100 People Tell Us the Drugs They've Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

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About Keep it 100:
A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.

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100 People Tell Us the Drugs They've Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

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The gay winky guy: I’m not gonna incriminate myself on the internet.
King, smart

Man it'd be so fun to get high with all the people who said marijuana

weed, acid, xanax, alcohol, nicotine, vicodin, phenobarbital and adderall

Interviewer: What kind of drugs have you done?

Me: Ye.. i did all kinds of drugs... Calpol Orange Flavor. ye.. that hits the spot.

1:18 i feel it

The drugs I done are MEDICINEEEEE

Who are these slappers that say Alcohol isn't a drug

I did drugs with my wife

How is there not one average looking person in this video??

The guy in the thumbnail looks like he snorted his mothers ashes.

seeing how many people haven't done heroin but done all these other drugs/trying to avoide heroin shocked me since my friend at twelve started taking it and got it from a dude on snapchat for like 10 dollars

Ummm.. Alcohol is a drug, what defines a drug is a substance that alters the mind and/or has a physiological effect and alcohol has both of those....

me telling border controll whats in my moms car 3:34

1:23 she be looking like the clown in killer Klowns

Don't give these people money

My song about drugs https://youtu.be/HemUbg2hlvQ

yea accidentally doing meth is funny and all but can we please talk about this mans voice at 1:30? because damn that a fucking hot voice over there

can someone please tell me the beat/song


So I tried Weed obviously then Speed, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and some stuff I dont know how its called in English

Smokers weed gang where are you

1:25 that gyal even real?

Ayyy bobby

3:14 she couldn’t stop laughing and he couldn’t stop clapping...ohh yaaa duude 🤣

"Accidentally took meth a couple of times"

Dat laugh 💀✋

im feel so sorry for this people

5:05 a FORM of meth?

3:59 yes . . . Yes you did . . . Fuck.

1:35 FINE!

0:42 now this sounds like BS, but I accidentally did meth twice too. Shit was NOT fun!

When they ask if you forgot your homework

ADVICE FOR THE POTSMOKER: Teens who smoke pot at risk for later SCHIZOPHRENIA, psychosis (via Harvard review). Also, I watched an Amazon documentary of a MENTAL INSTITUTION in France, they said their SCHIZOPHRENIA patients may happen from marijuana use. They all look like walking zombies that got a lobotomy NO JOKE. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/teens-who-smoke-pot-at-risk-for-later-schizophrenia-psychosis-201103071676

Therapist: Cyborg Marilyn Manson doesn't exist, don't be scared.

Cyborg Marilyn Manson: 3:58

Hold on. Did this woman just say she willing took fentanyl?!🤨🤨🤨😂

4:35 it really be like that

best part

Son I on even take sugar what tf

Next do 100 people tell us how many murders they've committed without being caught as you love promoting illegal behavior.

shit i hate it when i accidentally do meth

call the cops

4:00 what costume is that

1:22 😂

Name of the songggg

I only do weed I used to take Adderall cause I have ADHD but not anymore only weed 😂

Even methamphetamine is beneficial in therapeutic dosages, it treats ADHD and obesity and it’s really good at its job lmao.

The ignorance in this comment section is fucked, you really think drugs are as bad as the media play them out to be? Ffs what happened to doing your research about these substances without being such dumbasses? Also alcohol is a DRUG, in fact it’s one of the worst for you.

2:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

1:24 Her nose said WIDE

Cigarettes and cocaine 😐

"alcohol which isn't a drug" my ass.

0:40 seriously, how do you ACCIDENTALLY do drugs?

Bro there’s so many ugly people in this show 😂😂

The guy at 4:00 made me say “am I fucking tripping?”

4:30 shit has me dying thats so me (black shirt guy)

i acc luv these people

Step 1: pause step 2 click 3:58 step 3 cringe

Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no one gets to the Father but by him. Jesus died so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith on Jesus.

God bless you.

I highly doubt any of these people have ever done anything other than weed.

I get unnatracted when I find out people do drugs


At time 1:46 the girl looks like someone from the show Alexa and Katie

4:48 she’s so pretty wtf

Why the guy in the thumbnail look like he was on drugs the whole time


2:20 people who think they're better because they do/don't do drugs

"jus like, one mushroom"

Its the thumbnail guy which keeps drawing me back to this video 😂

Pffft lame o's... it's all about the shrooms!!!!


Am I the only one that didn't know drugs were this common LMAO

After 1 year and 9 months I still have a crush on the guy on the thumbnail

Smoke weed everyday dap dip ssss smoke

help ive taken meth two times accidentally!!!

does smoking white copy paper count? bc bleach? 😂

the person at 1:11 is so beautiful omg

"Alcohol, which isn't a drug, but then marijauana" 😂 MY GUY

The Thumbnail guy is Def a ACID LOVER


“ i have a drug no one has heard of, claritin “

All I can is is weed meat weed meat lmao

1:20 female version of wiz khalifa

Probs to those that admitted to doin coke

Can you tell Reyne to make her own channel I ADORE her

0:43 he trolled and Said he done claritin hasn't everybody it's for your nose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Producer: what drugs have you done??

Me: Medicine....

Why is harry not her

The girl that said "I'm done sharing the list I'm comfortable sharing" looked like a crackhead.

There's some strange people on this

I've ate a 1000 milligram edible once it was great

People thinking alcohol isn’t a drug😂

I'm a weed smoker primarily, but I've been wanting to take psychedelics atleast once, yknow, acid, shrooms, that kind of shit, drugs thatll make you trip but are non-addictive

These people are happy that the did or still do drugs

How do you accidentally do meth lmao

That guy from the thumbnail....nicccccce

I hate it when you do heroine axedentely

I remember getting stoned at my friend's house and dang we couldn't stop laughing, we were also mad hungry even tho we just ate.

Going back home felt like an eternity even though I lived a block away and when I got home, I switched on the tv and just stood there for 30 minutes {i think} my mom asked me if I was high and I said: "Define high?''

She wasn't mad, surprisedly...

Guy that prayed and didn’t go threw with his promise to God needs to realize where he went wrong I hope he finds God

imagine someone said caffeine and nutmeg. lmao

How does one accidentally get high as fuck on meth?