5 Food Trends That Lived And Died This Decade

The 2010s proved some food trends just aren't meant to last. Insider looked into the food trends that are gone but not forgotten.


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5 Food Trends That Lived And Died This Decade

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Once i ate charcoal chips, the next day I my Stool was black and I panicked since black stool associated with cancer etc...
Then I remember....

Unicorn will never die in jo jo’s eyes

The fact that someone loses enough time on social media to know this shit...

They literally are using their own footage

Medha my gurl is speaking from heart

Four Loko is dangerous STILL! I drank 1/4th of a cup with some Soju and I don’t even remember getting in my Uber

Cake pops died bc they are made with a gross outer layer

Omfg y’all can’t be that dumb smh 🤦‍♀️ ACharcoal is the main thing to make people throw up in hospitals...
Activated charcoal is used in the emergency treatment of certain kinds of poisoning. It helps prevent the poison from being absorbed from the stomach into the body. Sometimes, several doses of activated charcoal are needed to treat severe poisoning.
but it needs to be administered only in a health care facility.
^with a simple google search.

These products are not effective and should never be used. The few adverse effects of activated charcoal are: nausea and vomiting after drinking it, often in response to the gritty feeling of the mixture

Oh yeah, people were literally eating ash weren't they?


Hyper-drunk caffeine alchohol

None of these r dead rly except the charcoal cuz idk 4loko

“Activated charcoal was said to lessen the effectiveness of medication.”
“Said to” nothing. That’s literally what it does. It’s an amazing filter, and hospitals use it to absorb poisons—like when someone ODs on all the chemicals in the food dye used to make rainbow bagels. 😉

Nobody buys Starbucks cake pops cus they are like 3$

This whole channel needs to be left in 2010

What are they talking about cake pops are still popular

If y’all would actually put flavor into each of the colors and not using food coloring then it wouldn’t die 😭😭

I’m still so sad I never got to try the unicorn Frappuccino and then when the tie dye frappes came my mom bought one and didn’t let me try it : (

Gotta hate these hypocrites

Owow 😍

Bro this is just “Hypocrisy: The Video”

the lollypop... it's cake.

Alyse Kalish is a walking stereotype

Activated charcoal actually is healthy. It helps remove toxins

We give you an NG tube before we give you the charcoal because it taste like crap, well in the ER we are force feeding you...

"I don't need rainbow in my food."
Um, excuse me? Rainbow food is a NECESSITY

Four loko ppl still drink

... you don’t need a rainbow in your cake...? hello i want a rainbow in my cake

Fourlokos never died

In Canada there are still a lot of subways and Burger Kings

And- some people aren’t... sO

Safe and sound

Cake pops failed because it is a complete waste of money. Starbucks charges a ton for essentially a morsel.

I mean it was coffee and alcohol what did people think was gonna happen?? A nice mellow high and calm come down?

Blender in a can????

them: insulting the food and the creators
also them: OmG tHiS Is sO gOoD aNd TaStY

edit: hypocrisy so much -_-


So you’re telling me they straight up ATE charcoal.. oml 😂😂

I had one cake pop from Starbucks ONCE and it gave me a horrible toothache for hours 😔😔 I will never fully forgive Starbucks from that day

Four loko? Nah, thats a rip off of the alcoholic beverage Juice 😎 one of those
... and your OUT!!

the cake pop girl is too cute and full of happy innocent sunshine! We need more people like her in the world. It IS the little, simple things that bring the most happiness.

I've literally never heard of Four Loko

Omg I was born in 2010 lol

They said it themselves. Unicorn food tastes the same, just looks different. Its literally the same food

"Four Loko should be back" - Every hangover Millenial and X-Gen ever.

I'm pretty sure I saw cake pops before 2008...

Food insider: the time has come..... execute order 66

Last time I ate a cake pop I stole it from Walmart and I was still fat ❤️

I’ve never had a cake pop. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The only rainbow i need in my belly is the good old "rainbow" flavored sherbet, which was lime, orange and strawberry sherbet in one ball.

I still love cakepops

The maker of the rainbow bagel was arrested for tax evasion. The shop closed a week before I actually went to New York.

0:52 is it just me or does that guy kind of look and sound like James Charles

Sooooo you started dissing these foods after you started losing revenue?

The narrator sounds so dead inside

what is going on at insider and their editing team? this video was a mess

Four loko was a big hit before 2010. Your just too young to realize that!

