3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

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"Водка Тошнота Premium" - that was damn good :D :D :D

Stoners mad

Was that a photo of Sweet P on the wall?

Marijuana has been shown to shrink male genitalia.

I don't want to get deported =/

I've been smoking Marijuana since 2006, still doing a professional job as an DevOps Engineer and Website Developer ;) also im high atm while watching this video. Still surviving war on drugs here in the Philippines cheers!

In short, if you are on drugs you are a problem for society. Don't be a problem be the solution. Help humanity passes the great filter.

I smoked a joint while watching this

No importa como lo pinten... las drogas seguirán teniendo un efecto dañino para una minoría, y esa minoría enriquece a las grandes industrias-----

There is a lot of money being spent on the war on drugs when it could be going to the public.

"You have the choice of either not drinking at all or getting much drunker than you would like to"

Someone needs to tell these people about mixers.

sweetpea at 1:55 how cute!

Can you guys revisit this please. See what 2 years of science research has brought

La traduccion española del titulo esta mal! Aunq por eso lo vi, 😜 genera conflicto

BS as f@*#. No one seriously fights sugar or alcohol addiction, nor nicotine. One drug that causes little to no health issues, in the same time can be effectively used against depression.

IT SHOULD STAY ILLEGALL! How else criminals would make money from it?

Great video.
I get it that there will be many Rasta tribes upset about these hard troughs but the fact remains it's no good to one's body. Even when you visit any marijuana famous places it's hard to see any prosperity / productivity or any other benefits to greater society other than relaxed drug dealers and no shootings.
I've personally seen many people also with psychosis that had been weed induced but it's the sad truth that is too distant to even consider as possibility untill it happens.

coffee too??

Fist Kurzgesagt video I've ever down voted. Cannabis is only a 'gateway drug' because all the fear mongering about it leads people to think that ALL warnings about all drugs are just as bogus. I had a cop come to our school and tell us (direct quote): "One it of marijuana and you will be addicted for LIFE!!!". That's precisely what causes people to ignore warnings about legitimate dangers in other drugs that are actually addictive and harmful, like methamphetamine.

Plus, in America it's the Pharmaceutical corporations that are legally selling gateway drugs like Ritalin and Adderal.

Drug is bad! *proceeds to heat up spoon*

If a guy just wants to smoke weed everyday then just let him

Legalising weed would be good for the snack industry, boom, a whole new industry to lobby for it

The addiction I’m most surprised people aren’t talking about (which imo is even worse than weed) is porn.

Y'all Im a heavy user too but you all get so defensive over this. More Research would be great, and when eventually where its completely Legal it should prob have Warnings on it like Cigs. Personal I'd say im addicted. Not CRAZY but when I take my Cold Turkey Tolerance I keep pretty Grouchy after about 3 days and I view that as a slight Addiction.

once upon a time Ford made a car by using cannabis (marijuana).

Jarraz and Hash was strong in the 60s too... Just be aware of loosing the Path and keep going. With or without the Herb. Thanks for the Vid. 420

Dont legalize it. Dont add more problem beside covid19 and recession.
In wealthy country theres available rehabilitation center.
But in many developed countries or conflict countries, rehab center is worst or not available.
People here have broken brain and mind because using cannabis, crime and unemployed increased.


I am for a full légalisations off almost all kind off drugs (not the most destructing one like eroine beacause is another lvl this kind off drugs is not drugs is poison killing you very very fast) but the most ussed like cocaine lsd extazy ext... and states gestions off producing controlle it and selling for tree majors point i can debate aboute it.
1 - It's à lot off money for the states and lowers money for bad organisation like mafia or terrorisme.
2 - You are sure off the product and wath is exactly is must more safer than by it to a rendom guy in the street.
3 - You can folow the peapole using drugs for propose them solution better than drugs or better use off drugs for there future live the point is not to punish peapole but educate them to respect imself.

