Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv he showed us how they beat cancer with drugs, so world leaders come to his lab to watch the wonder. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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so right

free the weed ! Peace & POT

Ask the 500 million a year cancer industry weather they really want a cure.

Bet his research involves a lot of "pass the bong, its my turn"

This ted talk was emotionally moving to me. I struggle with mild autism and PTSD, and I support the use of medical cannabis 100%!

why didn't they just look at the chemotypic content of the first cannabis that worked and then get which cultivars have a match. It seems like they unfortunately did not find out which cannabinoids and terpenes were present and this made their search inefficient but it's great news they found a chemovar with the same efficacy again :-)

Cannabis oil does work and i make it this myself, i am willing to help anyone who needs this for treatment, a member of my family has cancer at the moment, tel 07305509750 im am in the uk

Wow !! People are waking up to life !!

The wealth family of the Rockefeller era took cannabis away from us now we're taking it back from the rich grow your own cannabis make your own medicine

Eating it is completely different from smoking it.. and it cure my diabetes, and that was only CBD... so I bet THC, does things too.. our own Government (us) showed in the 50s it was best for epilepsy.. and our government proved that.. Opium in its normal form is not nearly as addictive.. its the extracted Morphine, Codeine, and synthetics from the Bain are most Addicting, where raw opium is not NEAR as addictive..

Cannabis got rid of my diabetes and doctors can’t explain it.. But it did.. 65% of all drugs came from nature..

I've been using cannabis oil for years with excellent results

Chemical addictions? Choose your element!

Fire: cigar / cigarette / joint / spliff
Earth: food and junk food
Air: bowl, bong, pipe, vape
Water: alcohol and spirits

Sooo, a lab can modify cannabis to get something useable, that is NO argument for legalising pot, thereby further grow the opioid epidemic... dumbasses!
Look on the ground in every ounce of dirt there is penicillin... still eating dirt won’t cure anything... only through a lab and extracting the useable parts can a medicine be derived

The Rick Simpson Oil doesn't distinguish at all [THC,CBD etc.) yet it has cured thousands !

Cannabis is good and always have been but the benefits never disappeared 8yrs 80yrs or 800 yrs history show that, but there is a lot of deception because of $$$

Specificity also occurs with pharmaceuticals.

Reevaluate this plant being a schedule 1 controlled substance drug & get the research grants already.

CHS....ITS real .....awful look it up always a price to pay 1

There are 113 cannabinoids that we know of and very little research gone into any of them, even our most well known CBD and THC are not very well researched because of this ridiculous "war on drugs" , The more research the more room for debate.

As sure as it goes to the next level I believe it could be well worth the effort. However as soon as BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES get their hands on you won’t be able to afford it...

Cannabis is healing the world!

Cannabis is cannabis it doesn't matter what the strain is. A THC molecule is a THC molecule. A strain does not change the molecular structure to make it weaker or stronger. It's a matter of how much each strain contains. The percentage of THC.

Cannabis 420420 sub up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FSD Pharma got the nod from Nasdaq to list their shares. They are a Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturer of marijuana. More an more people are starting to rethink their stance on cannabis.

Amen ... gods plant 🌱

I asked my daughters doctor if she could prescribe cannabis to my daughter after 5 different depression meds failed. She said no because it would cause schizophrenia.


One of the best things about weed is it makes it far easier for people to break out of their Nazti programming... it can make users susceptible to other, more seruptiious Nazti mind control but they will find it easier to break out of this too... If I were TPTB Nazti fucks I wouldn't want the masses smoking weed for this reason more than the natural medical properties.

How did israel become a cannibus empire he ask ? By the israeli bought american congress lobbying against cannibus in the u.s.

Concentrate all the Cannabinoids into one natural remedy For all diseases

Cannabis is to prevent disease

You can get all the same medical benefits of cannabis from taking it in pill form as you can from smoking it and yet no one wants the pills. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the real goal of the pro-legalization crowd.

Research in Britain has been seriously ham-strung by the mis-application of the Misuse of Drugs Act(1971-i think) It's legal status, and the inevitable criminal supply chain, all the way up to international wars has masked the true benefits of the substance. Buried deep in the Pop mythology of the sixties which was my entry point...It helped my brain in ways I am only understanding 50 years on...A fine lecture.

this dude was a big pharma plant. lies lies and more lies. cannabis does not require R&D and it certainly doesnt need modifications and additives that turns the good stuff into unhealthy like big pharma does for satanic purposes. i would rather by my stuff off a hippie on the corner than from the worst pimp out there, the big pharma.

