS EPIC: Elon Musk gives a rare glimpse into HOW HIS MIND WORKS

Get an insight on how the amazing mind of Elon Musk works. For this awesome podcast with Elon Musk we have Joe Rogan to thank for.

Watch the full podcast from Joe Rogan Experience #1169:

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Elon please smoke more joints in public so that I can pick up some Tesla stock for cheap. Thanks

500,000,000 years my God, that's the age of the Sun.... Jamaica, hell yeah! Looking forward towards that trip.... SERIOUSLY!

Joe! Let the man talk! Joe’s too high in this interview.

.... real talk from the man Elon.... Keep it up Mr. Rogan

Elon just wants silence, and Joe keeps rambling.

From one puff and it's a never ending explosion....


Im just a love machine!

First time I'm watching this dude podcast more then five minutes. Something about Elon Musk. He is the super hero to Gotham

What if we colonize different planets then start fighting each other from different planets because we forget we once all came from the same planet

A lot of us try real hard to have this identity of being spiritual (meditate, deprivation tank, all that yadda yadda) and people like Elon might seem out of tune with that stuff but he seems like he’s on the path effortlessly if not already enlightened

He is an idiot :) and he knows that.

Special being. He don’t blink much. 🤔

"i don't notice any effects of it" * dude ain't even inhale

His face when he said “ turn it off “ says it all .

Joe looks like epson salt

There is only 1 Elon Musk 🤩😉

Elon probably learnt how to laugh by scrolling through a wikiHow article..."hahaha"

Its so hard to interview someone much smarter then u... like trying to talk to someone who doesn’t speak ur language..

He’s an alien for sure

It’s crazy how we all read comments while watching YouTube videos

I used to think this guy at Elon musk was a really smart nice dude

sorry i love him but he didn’t even inhale

There's absofu¢€ingLutely no other Joe.

If YOUR crazy Enough to think YOU can Change the world. ......You probably can.

do they use a cigarette filter for a tobacco and weed joint ?

Cringe cuz he didn’t inhale

constant stream of thoughts that you aware of is hard to deal with


I think Elon is an alien and you can’t change my mind

??? What’s in this video that makes it age-restricted???

Joe asks and answers! Lame way to interview. Elon Musk is a genius! Got not better questions? Lame Joe!

Elon musk is not really an inventor, surly he just has a knack for great mergers and acquisitions companies, even then I guess a team looks after them and also the innovations

In 27 minutes, Elon spoke for only 5 minutes...

Did anyone notice how awkward this interview is? Elon seems genuinely disinterested and distracted. Joe isn’t helping either. This was boring af

I just another share of Tesla stock after watching this again a year later.

Is he always this awkward and strange?
Or was it the marijuana?

Once you are brilliant...people ought to expect kinda GOD mode behavior...I think Elon's brain got 300% speed than evarage...

Guys pretty cool 😎🙌🏼💯

I feel like he knows Musk is not a human and is trying to get it out of him LMAO

Hellaofa interview joe. You spoke 87%.

Lol people still drink and smoke weed? Wake up

It's like a never ending explosion

Weirdest interview ever

Come on now CLEAR HE DIDNT INHALE smh wish he did

Jo sounds more intelligent than elon😂



“It might sound corny, but love is the answer.”


Maybe if you inhaled rather than puffed it like a cigar…

Soon peace....u sound like being a subject of scorn..you sound bitter but I'm see u r pothole u achieve peace within u.genius..

Most people are good that’s a good one. I agree

I feel like that man got a little high lol

I somewhat relate to Elon there’s tons of ideas going through my head and I’m always thinking. Probably not to his degree but I know his pain.

Elon Musk enjoys screwing married woman!
Ask JDepp,A man of integrity!🤔🤣

He did not inhale the smoke. Technically Ellon did not smoke pot there.

So stupid...he is egocentric, too far from Nikola Tesla... so sorry for people, 5G is bad for humans... he don't care, first eugenica with covid .... and than traveling in space... just read his coldness , he don't have any emhathy...

I didn't feel the effects of the weed he smoked with Joe because he didn't inhale, anyone who smokes can tell if someone doesn't inhale

Elon is so innocent its amazing 😂


Day 20 of quarantine: I don't know what I'm watching anymore

“It’s not, you know, I’m not a regular smoker of weed...”

