5 Must Know Facts About CBD

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In Our Very First Episode We Are Going Over 5 Must Know Facts About CBD (Cannabidiol)
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Isent thier more than 100 different cannabinoids not 60

What’s the difference between hemp and CBD weed? I believe I bought some hemp weed it don’t donshit for me though it’s called lifter I don’t feel anything from it by TKO terpene



How old is this video? Cbd has been legal since 2014 in farmbill act. It’s now federally legal as of 2018. It’s a good start but there’s many many more benefits to cbd

It is legal now!

If you have arthritis or that type of pain, the anti inflammatory topical cream is amazing!Cbdamericanshaman.com/cakin

Fu#k Everyone who gives a thumbs down to keeping c.b.d. Illegal! You don't have a SOUL!

not anymoreeeee

My hiatal hernia hurts I can't push on it at all .how did you get rid of yours

All weed is now legal in Canada mates, CHEERS

Marijuana in general should be legal to all the world, if anything legalize cannabis and fine a diffrent way to make money. It was put on earth to be used, all in natural form. But 2 more generations will have to die until its possible, the ignorant elderly are the negative voices

Hear that kids? Do cbd BEFORE thc.

It is helping so many people! I did my research, I take only organic, broad spectrum, zero carrier oil dilution- 100% pure CBD that is c02 extracted and 3rd party tested. I get mine here www.elemental-gardens.com

Wouldn't be hilarious if cbd causes people to grow hemorrhoids on their face lol

It's legal in England. Hell yeeeee....


I’m so happy it’s now legal in my country of United Kingdom.
and most of the world.
It has helped me with voices anxiety depression.
I have a suspicion it’s helping with my diabetes type one.
It is the cure for everything for anyone.

It should be legal nothing wrong with something natural that helps you, better than meds with so many side effects.

💚 Legalize ASAP 💚

Nice video for beginners...who wants to buy CBD oil....keep up the good work going......also get best organic CBD oil at one13relief.com

CBD oil is phenomenal for treating my anxiety. Just try to get the highest rated/highest quality you can find. The first bottle I tried didn't work at all. CBD oil concentrate from PureKana worked amazingly. There is a lot of variation of the strength and quality on the market.

Need to update this my brother. CBD legal in Canada, UK and uS

Awww mannn....this comes with closed captioning

CBD oil is now legal in all states in the United States anyhow most shops are so scared of selling it probably because the government so scared that they will lose so much money from the pharmacy

Well it’s 2018 and I bought cbd in the US

Happy it’s legal in the uk. Actually found a Cbd cafe today which sells Cbd infused foods. Ordered my self a 500mg cartridge and looking forwards to it. I use normal cannabis quite often and am trying to cut down as I’m pretty much like a zombie when I’m high. Will be interesting to find out how I react to pure Cbd. I’ve had a 50mg Cbd vape eliquid before and even that made me feel chilled out so I’m dying to see what happens with 500mg 😂

Cbd should be legalized it helped my women issues,its a miracle plant!!

CBD is legal in all 50 states as long as it has a THC % of 0.3 or less! CBD is the next billion dollar industry in the United States as it we as a country are in a "Green Rush" These products are awesome I use them everyday! Check em out! I have a website if anyone is interested.

Vapefullspec.com cheap CBD products all tested for purity :)

CBd should be ok to us

Marijuana will be legal in Canada on October 17th! I'll actually have medical clearance for it by the end of next week because I have chronic pain (the muscles in my spine are deteriorating). CBD topicals have worked wonders for my pain, so I'm excited to see the world of opportunity with my green card and the legalization.

thank you for this

cbd yeah man

How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

CBD isn't illegal in the USA, that part of the video is incorrect. Further, I found this site great to buy highest quality CBD products. http://cbdhealthandwealth.info/ctfo-products/

here in Switzerland its legal, it must have under 0.9% thc. the cbd% can be as high as you want.

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It should be legal in USA

Has anyone ever taken CBD oil or gummies while taking prescription drugs? Is purekana CBD oil the best? I’m new to CBD oil, and don’t want this to interact with my drugs.

this vid was made before 2018,now it's legal in all 50 states.(cbd that is) not thc.


Spell much?

I think that CBT oil should be made legal. There are so many illnesses it could help from the research I have done. All any one of us wants is to live as normal life as possible, and pain free. Is that to much to ask. All GPS want to do is pump you full of drugs that do little to help. And with so many side effects is often worse than the illness you already have. I haven't tried it yet, but am thinking about it. I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, also osteoarthritis. All the meds from doctors have done my stomach in. We all have to find our own way what makes life easier, and a better quality of life. Good luck to any one who it has helped.


