A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic's hat and investigated on his own. He comes back with a fascinating report on what we know and what we don't -- and what mainstream medicine could learn from the modern medical marijuana dispensary.

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Another doctor who doesn't know how dangerous marijuana is. Why doesn't he visit the emergency rooms where people are showing up fighting for their lives every day because of the effects of marijuana ??? If something in marijuana helps people fine. Take it out of marijuana and give it to them. But do not give it to them with marijuana because of all the poisons in it especially THC.

AS someone with intractable EPILEPSY it has helped LOWER my Dilantin level back to something safe!

Opinions are very divided. People who have already tried CBD products know that it works very well. Opponents will probably never experience the positive effects of CBD because when they hear marijuana they get a red light - prejudice.

He needed to research the medical benefit before he gave this talk. The medical benefit is outstanding.

I have smoked illegally for 53 years.
I have TRIED to OD on Cannibis. Its impossible.
I've learned to pilot large boats on it. I've learned how to fly planes on it.
I drove OTR 18 wheelers on it for 30 years.
Never crashed a truck (0 accidents).
Never even came close to damaging a plane. Never had a boating accident.
I have however gotten 98-100 percent on every colledge test I took.
I throw the Bullshit Flag on that.

It's always the plan of the Marxists, alias communists or socialist to either drunken or drug their society. It helps tame the male initiative so the men don't get wise enough to start a revolution.
Russia used vodka, even paid the workers in vodka. ...(still today their convenience stores and grocery stores are more than half liquor over food and other products). Castro used rum and marijuana. Chavez used marijuana and beetlenut.
That's why they have fought to legalize marijuana now as "medical marijuana"... starting with the Clintons... they are a bunch of potheads.

@t Stop Chronic Pain and Inflammation (FOREVER)

I use it, I became BAKA(both above kneed amputee) in 2017, since I was out of the hospital, I got my license, that was the end of my pain

Dr. Casarett, I just bought your ebook for my kindle.

We all get sick...doctors, please treat with care to quality of life, yet do not harm us that make mistakes...stop limiting care based upon personal judgement, like, or dislike of patient. Remain professional.

One word: 'stigma'

There is some evidence that people who aren't sick suddenly urgently need "medicine". Especially when the "medicine" is addictive.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system. Our bodies were made to process this herb. Definitely not a coincidence.

Do you have to smoke or could it be used as a tea?

I had been injured from riding dirt bikes when I was a kid. So using medications was second nature for me.But when I was 33 I decided that I needed to get off of all mind altering stuff.l Underneath it all was a hideous amount of depression. It had become life threating to me.

Another example of the white man stealing from another's culture. Cannabis is the first herb, (not drug) of choice of black people, and yet thousands of black people have been thrown in jail for simply smoking this particular herb. And now we see that the natural ingredients in this herb have been extracted and turned into CBD and THC oil, which is now being made legal all over the western world. The benefits of these two oils are far reaching. Already these two oils as they exist as legalized products on the market are a multi billion dollar industry, which conveniently the white man is profiting from. The white man is a disciple of Satan, in the most literal sense. He will steal anything.

Adding the word "medical" to marijuana and repeating it endlessly doesn't make it medical. This man smokes marijuana and he is promoting it like drunks are happy when their buddies all drink too. marijuana is NOT medical. It's a stimulant. It alters perception and that means people who take it are "out of their f--king heads". Whiskey also alters people's perception and it is also NOT medical.
Basically he is a failed doctor with NO cures for anything so he invites you to get stoned.
Your local barman can offer the same solution with booze.
Neither will heal you of anything.
All the addicts like this talk.
TED is BS.

Koneh Bosm, in the Bible. YHVH Yahweh, Elohim, Allah, whatever you want to call the Creator of All Things,put that here for us to use. Who has the Rite or Right by Writes, tell you what you can or cannot do? Governments always what to make Profits off anything the Creator put here for Free! Why? Greed!

Also I'm a patient who has many muscle issues and incredible pain pain all over. But my back takes me out to the point of not being able to walk and I went the painkiller rout and it just doesn't work like marijuana. Its completely unique and covers such a wide variety of illnesses. It's just too obvious that it needs to be studied and given a chance. It's been used almost as long people were cognitively aware of plant medicines.