Yeah, ilegalise marihuana, make the cartels and criminals powerful again and make living in my country more dangerous again wwuuu ;D

The problem with legalising weed is once you do it people will start expecting others to be made legal.
This has already played out with the movement for cocaine to be made legal.

I say let adults do what they want man they cant actually get much dumber

I can't beleve i get to watch such educational content for free

This video is missing the most important argument. John Ehrlichman, one of the advisors for President Nixon, OFFICIALLY ADMITTED lying about marijuana and said “did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Imagine comparing apples to oranges a distillated ethanol versus something that grows from the ground and you cut, dry and smoke. First off its scientific name isnt marijuana, its cannabis. Marijuana is a tobacco plant that grows in mexico and was the term used in Reefer Madness to get people terrified. Kurz made some good arguments against but they shot themselves in the foot more times than not off misinformation and logical fallacies like ALL black market drugs are higher potency. They obviously never heard of cutting agents, because no one gets pure anything ever and the prices for pure anything are outlandish unless you are making well over 6 digits a year to sustain a habit. Legalization would just have corporations making standards and practices for those drugs. Potency, clarity, quality can all be regulated that way no one is forced to the dangerous black market. All that revenue can be used towards preventative medicine (not prescribing more drugs to fix other problems). There should be more outreach about Cannabis affecting mental health though especially at younger ages. Why are Europeans so incredibly incompetent at understanding complex socio-political issues all the while projecting their insecurities on the USA. Just learn how to research and everything will be fine we get its really crap to live in the EU and you revise history all the time but you could always, ya know, leave.

I actually grow my own marijuana bcs I dont trust what they put in it

My only issue with weed is the smell, my building stinks because one person smoked it and it makes me feel sick

There are also a lot of possible benefits to marijuana use (is uses properly) that I feel you guys should cover in another video.

As much as I agree with the 2nd argument (the increased tbh dosing of cannabis while illegal), I disagree with the 'gateway drug' statement.

Yes, it's definitely used to temper 'uppers' effects after a party like MDMA and other hard (party) drugs. But, i've been smoking cannabis regularly for (almost) 6 years and have never went for something else. Neither did my friends with comparable habits.

On the opposite, we tend to drink much less alcohol then people of our age would do on average. (25 ish)

But yes, i'd be happy to smoke legalised, less THC weed versions. That cost less.

For me it's very important to cool down. As I have ADHD.

lmao 50k dislikes, these people xd

Only clicked on vid to say this...

Fuck this video and everyone that agrees with it lol got em with the drive by

I had a classmate at school, the guy smoked a lot of marijuana and was always unfocused, he was mentally slow but it was easy to see that he was smart he was the only one who passed the math tournament

So.. To make it clear, people are being paranoid because the weed is illegal, if it wasn't illegal they wouldn't get paranoid. Simple as that.

So in the comparison between Marijuana and Alcohol, cigarettes won as the worst lol

I realized this was an old video when he said 12% THC lol

ban ciggies lol

Don't forget one major factor of young smoker is peer pressure.

How about alcohol?

Make s youths brain dead !

Lol why is this even a thing when being fat in America is a bigger problem.

if alcohol was invented today, it would be illegal.

a drug, isn't it actually a plant?

Fuck... I'm high right now watching about how im gonna get psychosis if I get high

mushrooms are an option too

I'm going to smoke
Any one comes with me?

There is NOT significant evidence that THC creates psychosis. That's not a valid conclusion.
45% of marijuana users took other drugs according to whatever report you're using. I'll tell you this much... They didn't take those other drugs BECAUSE of marijuana usage. With or without marijuana, a drug addict is going to use drugs. The gateway drug argument has been scientifically blown out of the water. Completely unsubstantiated point.


