Are You Normal?

You may not be as normal as you thought!
Watch "Humans Are WEIRD!"


Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Amanda Edward, Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown & Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Wtf my bday is 10 feb

I, I was born in February😧

Wow my name is sophia

1:50 so I'm not normal

i was born in november- i ain't normal i guess

I’m left handed noob.

I have dark brown hair pretty green/brown eyes and i probably not gonna have a kid cuz why have something that well keep u up like all night by crying

Bold of you to assume i have eyes

1:51 damn I'm almost 20 and I'm still a virgin!

Shit I'm 1.5 inches short

Them: Have a birthday in February? .... Weirdo!
Me: HEY ! I was born on February! Well explains .......


Normal is abstract.

You're special "like everyone else"

I am not normal because I'm not allowed to be myself.

I may just be the most stereotypical man alive on earth.

Brown eyes
Black hair
light brown skin
no freckles
born in june

Ok fellas, everybody raise a 🖐 if you were relieved to hear that 13/5 was average. 😏

am not normal and I love it

0:59 Men can have babies?

I’m in United States my mom had ne when she was 19

Yeah but I'm so incredibly handsome. wherever I walk I create flood risks in highly female populated areas. I hate that I'm so different and that all you ugly fucks have to deal with your reflections looking back at you with a sort of "why bother" glint in the eye.

your presentations are great

What is chad

I cant rool my toung and it pisses me off

I can write with both hands

But everyone says I am weird( ̄へ  ̄ 凸

Ah great, lefthanded, not normal, blonde, not nornal

Righty, 14, still a virgin, 119 IBS... Yeah that's me

Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

I'm a left handed blue eyed ginger.
What's up???
Hey Is being a flat earther normal???
Or a vegetarian??
Is my life normal???


Your normal unless you’re Logan paul

Most people are born in August and September.

NNN: Excuse me wtf

Red hair
Nota virgin
Dumbo ears
Look older than I am

That’s me baby

5in....I’m feeling pretty damn good


Yang pilih allah like.

i. am. shocked.

man i thought this was a channel for kids and teach science...

Lol my birthday in on february

im not NORMAL im a redhead

i think i'm in the majority for every single one of these...

👁️ 👁️

"Increased indoor activity may cause near sightedness."
My right eye: Laughs in farsightedness

Hey guys follow me here


Health and beauty tips for boys and girls

This guy said 16 years old is a good age to lose your virginity, and I’m 17, tough for me 😞

First draw the India's map correctly 🌸

Brown Hair
Brown Eyed
Born in August.

When and where I was born the name Sofia wasn't very popular, look at us now though lol

Wow my name

This thing is right, my dad was born in February and he is not normal he is greater that normal he make a fantastic cup of tea

I was born in August

I am nearsighted, lefty (from 2 righties), May child

I embrace my weirdness

Both of my parents are left handed and I got right

In my friend group, there are four of us that were born in the same year. The oldest two were born in January, and my other friend and I were born in September. I'm the youngest of the four.

My birthday being September 1st:

B A S I C !

I have a eye with a weird eye color

I have the same birthday as hitler soo..

No I m not I m alein 😂

I’m born in Feb😭😭


I’m left handed and my fam is right handed soooo ummm. Am I normal???AND I OOP!

Abby normal


I'm Ambidextrous

when your born in feb: well, sucks to be you.


bruh u said Chad and pulled a romanian flag😔

I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth yet

Thiis video can be either really recomforting or brutally self-esteem destroying depending on the person.

ofc february babies are weird we’re aquarians

them: are you normal?
me: lol no
me after watching this video: wait...

Do you know when my world it’s creepy to be normal.

1:21, well shit!

I never use condoms on my bananas.

Me: their is no such thing as normal u.u
Them: have you chosen death?
Me: no
Me: my mom said I was 1 in 500 million u.u
Nobody: we don’t care!
Me: yes I know u.u

so im no where near normal... oh :/

No no I know I’m not without even watching the video I’m way too tall biracial I mean I don’t even look like my parents

1:34 I was born in 06 -_-

Team 8 inches Present yourselvessssss

What if I'm ambidextrous?

I am 40 year old virgin

Damn y do i fell so normal now

He september here

I was born in May

both handed
born in march
6.2 inch sausage
that's me

2:28 so NCT february line is weirdo....

Me losing my virginity at barely 14 😳

im not

Im a kid so im obviously a virgin and im completely normal! borwn etes august right handed etc.

ight im in 7th grade and 4th graders taller than me....

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some girls like small..... ><

1:06 chad being chad

I was born in February and I'm left handed

1:13 well I just had a small heart attack......I didn’t think I was THAT normal 😂

Cries in Aquarius

Being an American is not in the norm, so why do you us statistics from USA? You're more likely to be born outside of USA. (I am not saying it is bad to be born in USA, but USA is only about 5% of the world population).

i am left handed

me, watching closely while wearing glasses: 👁👄👁