We should be studying the drugs people take often. Yes they are used as recreational drugs now but real chemists worked on these if not completely natural. But they could all offer huge benefits.

cbd is competing with contemporary medicine and winning. WHY? Because herb's been around for centuries. Go figure. https://www.cbdbiocare.com/?a_aid=Zade786

I wish that the government would come clean with the studies they made in the 1970’s ordered by President Nixon who ordered the testing. Having said that I would also like to hear about what the medical field knew about medical benefits so much so that it was produced in pill form.
It’s not new the data is out there. Don’t act like you don’t have the information from historical studies would provide.

Get the medical benefits from marijuana without getting arrested: try CBD Hemp Flowers. It's a marijuana plant with the THC removed (the part that makes you "high," the illegal part) while keeping the medicinal part - CBD. It is completely legal in every country in the world. It's very cheap, try it for $9 at: https://tryplainjane.com/hemp-flower/

Every time I watch something like this I get so pissed off at the federal government scheduling it as a 1. So much bullshit

i don't like marijuana personally, just cuz i don't like the way it makes me specifically feel. but this should absolutely be legalized.. It got such a bad rap for all b.s. reasons borderline lies.. it really is very very helpful for very many

I have cerebral palsy so I am dependent on other four things in my life but MMJ has helped me be more independent

now that FSD Pharma has pushed the boundaries and got the approval from Nasdaq to enlist its shares, it is time that cannabis gets the recognition it needs

marijuana does not treat pain according to the state of Florida.
According to Florida lawmakers pain management patients are just seeking to get high.
Florida will no longer allow marijuana for pain as they have officially said marijuana has no positive effect on pain.
After 6 months of functional pain management and finally getting off the last of the pills for over a week now.
I found out today that medical marijuana for pain treatment is over and I must go back to the pills that I just now got off of.
Please people, communicate with Florida please help us
we're suffering here due to FL lawmakers paranoia and fear.
We are now suffering again.

I used Rick Simpson oil to cure my pancreatic cancer this year. 60 grams in 90 days taken internally. Now on the maintenance program of one gram a month for the next 5 years.

I'm a cancer patient in Japan. Any kind cannabis related activity is very illegal in my country and even cancer patients get arrested and face a long jail time. It's so ridiculous.

Sounds like we need less government and more study! Why is government protecting us from information about a plant? Am I the only one who thinks “government” needs to fix the roads and maybe try harder to protect me from meth and terrorists. Just a suggestion

What is the down side? Great talk, but move away from the negative concept. We know why it was banned and why they are still trying to suppress good news stories.

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Get your medical marijuana card today
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M-S 10am-6pm

It’s cannabis not marijuana

Look up Cannabis Oil Protocol in practice l Cannafest 2015 there are many testamonies as a cure for Cancers CBD Helps a lot but the true cure is High THC Grow your own look up Rick Simpson Oil on how to produce your own medicine it is life changing Lots of evidence and medical testamonies please look it up you will not be disappointed

The doctor must be on edibles. The weed is a disease that spreads. It's mother nature taking back control.

Say No to Schedule 2 rescheduling as that would kull any growers rights, destroy industry by placing it in the hands of petrochemical giants and ultimately stop patients getting their medicine. This Is THE ISSUE FACING MMJ users in USA today. Say no to schedule 2 AND proactively demand growers rights and patients right to any and all 'folk medicine'.

You broke the law to do "research" in a clinic?
Potheads work in dispensaries to hook newbies on dope.
Smoking marijuana is neither medical nor medicinal. Period. CBD oil tastes like sweaty socks. What most chronic disease sufferers need most is dignity and respect. Working outside of the medical community is a recipe for disaster.
The potheads and dopers will and do disagree with me because I've tried to reason with them. They're too intoxicated to listen to the horrific side effects because they're addicts. Let the furry of thumbs down commence after reading my comment.
Btw, this doctor's upper lip doesn't move. Botox much?
Edibles are a different matter and I want more research on the longterm effects if its usage.

He listened to his patient, he read her research and he actually kept an open mind. More like him please


Fantastic and inspiring talk David. Thank you.