Angry potheads in comments)

I don't drink, smoke, and don't use any drugs, 22yo

Me thinking why there so many dislike my mind:they drink they smoke and they die to hell

Weed will ruin your life. Rather, harsh laws around having weed will ruin your life. Weed makes you anxious. Well, negative social stigma and again laws cause anxiety.

I smoked from 17-22 and then it started reversing effect on me, making me extremely paranoid and jittery instead of relaxed, morose and insecure instead of positive and confident, even had some scary and revolting hallucinations, and now just the smell of it revolts me and makes my skin feel itchy. I still think it should be legal, even though I personally NEVER want to be around the smoke of it.

Looking on this today, we are to stoned to give a shit.


There's no such thing as a gateway drug.
It's a simple as the kind of person likely to try one drug, is the kind of person to try another.

Canadian/Former Alcoholic/Heavy Weed Smoker here....just wanna say; Quitting alcohol for me personally was by far MUCH more difficult and devastating to my body than when I take what us pot smokers call "A Tolerance Break". When I stopped drinking, my withdrawals were vomitting, shakes, hallucinations both visual and auditory. I had to have a friend spend a week at my place just to make sure I didn't choke on my vomit or indulge my hallucinations.

With Pot, I get super bitchy after day 1 of not smoking, I dont wanna eat anything and I can't sleep. After day 1, day 2 gets easier.

Do I like cannabis being legal in Canada? Absolutely. Prices are competitive with the illegal market (sometimes even better) I can also ask the person at the weed shop for weed that has: High or Low THC, I can ask for CBD weed only, I can ask for low percentage of THC in my weed....It's amazing!

I have yet to experience a super downside to the legalization of cannabis in Canada. So far, it's been amazing. (At least where I am in Montreal)

Real title: shitty arguments that apply to cigs and alcohol and endorse legalization, which defeats the purpose of this video.

Warning: reading comments is more addictive.

Smoke the leaf not the bud! More CBD :)

Me: “ Laughing in Amsterdam “

False topics, word puns... As always just prejudice about Marjuana. Oh, btw, unsuscribed from channel. I rhougjt you were serious and objectives: you are not.

I appreciate the ignorant approach in many comments here

Ngl I need green smoke from my joints

a very shallow understandment of it...

So many butthurt narcs in the comments.

Just make it illegal with a death penalty

I love the conclusion: give something to the gov, so it will be in safe hands.

But has anyone overdosed on it tho

I watched this while stoned and honestly I understand the perspectives discussed here and respect them. The topic seemed to be approached by a very holistic, unbiased, thoughtful perspective, which I appreciate

I also learned something new today thanks to this

3:24 reminds me of my grandma! She also used to chug vodka straight from the bottle while wearing her Jake the Dog slippers.

pls is there anyway to learn effective german free online courses ?

They got me in the first half, not gonna lie lol

Drugs are bad, PERIOD.

Big idiots

That's a pretty bad analogy between hard liquor and marijuana. Just because you have an entire bottle doesn't mean you need to consume said bottle in its entirety.

Theres too much adventure time easter eggs that i cant count them

But then you live in the netherlands were weed is legal

If marijuana is legal then it probably won't be a gateway drug as much anymore because it'll be clean and safe plus you'd go to a store instead of a dealer which give people less opportunities unless they're underage I guess

Wappa is good...420

'Teens who start smoking before 15'
Happy 40th birthd... oh sorry

Me and the boys off to stoned henge

I don't care, I hate anyone who takes drugs, if you need grass to feel good, don't talk to me.

Title: weed bad
Video: weed good

1:35 <- That imagery is going to give me nightmares.

Cool. Now do alcohol and cigarettes. GTFO with this bull 🙄

Oh no 63k comments, time to get my hazmat suit to protect my self from the toxicity

Weed smells bad

I don't think smoking once is going to kill you if you stop after that. Just take drugs in moderation and enjoy everything else life has to offer.

Nothing is perfect, everyone takes risks in life. Just make sure those risks are worth it.

Lets make this comment have 420 likes