Weed helps me sleep correctly so I can be on my game and provide for my Family.

I think I cried a little

I started using CBD and CBD/THC edibles for sleep as I am menopausal. I sleep solidly. Never used cannabis prior.

The stigma we have are hoodie wearing punks who have youtube channels or post on social media of them getting high and acting their ignoramus and uneducated selves.

I grew the stuff for years, yah I think I know what it does and what it doesn't do

Ok let use look at the Du Pont chemical company wanting to remove a competitive material, Hemp. It's fibre is 30 times stronger than any cotton. You get 4 crops a year not one, you DO NOT NEED any pesticides or fertilisers to produce this crop. Also hemp was used in hundreds of other products, now replaced with synthetic chemical materials. That's also during the prohibition era on alcohol. It's use in primitive communities eliminated alcohol with a natural unprocessed alternative. Finally the fact our body has cannibanoid receptors. The truth is it should never have been classified and made an illegal drug to use when it's medical attributes are ignored.

Weed can be a portal to demonic forces, trust me. It can also do good if used occasionally for purposes of introspection etc ... the THC kind anyway. The non-hallucinogenic kind looks promising for lots of things.

This is amazing AMAZING. MARIJUANA IS GODS GIFT TO US, and we must use it properly, we must appreciate it and recognize that this flower is a miracle for humanity

problem is the drug companies stopped the sale of cbd way back when then  the so called Christian hard liners got on the band wagon and it was outlawed. even thou it was used freely and around and legal for thousands of years. nowhere in the bible doest it says a pot plant should be against the laws of the land. bottom line is the drug companies said they couldn't make profits off of a plant.

the big problem for the compagnies is that you cannot patent substance which is in biological plants.. there is no effort or creating. thats why yiu cant make medicine of it and big compagnies dare not to research. and that is the same reason why governments are oreventing you from using it.. they want you to take their medicine

There are important negative effects to be aware of in the use of cannabis...lets,be real. ONE is that you may notice with people who use chronically an INTOLERANCE to pain or stress so much so that their body cannot manage it so RAGE attacks or other coping mechanisms required..

I have medical cannabis in my underpants😬

It is a bio-chemical reaction based on the individual persons bio-chemicals. It is foolish to look to cannabis as a carte-blanche cure-all for everyone is simply wishful thinking.

Cannibis legalization is the vehicle for trafficking in all narcotics and the cartels have no shame in exploitation of a corrupt and complicit us government

So what are you saying you can't really tell which ones are the best for you which ones help with certain cancers for sure but I glaucoma seizures sleeping disorders anger problems so when you find one you like how do you know which one it is in the future unless you have seeds so you can grow more yourself


Cannabis is a revolutionary herb. It would change everything we know today. But that just means competition for big CORPORATIONS.

I am on kidney dialysis if you're doing
the research on CBD and THC I referred back to my nephrologist .I asked him for his opinion he told me
he is from Israel. Israel has been using the cannabis plant to cure cancer or 30 years however he was never allowed to speak about it asba license physician but
now that it's legal here in Las Vegas Nevada he can now speak about it. He told me to run don't walk and by the oil today .He said that it is the world's best anti-inflammatory there is nothing effective as CBD and to put it under my tongue once a day or as many times as I need it you do not get high from it it has too many benefits to mention it has been a miracle worker for me to be able to cope what's a pain in my joints. I use use the CBD DURING DAY AND CBD WITH THC SAVE AT NIGHT. IT HELPS ME SLEEP BETTER AND IN THE MORNING I CAN GET OUT OF THE BED WITH NO PAIN

Please share this video of Naama's sister a woman being used as a geopolitical Pawn sentenced to 7.5 yrs prison in Russia for <2 grams of pot Where other similar cases receeived a small fine !!! Thanks @ @

You're great man. Thank you for doing this.

And from the sweet child "Charlotte Figi," came the strain "Charlotte's Web," with the most CBD of any strain. I am a medical marijuana florist and caregiver. Four years ago I was bedridden. The pain is still there, although, my life long fight with depression has taken a backseat. The CBD lessens the inflammation in my back and hips. And the THC makes me hyper. I once built a chicken coop, and I don't own any chickens. It's not for everyone...but, when you sit down with a patient dying from cancer, knowing in your heart of hearts your strains most likely will not be the strain which could possibly decimate their know you're at least supplying them with a smile. And to watch a patient with Parkinson's shaking so hard they could barely swallow the oil. Within minutes the shaking completely stops and they can write a letter to their children without having to ask a friend. I am not a drug dealer, I don't deal, or sell anything. I give my extract away to anyone needing it. I also make an extract for dogs. Senior citizens normally end up with dogs who have reached the elder years...they end up with depression from hip pain and arthritis just like humans. Cannabis cannot save their lives, but, a very high dosage of CBD oil extract every day really does a job on inflammation, and a little THC helps there mood and helps them sleep, and even eat if they are elderly and losing weight from lack of interest or bad teeth.

