18 Of The Biggest TV And Movie Mistakes In The Last Decade

From stray coffee cups in Westeros to Bradley Cooper’s fake baby, things don’t always go as planned when filming a TV show or movie. There have been numerous mistakes this past decade that slipped through the cracks and made it onto the big and small screen. Here are 18 of the biggest blunders from the 2010s.

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18 Of The Biggest TV And Movie Mistakes In The Last Decade

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lol fans need to chill

TV’s biggest mistake? D&D.

Maybe in #5 it was the winter solstice

In Prison break they open the bonnet of a car for checking and booom to close it the number plate is not the same hahahhhh

Every movie has the instant night turning

This isn't a mistake but I noticed that in Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story they use the same kind of glasses in different locations of the movie, such as Charlie's LA apartment and Nora Fanshaw's meeting room. :))

Since when did Insider become WatchMojo

Well in defense of melisandra, she still has her necklace on her person, probably on her leg

I have to replay it so many times to see what's wrong with elsa braid. All I see is nothing.

The front of the van in WD isn’t even damaged from the crash

Some are obvious, the rest- people have too much time on their hands.

On American Sniper, what's wrong with father playing with baby's hand?? 🇺🇸

It’s obvious that the writers of GoT were done with the show by the time it was finishing.

3:48 the thing that wasn't flawless was Heathens by Twenty One Pilots but then maybe I shouldn't trust it

Hollywood’s worst enemy: water bottles.

Even if the first scene was like this
And it got this
Then it is a mistake for you!
Btw in the message tge mistake was i put an extra ^ sign

I still don’t get the Elsa one

Wanna hear a joke

Me too

3:40 isnt a mistake, she uses her hand to bring the braid to the front of her body. That's possible

Nooooo a coffee cup! Despicable

I still don't understand frozens mistake. ( YES i am dumb)

4:47 you did NOT have to do allat T^T 💔


As a regular movie watcher, focusing on these minor errors is exhausting and I never pay attention to them. What for?

insider you made mistake she could've flipped the page at 2:52

Is it just me or was the car dent perfectly fine. Like both clips still had a dent and it was just the lighting that might have made it looked like it was normal?

I don't get the Elsa one

also in stranger things season 3 they were wearing scrunchies, when scrunchies became popular the year later

Number 15 they just did a backflip

Me: Sees all the movie clips that he showed in the beginning
elsa comes on

My sister being born was a big mistake

The notebook one looked like she wasn’t even writing and was fake writing down nothing

At this point are complaining at everything like can you just mind the movie and just ignore those stuff i swear you cant even make a perfect movie yall think too negative

The existence of the Good Dinosaur: Am I a joke to you?

The ending movie or ending serial of a TV show or something is always taking in a rush

Mistakes of this video:

Video tittle says last decade but i don't seem to remember Avengers endgame or mission impossible 6 happen last decade

I mean i inow some movies that WERE mistakes

wow tbh someone must have good eyes to catch that avengers car part i mean wow.

There was actually another mistake in Avengers endgame: Iron man died 😑

I thought spider man was made 2017 look who's making errors know

Watching this wasn’t my brightest idea I guess

Physics are irrelevant in movies

I bet no one even saw any mistskes before this video 😏

American sniper's baby always gets me lmao

I just watched Mission Impossible: Fallout like, last week on Netflix and I didn't know August was Henry Cavill

Watch endgame final battle and focus on ant man

Sophia Bernice is typing

Well the one I'm going to mention is not a mistake but a detail, something that I noticed in two different Keanu Reeves films; Constantine and Matrix 1. It's not the super discovery but I noticed that the same type of chairs are used in the two films; when Neo is interviewed by the agents for the first time and when Constantine arrives to kill Mammon. I think it's rather particular that it makes me think that the main actor has some privileges regarding how he wants to connect films that have been meaningful to him.

in 21 jumpstreet when they get high and the teacher's face becomes all sorts of things/characters, behind them in a mirror, you can see the reflection of the camera man

“sOmEhOw ThE pAgE iS mOsTlY bLaNk?!”
Or, as I like to call it
A new page

Other secret is slender man in the bottom left when elsa look at the balcony where theres a LOT of people. : frozen

Id its 2020 why is nobody why is nobody wearing masks

Seriously its just like jack sparrow saying, "where is deh rum!?" LOL

you are wrong on the bottle things. the truth is plastic mineral bottle was already invented thousand years ago. so that's not mistakes.