It's a gift from God

If your looking for CBD or want to make money selling CBD visit this website for a good product. @t

the government of the philippines (close minded) should listen to this guy

Although I'm very happy to use the pain cream I get from the Florida medical marijuana dispensaries it doesn't get me high but it helps locally with my pain. Just like any other topical pain creams
I'm not allowed to get that anymore because although my doctor wants to recommended it, the law no longer allows it.
If I miss a dose of cannabis then I might experience some pain but if I miss a dose of the pills that I was prescribed before cannabis then the pain increases and whenever my dose fluctuates my wife says I would get grumpy and rude.

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CHRONIC ILLNESS IS DEVASTATING. I had smoked weed maybe 10 times when I was younger...I'm 50 now and weed is the one thing that keeps me fighting to stay alive.

Your videos are very helpful I like that it's easy going straight to the
point and I feel like I'm missing you too my friend give me some
quality information to better my life. I really appreciate you doing
this and hope that your Channel does very well.We have a website if
you're interested in promoting your organization @t

Your videos are very helpful I like that it's easy going straight to the
point and I feel like I'm missing you too my friend give me some
quality information to better my life. I really appreciate you doing
this and hope that your Channel does very well.We have a website if
you're interested in promoting your organization @t

Excellent information! I live in Nicaragua. Every Dr here that I have ever seen, has always recommended marijuana for stimulation of appetite, and for various types of pain, if you one can find it.... VERY illegal here.

Great info - just please, anyone listening to this, replace every incident & reference to the sad & derogatory tripe 'mj', with 'Cannabis'! ;^)

Its a FREE Constitutionally-protected (as well Canadian Charter) DITCH WEED, btw & fyi, all global humans.. always has been, is & always will be in FACT. Go figure.

GROW your OWN as required & desired.

Try listening to this when yur stoned .

Big Pharma never wants to lose their clients us being hella equals less money for them. They don’t want us finding cures outside of their poison pills that keep you sick and make you worse. People are slowly waking up but at least it’s a start.

I suffer from schizophrenia and my doctor doesn't want me to smoke cannabis because it will make me paranoid - but I'm going to be paranoid no matter what after all Ive been through so I might as well smoke it when it helps me with so many other things like depression, anxiety and just makes me happy in general. One of the few things in life that makes me happy.

Americans claimed to be the number one country or the best country in the world but 20 years beyond medical breakthroughs. Americans just seem number one in their head because they are the loudest.

Helps my Tourette’s and allows me to sleep at night without ticcing or getting obsessive over what position I’m sleeping in.

Hmmm smoking isn’t good for a persons lungs at all... weed or tobacco despite what docs have said for years back in the day it’s horrible for your lungs ... that being said obviously marijuana has many medical benefits!!! Needs lots of research and development. Exciting potential! That’s why big pharmaceutical is so against it

Instantly I see a lot of recommended videos that are nothing but anti-pot propaganda.

More constitutional rights for China. Crack it pac it, come along. As we take hits from the bong. =)

Medical cannabis aside; the questions he mentions right after 8:00 minutes I hope all my physical therapist colleagues out there are asking.

Well Marijuana was banned by the British in India .. It was called Vijaya in Ayurveda that meant conquerer .. it was ingredient of almost every Ayurvedic drug known to treat cancer TB leprosy etc ... The market value of allopathy has killed old wisdom

"Gives the patients a feeling of control over their lifes"
Well spoken!

I'm a medicinal and recreational user of cannabis since the age of 16, I'm now 32 and still use daily. Funny, the three symptoms he mentioned are the three reasons I use it medicinally, for post operative pain and arthritis, anxiety snd nausea. Smoke weed everyday.

Understand medical cannabis http://eunsetee.com/Ay1A

you are fake

put there rick simpson

What are the risks? I notice this speaker makes that a huge point but NEVER follows up on it because there are none. Instead he shows how dispensaries are doing better than western medical doctors and completes his talk saying doctors need to learn better tricks from dispensaries. He misses the mark entirely because patients aren’t using marijuana over control issues. They’re replacing their drugs with marijuana because it works better than pharmaceuticals. Period.

I believe CBD oil cures cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv91dll4wS4

It made me sick and made it worse

I am in manageof my life with medical marijuana

It's going to take more people like David to help quell the taboo hysteria.

It probably took her 73 years to discover it because the propaganda against it started 82 years ago.