I'm 64 I started smoking pot when I was 15. I have worked at a dispensary in Colorado for two and a half years selling marijuana products legally. There are a few downside issues; you can become lazy, ( actually just because you're very content to do nothing), and putting a lot of heat on your lungs can damage them. that's about it people. The Nancy Reagan just say no campaign was the biggest destructive force to legalizing marijuana in recent times.

And this is possible, because the israelis search the right way. The times where to criminalize this plant must be over and we have to care that the Pharmaindustrie don't burn the whole thing down, because of the profit and Monopol they are about to loose...

5000 years ago they didn't have so many lab tests and still they used it for a whole variety of conditions. They used it whole as mother nature gave it to us and ate it, distilled it as tinctures or used the buds rather than the leafs because they knew how to use it from experiential practice. Today we are trying to purify it at another level isolating compounds and maybe trying to patent them but I believe nothing is better than the whole plant. If God gave it to us this way we should use it as it is like chinese medicine still does since eons...isn't it so?

Wrong, sorry. You are a tool of pharma

500 strains in his lab! Wow. If I had CBD oil I wouldn't need brain surgeries and suicide for my trigeminal neuralgia.

The "ancient" Chinese huh? Roflmao. Every knowledge of Indian origin need not be attributed to China, Arabia, or Europe. The Catholic cultural appropriation global genocide and brainwash mission has succeed 100% but no one is closer to the divine saint Jesus. Idiots.

The US need this level of regulation.

I’m a huge proponent of cannabis but if you want to fully recover you need to look at diet and cell function. Cannabis is like most pharmaceuticals, it’s just a temporary fix. It briefly brings the immune system back in balance. The nose to tail carnivore diet is the only way I’ve found to reverse cell damage therefore reversing disease. Fasting works too but you have to be healthy enough. Carnivore emulates this while eating the most nutrient dense food on earth.

Yep because it's name is not cannabis or marijuana. The true name of the plant is first mentioned in the BIBLE in EXODUS c30 v23. The sweet calamus plant or should I say it's a cane like bamboo or sugar cane with I have ate quite often down in Florida but anyway the sweet calamus plant is mentioned 16 times in the BIBLE and they are over 182 verses in the love but I know that they are many other scriptures that talk about the seed bearing plants. Well have a wonderful night everyone.

Cannabis cures cancer says it all. While on YouTube look up "run from the cure". Most important thing is that God created(Genesis 1:29)and blesses us(Hebrews 6:7).

I don't believe in God, but if their is such a god, I believe the Cannabis plant was left here on earth for us to use. Natures own healing potion..


So the point is that Cannabis, as a medicine, has many different strains, that work differently for different issues.

My late husband, a chronic who smoked cannabis daily when he could for forty years, developed early prostate cancer and died age 54. His brother had multiple cancers and his father died of cancer. There's no evidence from decades of recreational usage that constant consumption of cannabis has any effect on cancer -- that study would be easily performed by looking at the rates of cancer in pot smokers vs non-smokers. There's no science showing that megadoses -- doses beyond what one can consume naturally -- of cannabinoids have medicinal effect. When this fellow does the science and tests it and publishes, I'd spend money on products. "I assume it can." Well, I assume it can't. (I don't wanna be made an ass-u-me.) Prove it. And meanwhile, why not enjoy THC for what it can do? Why need a bloody excuse?

I heard Israel...Thats my cue...cya later potheads

"How did Israel become an empire?"
A continued patriarchy of financial fraternity poorly plagiarizes a theology out of over a dozen older religions. Uses their invented religion as a scapegoat and commits countless wars for private profit. A conspiracy transpires between governments and financial institutions. Cultural replacement happens under a decree of religious extremism. The new Nasi Nazis commit genocide and create the world's largest concentration camp called Gaza. Puppet governments enslave their population to financial and military fodder on behalf of zionist terrorism. The world burns, the end.
Heil mammon

Why do I feel like this guy is yelling at me?

Desert? Special brownies!

