9 Hypnotizing Techniques Used To Make Candy

We went through some of the most visually satisfying candy-making techniques, from Japanese kintaro ame and amezaiku candy art to traditional techniques of making salt water taffy, rock candy, and lollipops.

How Candy Canes Are Made
Beignets Loaded With Whiskey Cream
Make A Custom Candy Bar At Hershey's Chocolate World


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9 Hypnotizing Techniques Used To Make Candy

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Imagine how sticky these places are

Where's chicken bones?


If you haven’t been to black pool then you haven’t had true rock

All of these are almost da same...

1:47 but scully said the place closed down!

So Tasty: Re-uploads videos then everybody complains

Insider:Re-uploads videos then everyone is happy

I am suddenly aware the iPad version of this app doesn’t have a mute button.

diabetes entered the chat

It’s not “hypnotizing” with all the stupid editing

Check out the channel Hercules Candy. it is all hand made and tastes amazing. It is also fun to watch

Your Dentist would like to know your location

1:20, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

*pauses video at 0:39
*spends 15 minutes on myame`s instagram trying to find it


Number 8 looks like the suckers the bankteller gives you as a kid.

Ew some of them didnt use gloves

Apple i hate your new ad! The hell with charmaine, rachel, alicia and asyraf - their giggles give me anxiety.

Lol most of these were the same, but in different places I guess?

Okay but like, those are really tough so props to them.

0:2​3 That looks like a leg

Do the store owners come to food insider to be featured or does food insider ask if they want to be featured?

Diabetes. Cavities. Anything else?

When I saw that candy cane batch, I was like, "Oh shit."

I really want all that candy..

"they work with their hands"

yeah no shit, sherlock.

That stick of rock thingy is really common in the uk. I went to the seaside last week and have two boxes of it to share with my friends.

I can feel my teeth aching after drinking water

Corn syrup, I didn’t see it used anywhere

well I wanted to see but didn't realize there was gonna be huge text over every single thing I was trying to watch so bye

Plot twist : all of these candies cause teeth ache

0:42 Richard Nixon or am I mistaken?

The candy at 1:27, as far as I remember they use to sell this candy when I was in elementary school. The guy who use sell this would make designs on our hands with different kinds. It was pink in color. It was only 5 bucks per hand only on front. Now I don't think they sell all these kind of sweets. (I am doing my graduation now)

We have like this in some parts of India too. I once ate a solid doll shaped toffee from a street vendor when I was 8 years old.

They are all too beautiful to eat

Like, half of these are the same thing? 🙁👎🏻

Satisfying 100%

the second when you realize its candy

Wow this looks maybe if i get rejected to Medical school or language tacher maybe i should be Candy maker

When did I add this to my playlist


This video is diabetes.

Tasty lollipop

Kinda disappointing. It's mostly the same things being made

It might be more satisfying if you didn’t speed each clip up so damn much

The only thing hypnotizing about this is that it looks like it’s right here on my device

Each day provides its own gifts.”

They probably all got muscles

I hate the slight 1.1x playspeed, gives my brain anxiety

having this as your job though....

I was expecting to see a Wonka themed factory...but my dreams just got ruined..whauhahaa

Thanks for providing good business opportunities

Sugar is bad for you!

4:24 This looks like the game in the arcades

The fake reactions of the girls eating in every one of your videos gives them such punchable faces

I'll just go there to watch and take photos.

Mmmmm those big rainbow lollipops 🍭 were soo good

If the guys in Australia are going to be playing with the sugar mixture of course it will take hours to make😅

I am never eating sweets again!!!

I dont like the hate / rude comments in this video its just candy!!!
They haters be eating candy when they typing this 😂

I heard of Japanese sculpting statues from stone but not from candy it's awesome

Just like playing with some huge slimes all day I want a job like this

Wait.. is a eraser edible.. ??!!

I'm more likely to put the first one on my wall

I'm gettin sugar rush just by seeing this 🤪

am i the only one who wants to eat it raw

That's hella satisfying

3:23 looks so good until I found out it’s peppermint candy cane 🙂

I recommend you guys go to the papabubble shop in Tokyo Station! It’s a really popular place to go and there are a lot of variety in restaurants and shops! I personally love going to Tokyo station, although the sweets are sometimes expensive.. Unlike American or UK snacks, Japanese snacks tend to be less sweet. And smaller.

The papabubble candy is also sold at the bottom of the Sky Tree. Depending on where the shop is, there are different designs in the candy that you can’t get anywhere else~

Just looking at this makes teeth rot

I want d last lollies!

I think I’d expect these to taste like the candy your grandma always gives you.

Number 6 wasn’t made in Australia and pretty much all of these are the same exact thing

1:19 Was I the only one that noticed?

Japanese candy😍

I refuse to believe the workers DON’T take one randomly and pop it into their mouths

I’ve wanted the salt water taffy from the shop featured for ahile. I always loved salt water taffy but as I got older wished it was better quality with real flavors instead of artificial flavors. So I really want to find that shop and see if I can order. I found the shop but seems like it’s all sold out. Damn you covid!! 💪🏻—>me shaking my fist at a disease that could not give a fck. Actually can’t since it’s not technically alive.

I thought I was gonna watch a video of someone hypnotizing sugar to turn it into candy

I never tasted a candy before no one eats candy in our family because anyone do that they will be grounded and also no one is a dentist in our family we all love sciene


for some reason at 1:30 i really just wanted to grab the candy they were stretching and eat it

0:18 “The artists use their hands.” 0:27 visibly using wooden sticks to make the candy

Wait is Rock an English thing? I never really thought it was English even though I’ve only ever got it in england

The music is the same that’s on come dine with me

When i dont really like candies at all but watching this. Lol

I want to eat the taffy while its soft

If you peeps like this go to @LoftyPursuits channel for amazing candy and other sweets!

People with sensitive teeth watching this
"mother fyckers".

Did anyone else catch that some of these people where lifting giant rolls of candy, resting it into their clothes with no apron?

You lot haven’t heard of Blackpool I’m guessing then 😭💀

You guys wanna know i got choked by alot of candy now im not eating them 😪

I want to work there

202 people with no teeth left disliked this video 😁

It was a mistake coming here

Not gonna lie,i don't like candies😳

I thought they were applying "hypnotizing techniques" to make candies.

I love sweets 🍭 😋

My sugar level when i eat all of these:↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️

sweets look cool and all but am I the only one who thinks of horrible histories with the first song

In Japan .. Candy is made infront of u..

They look fantastic and cute but I'm sure the taste is beyond plain and bland.

And I gotta say the chocolate lollipops looked amazing (and must be delicious) but I think it's stupid that 80-ish percent of the chocolate used for them ended up on the work surface and not on the actual lollipop. 😂

0:44/4:55 Am I the only one seeing this or is he touching hot melted sugar with his bare hands?! 🤯