Getting texts from friends was fake. Man is hiding something

Joe makes more sense than elon.

i don't want to be a "space civilization" ...I LIKE EARTH....have you ever been in a FOREST?! How about swam with whales and dolphins?? Witness coral reefs, experience the many species of this earth??.... I wish this brilliant man wanted to save our beautiful planet instead of blasting us into a dark, uninhabitable, unknown expanse. crazy.

The host talks tooo much

i think it's tesla in another reincarnation

Elon's accent changed

I think he's amazing not weird the world can comprehend someone unique and brilliant yet it's a curse and gift

6 minutes in && im just now realizing how shiny his head is

Elon is way too smart for Joe lol, this is painful to watch.

This was mad 😂😂😂🤯

People don’t need more stuff to find real joy in their life people need to reconnect with themselves to find joy in all things.. just my humble opinion and disagreement to what Elon says

I found no intelligence in that stoner conversation. A useless stoner sense of humour conversation, that just when around in circles, that carried no meaning what's so ever.

People that invent things for Space, are the absolute height of Stupidity. That have no idea or intelligence, as to how to function on Earth.

These same Pure Breed Idiots, In The Space Program Society, stopped Nicolas Tesla for using his intelligence, on how to Function on Earth, Naturally Efficient.

Instead, now we have Nuclear Waste, spewing into the Pacific Ocean, and the Same Idiots that Created the Mess. Trying to make themselves look intelligent now, by Running Away to Space, after they've Destroyed Earth.

If a fish dosen't know how to live in water, how can it expect to live on dry land.

If a human dosen't know how to live on Earth, how can it expect to live in space.

If a Human can't get it Right, here on Earth, the Environment We're Born to Thrive in, in the Elements of Our Own Free Natural Resources. Our Egos Arrogant Ignorance, has no hope anywhere else, in the Entire Universe !

Some people, are just plain stupid, to not be able to see, the plain obvious.

There's nothing intelligent, about Elon Musk ? Name one of his inventions, that's ever benefited anyone, here on Earth. He is just in the Club, that's geared to destroy Earth.

At the age of 50, I have given up on all of my Inventions, working with Water & Food, etc etc etc, that would improve our living standards, here on Earth.
(No Unemployment, Free Food, Free Energy, Clean Water, Zero Waste. Etc Etc Etc) Such Inventive Ideas, Would only be Patented & Get Me Killed.

I'm not In, The Mass Destruction Club, so my ideas will never be seen, or heard of.

This interview after watching a second time round I find it awkward to watch

Watching this during quarantine shit is so relevant rn

Elon is like an angel made human experiencing both worlds at the same time

Why would anyone like to have a conversation with this evil Mather...?

he didn’t even inhale it

I wish I could mute Joe for sometime

Hahaha actually I had no effect
High af Elon musk

He didn't breath it in

Elon Musk, a genius:
Doesn’t smoke weed
Doesn’t have social media
Keeps a platform to send out his message


It would be nice to hear more of the guest Elon talking instead of the host, but I guess the saying ‘the less intelligent the more talkative’ is true

Man... watched crap 10 minutes and I'm out. That sucks.

Hes not high cuz he didnt inhale. Try 2 or 3 bong rips i bet 10000 bucks hes face planted in 10min

All the people running hot after money can learn something from this, his face, something very important has been said from behind that sad face.

l will google what this guy invented , l still Doubt about bill gate ‘s inventions and that we landed on the moon

If Elon wants to help humanity right now, mental illness is a major problem everywhere. Please do something about this Elon. He said he wanted to do something, this is literally number one problem. And hunger and homelessness around the world. We need Elon or someone like him to save us

Bad wrap, not the weed, the reputation of Alcohol😂

Are you high, Joe? 06:33

Ideal human being

Y'all wanna know how my mind works? https://youtu.be/bf7NbRFyg3Y

Elon is high af
But still his mind works like a fucking computer

you always make me laugh...

Who else high af right now?

7:05 WTF was going on. Was it the Weed or is this poor bastard got some stress or sadness?

joe is the most relaxed host...hahaha
when you are relaxed, no way for you to bullshit, hahaha, love ya~