Why we have the medical system that we do:

Holistic medicine instead of “pharmaceutical” medicine!

Marihuana helps, but treating people with true respect and kindness and attention for their best interest might be the most helpful necesity we currently lack as a society...

I think its sad that not more doctors and scientists explore a possible medicin like maruijana that have shown good benefits against cancer and other sicknesses. Even if its small benifits I think that any possibility to find a way to treat cancer or other diseases should be studied and explored. If someone found a cure for cancer tomorrow, would we get that great news to or would it take a long time behind the restricted politics to reach the public?

Thank you for an open mind I have had crops the most painful disease known to man the has help me survive I am now off all pain mess and other drugs I was taken I now live in co not utah so thank you

There are ZERO risks. ZERO. NONE. ZILCH. NADA. No risks to Marijuana, or medical marijuana. PERIOD.

Cannabis DOES have med benifets!

The pharmaceutical company's and Doctors are keeping us sick and making all the money, marijuana do not kill people, like the drugs the doctor gives you .

I hate chronic pain and anxiety, knowing tomorrow will be the same.!

And just because it could be a bad idea doesn't mean its not a good time ! ... Lol

It’s helping my son seizures

thc oil vape pens are great. clean, no paper, no lighter, no combustion. higher high. have fun

I have PTSD, military veteran,i cure my self 23 years with cannabis i can offer thousands of informations about this plant to any research center.

I like marijuana 34 years gone.
All time eating marijuana minimum 20 cigarette.This all the best drug

Ahh bless, a Dr pointing to a false placebo effect. Not a placebo!

Thank you so much for this talk. Having the opportunity to access affordable and process monitrored medical cannabis is great and necessary. However, having an HCP or NP tell you that you can only have 2 gms/day based on their structure for writing an order when your needs are 5 gms/day or more (d/t how one utilizes aspects of the plant taking into account its chemo and terpine profiles) can be a form of abuse and neglect. Not being able to place an order because of ratio restrictions and THC/CBD percentages (even though the patient has been taking a much higher dosage to control chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc.)because of whatever political agenda or fears the HCP/NP has, is failure to meet the patient's needs and negligent. Then of course there is the "GREED" variable that causes HCP/NCP to restrict the written order/authorization for medical cannabis. They want to charge cash in the hundreds and thousands of dollars to write a larger order despite the client's needs. HCP/NP directs patients to order only from their partnered LP-HCP/NP relationship, gains them much in kickbacks--corruption happens at all levels. Sadly, the patient's need is seldom first.

Funny thing is before the 30's it was totally legal and widely used. We can blame DuPont and his pals that lobbied against it and formed the Marijauana tax act in 1937, they did not want industrial hemp to take over the Rubber patent they had just worked so hard for...

Great video. We use cbd for many things. I highly recommend saludinfusions.com. they even have cbd for pets!

The man is hight hhhh Xd

Uncle Carl, Tito and Nilda, you're loved and missed. Thank-you for your kindness towards humanity.

I think this talk is perfect and exact. I need control over my medicine.

Doctor's shouldn't try to take opiods and other meds away because we turn to canibus for chronic pain hard life if a doctor had to live this way they would do it too takin away our pain meds every time more and more but not letting us use something that never killed anyone or hurt anyone government stop these doctors i can drink alcohol by the gallon and get meds but i have canibus im thrown out sick with side effects infair hekp us please

there's no such a thing as medical marijuana.i am 67 years old been using marijuana for 30 years and give up 20 years ago.All my friends that continued to smoke died from it.People that promote medical marijuana are just crooks.they always use terminally ill and dying people to promote their dirty business.For terminally ill and dying people heroin is better than marijuana .

there's no such a thing as medical marijuana.i am 67 years old been using marijuana for 30 years and give up 20 years ago.All my friends that continued to smoke died from it.People that promote medical marijuana are just crooks.they always use terminally ill and dying people to promote their dirty business.For terminally ill and dying people heroin is better than marijuana .

The last time I smoke marijuana was during the 1970s. The good effects of it make food and water taste extremely great and it makes music sound great. The strong marijuana will cause hallucinations or make you nervous. However alcohol beverages is more dangerous than marijuana.

Nailed it people would rather have a say than always begging another human being to help.

Today’s pot pushers are just Big Tobacco 2.0