Canabis DNA

Fontier medical trial smoke them all, let god sort them our

What about radioactive cannabis researchers are stoned

It's not just the plant you don't understand. You don't understand yourself. There 's only one cannabis and only one reason to use it. Disease and injury start in the mind; with your thoughts and decisions and beliefs. We have other things to point you in the right direction, but it's still your choice what to think, decide, and believe. There is no difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. And, believe it or not, we're all using it for the same reason. It helps us find that place, in our mind, where we can let go of stress, and disease-causing negativity.

Thank you!!!!!! The whole world should see this!!! I pray people listen to you and continue to research. I believe this plant is everything but we need to know so much more. Again, thank you! 🙏🏻

Why is it STILL considered a stage1 ??? We totally don't want totally healthy humans in this country, let alone freakin chance to try to heal ourselves

The cannabis/hemp plant is one of the most productive and useful plants in the world. It has been regulated and demonized for the sake of profits of multiple "Big Business" corporations.

Early (prehistoric) humans ate cannabis as part of their regular diet. The evolved "systems" by the way it is processed in the body is proof of that.

These are the industries that want to make/keep cannabis illegal:
Oil- fuel, lubricants
Cotton- fiber/cloth
Corn- food, animal feed, fuel
Soy- food, fuel
Lumber- pulp/paper, building materials
Alcohol- intoxicant (causes damage)
Tobacco- intoxicant (causes damage)
Pharmaceutical- did you watch the video?

what if it wasn't the differences in cannibis, but instead the beliefs of the user

What if plants grown by the patient were an effective therapy, Speculating,...
can plants figure things out?

And if they do, or did, I’d probably never read about it.Ya,...

It's God's gift to man and we're squandering it. Medicine, clothing, building materials, paper, food, renewable resource ,
Fuel, ect......
. I bet you can't think of another resource that can do all that.

So about 1970 or so the federal government was mandated by the president to do unprecedented research into the harm of cannabis. Hundreds of scientists spend thousands of man hours and millions of dollars to discover the evils. The group in charge and responsible for the investigation
was about 30 people from all walks and professions, fireman, scientist, police Chiefs, doctors, sociologist etc. After a year-and-a-half they had the results. They called together a large panel of politicians and the panel of investigators to broadcast the results, live on television. They figured it was going to take a long time so they scheduled it for 2 days. During the first four hours everyone on the panel reported marijuana harmed neither the individual or Society! doctors couldn't find it did any harm. Police chief thought it was a made-up crime. Well if you can imagine when they went to lunch break the broadcast was canceled and by order of the president the entire project was sequestered as top secret government documents. the news media never said a word and none of us have ever seen the results. PS. the president was Richard Nixon, the guy that started the war on drugs.

Though I understand that cannabis is used for treating neurological disorders, my question - is there any better herbal alternative to the antibiotics. I know of only two - turmeric and asafoetida but I am sure there are more. Medical scientists should research about them as ancient knowledge is proving to be more powerful than modern knowledge.

I'm 35 and been smoking it since I was 13 I had two children before the age of 20 13 surgery for stage 4 endometriosis and reconstruction to my right leg . I as well have seizures and have to smoke weed to prevent them . I don't use pain killers and I'm still the same wight I was when I was 15 years old 112lb lol I am short 5 foot 2 . There are so many benefits I would rather see people use Marijuana than adictive harmfule meds .

In 1976 the ISRAELI and USA Governments obtained PATENT RIGHTS for MEDICAL MARIJUANA to treat certain outlined medical WHO'S lying to WHO here ????

I ran out of my cdb oil last week my pain is bad again and my ptsd getting worse now . CDB is medicine .

Why is the Israeli Ted talk in English? I feel like that is a lose lose scenario

Sounds like snake oil

We have to get to a point that we recognize each human’s right to put into their body what they wish regardless of whether or not it brings them only a pleasurable experience, acts as a placebo or actually cures their illls. Live and let live!


I have lupus, pills are synthetic. Bad for you. Nobody has ever died from pot

Doesn't work on tooth aches.

5000 year's of natural medicine, was ousted 80 yrs ago, to usher in synthetic 'man made' $$ hungry big pharma - to keep people sick.

Ya gotta ask the question?
Who controls the
The moneys not in the cure.
its in the medicine...

Cannabis is good for you. If you do not believe this it is because you have been lied to for years. I will not yield this point to anyone. First-hand witness for years and years.

I wonder why, after using cannibis effectively for thousands of years, we stopped using it and forgot about it for the last 80 years.

So why exactly are you not a big fan of cannabis? b/c you should be.

It is wonderful. However like anything too much can make you anxious