Apeks Supercritical Webinar series: Comparing Extraction Processes with Andy Joseph, August 2018

Andy discusses various kinds of extraction methods, so you can decide which method is right for you! He also talks about how important it is to scale your business, as opposed to buying the biggest system on the market.

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What do you mean propane/butane is ok with terpenes? It is EXCELLENT. In fact its the best of all and its grate for infused products to.

CO2 extraction is a dead technology, we have evolved. I know you guys only do CO2. Maybe you should diversify?

Eden Labs have done good work with ethanol.

Nice information. I am a mechanical engineer who got here by mistake. I am 59 yrs old with 32 yrs experience in the cryogenic gases production and handling industry who is looking for some retirement project..I guess the Co2 extraction method is best due to its safety, zero toxicity, selectivity and no residual solvent by nature to its thermodynamic properties. I find it an interesting subject and i think my expertise would contribute heavily to this industry. I think for this system to be successful is primarily dependent on the well functioning and reliability of the high pressure Co2 pumping and circulating system ( the heart of the system) and also the clever design of the high pressure vessels ease of opening and good sealing and being reliable and low maintenance with frequent opening and closing, plus the proper mechanical and electrical process control equipment. I think a Co2 gas compressor is a bad choice for such system as it is unreliable at continuous high pressure duty and is undoubtedly maintenance intensive. Your best bet is on liquid Co2 plunger pump. However the ones present commercially are not heavy duty and lack the clever design for continuous highly demanding duty due to their poor sealing design which make them fail and leak frequently. I have experienced these problems with pumps made for oxygen, Nitrogen, Co2 and Nitrous oxide cylinder filling systems. they were a pain to operate and maintain despite being made by reputable manufacturers. This led me to design and manufacture my own ones which were exceptionally reliable and durable and outlasted the others overhauling time by 10 fold. I'll be thinking about it. best regards.

Great presentation, thank you.

This was awesome!!

What are the crude extract, crude resin, distillate and isolate ratios to a lb of raw buds?

Would love to use an apex, seem like awesome machines. Cool that you had the smarts to jump industry. Props

Great video

Butane/propane are definitely good for edibles, just need to activate the extract. Just sayin

How do I decarb after ethanol evaporates?

Very informative. Thank you!

Which system is best for rick Simpson oil?
Is it possible to use co2 extraction for this?

Thank you! Great info.