Some movie have minor errors in their filming and animation. Crazy. I understand that the fake baby or whatever but the car being fixed? Does anyone care?

Boy these are some pretty minor mistakes.

i went frame by frame on frozen and no it didnt go through her arm it went OVER it.

This was the stupidest waste of my time. Maybe 2 out of the 18 mistakes were accurate the rest were bullshit.

Do k


no one gonna talk about Tsu' tey in avatar where he tried to kill one of the soldiers on the airship?

I still don’t see the Elsa error. She’s just letting her hair down...


I've got a mistake i saw in avengers infinite war, Tony Stark takes of his glasses and become Iron man but When he do that the glasses slowly fade away from his hands, for no reason

Y'all are dumb. What a shite video. These are exaggerated or have obvious explanations..

Ford vs Ferrari: in the diner scene, Matt Damon’s food reappears

In frozen when Elsa is constructing the bridge out of sheer power. In one shot the bridge is fully constructed but in the very next shot half of it has disappeared.

The frozen one wasn’t a mistake. They did it on purpose.

A pocket appears at his Dress shirt were is the mistake people like
his Charakter put there pockets there ...

I think that the only movie that had no mistake is parasite

When rick is in Atlanta in season one you can see one of the walkers in the heard drinking from a water bottle

Guess y'all just running out of materials

another mistake happened in suicide squad. it was at the elevator scene tons of people got beaten up and was lying on the floor but at the next scene none of them was to be found

the walking dead 💀 and stranger things ones got me

Your gay

Ngl I didn't know it was a fake baby in American sniper

How the hell did people notice the game of thrones mistakes?🤣

"Suicide squad wasn't exactly flawless"


15 isn’t that bad

"I Love You 3000"
Only real fans will understand

The Osama bin Laden prediction was not a mistake

These arent "big" mistakes

I think the breaking bad one needs more information, the scene was shot in 2013 but was set in 2010

Finally a list video that doesn’t ramble on for 10 minutes just to get midroll ads

There is a big Mistake in "Avengers End Game” I will Tell if admin Replies..
it's a big one

#7 or she flipped a page?

Not bad.
Not bad at all

fast & furious after fighting scene...
the face access part...

edit: (FaF hobbs and shaw)

i don't get the elsa part lol can somebody explain to me the mistake???

TBH, I think that movies and TV series may not make mistakes on purpose, but like you did, open people’s eyes on those stuff, helps them get more views, which is actually nice in their opinion. (No hate) But people will start to watch them on purpose or over and over again just to pay attention to the mistakes!

2:46 Come on maybe she turned the page you are grasping for this one it should’ve been left out


maybe you should add spoiler warnings...

Game of thrones: I'll fricken do it again

There’s a part in American Horror Story freak show (I can’t remember the exact episode in the season) but it’s a scene where Sarah Paulsons characters the conjoined towns bett and dot are tied up in a tent and the camera like is filming from being and one of the heads was so obviously a wooden head it was so obvious I can’t believe they didn’t catch it while editing the show! I love that show regardless but it was so funny to see it just bc it’s so obvious a wooden head!

Breaking bad: predicted the future

Insider: Whatta bunch of retards

Simpsons: predicts the future

Insider: is Matt groening a time traveller.

Honestly all movies probably have mistakes and unscripted scenes, but take a second to think about how much money these movies have made and the actors.. mistakes happen nothing is perfect. Some bloopers just slip through and become improvised when it’s crunch time.

Maybe she flipped the page over

All I got to say is ho cares

In today's episode of quarantine adventures

Transformers movie the fallen , you see a man sitting in the car driving bumblebee when bumblebee should be driving himself it the pyramid scene