CBD is amazing for social anxiety. It takes the edge off of it

great video and info on the cbd and thc very good

CBD 50 state legal! Thank you for making this video! I have been using cbd for 8 months and its been great!! My vet gave me cbd oil for my dog that has hip issues and he seems much more comfortable :) , mahalo... www.CBD -OIL-WORX.com

There are some CBD manufacturers that claim CBD oil iis 100% legal in all 50 states. It's hard to filter out fact from fiction.

The fact that CBD used to be be a scheduled drug is ridiculous.

Yes it should be legal worldwide!

CBD is legal in all 50 state if it is Hemp derived, <.3% THC.

IT IS LEGAL IN THE US as long as there is undetectable amounts of THC. Btw, its going recreational nationwide in Canada soon.

Health professionals prefer minimal side effects right but death is ok doctors are the biggest drug pushers in the WORLD

CBD is legal, but is highly irregulated industry. So my question is how do I get the best CBD product for my money ?

isodiol sells the most potent pure form of hemp cbd with the same benefits and ZERO% thc iso99.

Its changing lives.

To clear up confusion about the legality of CBD, CBD is and never had been a federally illegal drug. The DEA does however consider it a schedule one drug on their list but it does not actually mean it is illegal. Multiple CBD shops have been raided throughout the years but yet when they go to court the charges are dropped because it's not illegal. The point here that many people do not realize is that the DEA's job is to make money. They are not souly focused on keeping America clean, it's more so about getting their share or the drug money running through the US. It's a very lucrative business that is backed by the government, there for they can do a lot of what they want but they do not actually have the power to change the law. Hemp in itself has always been legal because it does not carry amounts of psychoactive ingredients such as THC, instead it carries amounts of CBD that can be used to treat varieties of conditions. The reason there has been confusion for so long is because Big Pharma is paying politicians to not openly say that this ingredient is the Holy Grail of medicine so that they can keep making money off the people that are forced to pay up because either they experience great discomfort mentally/physically or because their life is literally on the line. Please stop the cycle of confusion for there is more suffering than imaginable in this world and right now people think their only option is to poison themselves with pills that DO a lot of the time help but cause addiction and other diseases. It is up to us to educate ourselves but when looking for knowledge be weary of who you listen to. This video was either created with the lack of knowledge or the purpose to have a lot of comments and reactions because of the false facts.

This video must be quite old! CBD is NOW legal in all 50 states and Canada. Get more information here at http://CBDBuzz.info/davet

F big pharma and free us to be healthy...


anyone use CBD for asthma?? I'm trying it for that but it has already done some great things in my life!!

This is great info. for more info on CBD oil and hemp oil go to:

If you are looking for Purest CBD you can get it from https://thoughtcloud.net/

CBD is awesome!

In Italy is legal

i don't think that cannabis should be legal... i think cannabis should be mandatory

Cbd is legal in all 50 states, as one of the largest master distributors you can freely ask me, or check out hempcbdsuperstore online and we will get you the right info :)

CBD is now legal in the US and Canada. I am a CBD ambassador and would love to educate those on CBD that are ready and willing to give it a try.

It is legal in all 50

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Can anyone confirm if a person will piss hot? I’ve been doing my research and I feel this stuff can help me however if I piss hot at work I can’t afford to loose my job. However it would make for a great debate and fight. Any advice is appreciated

Legalise now...

"Fact 5" is wrong. It's not illegal in most places in the US


Now why the fuck would you not want the thc high?lmao

this sub tex is awful ! Seriously ! i cannot focus !

CBD is legal in IRELAND now

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The most annoying, unnecessary rubbish flashing image video.

It's just not legal everywhere because it's so miraculous that it would make every huge pharmaceutical company go bankrupt. As simple as that 🙄

sounds fixed

CBD is legal tho

Free people should have the option of what they ingest...

Currently the WHO and the FDA acknowledge the health benefits of Hemp CBD (THC <.3%) so fact # 5 is no longer true

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Please watch the video. Then, take the tour! http://cbdoilvideo.com

It is not the same CBD IF it is from cannabis OR that of hemp!  The one from heme you can buy any place e Fl. But for the one from cannabis you have to  be recommended by a cannabis Dr. and approved by the Florida Dept. After 20 years of PAIN can tell you the different is like night and day: this plant is a MIRACLE> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xasvPnlHjuA&feature=share

Yes. & it is legal in the USA with great benefits for me from anxiety/panic attacks

Canabas has many medical uses. We need to legalize it nationally!


How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

Not illegal anymore