Half of these I have never heard off. Maybe because it's very America centric.

i eat cake pops like they were fries and these people eat it like they're cakes bruh

This is just boomers trying to be cool


I see people buy cakepops from Starbucks all the time

But, I love all of these...
🥺 I feel personally attacked😭

Wait, what!? Cake pops are gone??

Yeah no never gave a crap about any of these. These were just for insta.
I've used activated charcoal for teeth whitening but why eat it?

Heath efforts?? uhh what dye are they using that they think it’s going to cause health problem....it better be good regulated dye

I cant even hear the word unicorn anymore. it was so disgusting.

"I don't like rainbow foods. They're just rainbow colored but they taste the same"


I work at a siren coffee shop, and our location at least sells a ton of cake pops. It seems to be mostly teens and kids that get them through.

The pumpkin spice one I dont get cause like yea I think that it's kinda werid that's it dog treats but something tells me one of the people who roasted it in this video have gotten it. Also dont lie to me pumpkin spice is good ok wrong video

I like how some of these weren’t even “Trends”

Primer mundo

It isn't often that I press dislike, but I'll make an exception here. The hypocrisy in this video is disgusting.

And this YouTube channel was like, ”🥰😋🥳 look how amazing these bagels are, multicolored and cool 🤪😎🤩”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H1wAtCKlIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwprxjDKS20

7:31 When you wear a peg on your nose for too long.

I feel like these videos are kind of documentaries that how we were dumb ass to show our future grandchilds...

Me and my family never stopped using activated charcoal and our teeth thank us for it ▫️◽️◻️⬜️

I love Applebee’s as a kid, but then I fell in love with Denny’s.

Hypocrisy 😉

What a bunch of trendy hipster douche bags. Ugh I'm getting old! I have no time for these people

i couldn't take it when they tasted the charcoal. what did you think it was gonna taste like? sugar? it's supposed to help you when you're feeling sick to your stomach (at least that's what we use the tablets for)

I dont even ate most of those in my country because in the place im living in have less desserts so I am hoping to go to NYC and Everywhere where desserts are. I want to taste them... Be grateful and what do yall expect this to be? Why just bye?? As a dessert lover, I dont like this.

Four Lokos are still really popular in my town you can find them at almost every gas station

People who hate rainbow food dont like fun much huh

I love Cake pops dude

Ps. Yes they’re still in Starbucks so you don’t need to be worried

Time for rainbow food to “dye.”

I don't know what we were thinking in the 2010's

What's up with these camera angles

Cake pops never died

Mac donal

Ah yes, welcome to cancel culture. "We started these trends but we hate them now!"

People: i don’t need a rainbow Me: i need a rainbow in everything

Please, stop the vocal fry, ladies!
You're not fooling anyone to think you're 15.

1. cake pops always were, and will always will, be a thing.

2. they were never tReNdY. it’s cake on a stick. i used to make them all the time with my mother.

3. this video just makes you guys sound like dumb hypocrites :|

Haven’t you guys...made videos praising these things..:

Lol I never liked cake pops but when I take my baby cousin to Starbucks she alwaaaaays begs me to get her one...she’s cute so I do (plus a bottle of water I make her promise to finish)

Don’t understand why they bullied rainbow SO MUCH and barely bullied charcoal. Like, be fair about that. I am personally a rainbow lover, so sorry if this comment is excessive.

They forgot about the Tidepod trend and the people who died eating them.

The AUDACITY they have saying shit about these trends when they literally PRAISED them before. I mean, you literally met the creator of some of them, and give names of brands that support them. Sad how YOUR making money off of taking other peoples brands down. I know y’all do this for the money, but at least don’t be such a freaking hypocrite. And how STUPID they sound in this video. “I ate it and it didn’t taste like anything” IT’S CHARCOAL??? WHAT IS IT SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE? BLACK? Is that a flavor??!?! And on rainbows, I thought you were food critics and educated on the stuff you eat. Rainbow food is dyed with food coloring, food coloring tastes like nothing. I’m no Gordon Ramsey and I know that it doesn’t taste like anything. I literally don’t know why this is getting monetized when they are talking so poorly on their own brands. Sorry for the rant but someone had to say it.

“I didn’t feel healthier after eating it”
It’s charred wood in a pile of sugar..it’s like eating one grape in a sea of cupcakes..no dip Sherlock.