Ben Shapiro Clarifies Gay Marriage Stance | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1276 w/Ben Shapiro:

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Ben does not fully agree that two men should get married together. THE END

no problem with gay couples ,but marriages is a union between man and women before God ,with Gods blessing ,we have now bastardised religion to suit those who retain the power, though those in power have bastardised everything

This dude (Ben Shapiro) makes my eyebrows hurt I don’t know how to explain it. He is so annoying in the way he answers his questions with so many huge words when he can just simplify his answer. He talks to much. I’m not saying I don’t understand him but he talks to much.

Many men who grew up without fathers attach themselves to men to compensate for that lack of male bonding growing up.

For me, it comes down to the welfare of children. Children need to be raised by a male AND female. That's why I'm against same-sex marriage and polygamy.

Genesis 2:24 "That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Marriage is defined as a man and a woman til death do us part.

10:50 I'm not Muslim but my bad always told me never eat pork. After hearing that stuff it will never happen. 😬

It’s funny how a gay wants to talk about science and evidence when it comes to the topic of transgender.... yet when it comes to gay marriage it’s “aw my make believe fairytale stories tells me it’s wrong so I have a problem with it”


I am an Atheist but i would choose Shapiro AS my Rabbi

I’ve never seen someone try to juggle so many stances on the same subject

He comes across as very manipulative with he thinks life is this contract with fine print.

I thought Rogan had well known people on his podcast. Why is this random dude on his show?

Ben is letting his religion cloud his logic

It's really sad, he is an intelligent guy but has so many irrational opinions due to his religion.

“Why are you gae”

Honestly, I think that the gay issue gives an excellent opportunity for religious people to question their programming even deeper. Enlightenment is on the other side of judgment. And yes, homosexual people were created that way by God. The ancients knew this. Homosexual and heterosexual people are a yin and yang reality and sustain balance.

A grown man basing his life/views on a man made book/religion. Does this not sound ludacris to anybody else?! Its straight up ridiculous. Almost like talking to somebody who believes in aliens. Idk why this is taken serious. "ArE wE tALkiNg SecULaR oR ReLigIon?" Bitch what?!? How bout we talk just what u fuckin feel. Wackos

Why do the Ben Shapiro thumbnails always look like he’s about to fight in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat or something

its always a pleasure to listen to those guy speaking !

“Yeah, that’s not kosher either” -Ben Shapiro, about pig poop

This Shapiro character sounds like has spent the last week getting kicked in the balls. Funny how a dude with such an embarrassing voice decides he will spend his adult life showing it off.🤣

"Im not trying to impose my religious views on anyone else" but will fight tooth and nail to keep people in office who will impose their religious views.

Yup. I believe what Ben Shapiro is saying ✌🏽
We are all sinners. And the human flesh is prone to want to sin. So you have to fight the sin and walk the righteous path. That’s hard, but it shows the strength of your belief that there is a God and Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, you will see the path clearly and you’ll wanna be on that path more and more every day, but only if you believe in Jesus Christ and you wanna be in his Kingdom one day

Well spoken and religious men like that go out of interviews like that and sock someones cock.

if you like the idea of humanity based on pure biology and science then
technically you can or may get in the bed with your cousins and as long as she's not pregnant you're out of trouble right?
there's no need for abstract transcendent morality nonsense it's all created by spaghetti interdimensional alien

Jesus is real. The greatest miracle of all is the creation of the Earth thus, God has the power to do anything he wants on here. For example, just because we never seen Lebron dunk on a 5ft basketball court doesn’t mean he can’t. We’ve seen him dunk on a much bigger one so we can conclude he can dunk on a much smaller one. Since God created the universe, he can defy laws. Jesus claimed to be the son of God and had proved it. No one goes to the father except through him.

hes like the walmart version of sheldon cooper

i sure they had the same philosopher's back in Sodom,and this is the essence of Humanism

Joe Rogan said it very clearly if they want to defy God it's their choice yes God gave us free will you can't force people to obey God all of this will be over soon my friends I'm so ready for Jesus Christ to return and end all of this

Joe Rogan had a point at the end though and was letting him know that he is living a hypocritical life. Lol not go to a gay party but will have dinner with one! Bruh!

If that guy was born and raised into a Muslim family, he’d grow up and talk and defend Islam the same way, and people will listen. It’s never about what you say, it’s how you say it. You can say something stupid and make it sound not so stupid.

Are people in 1000 years going to fear Voldemort, praise Dumbledore, name their children Hermione & Severus, and follow the teachings of Harry?

Joe Rogan: why dont u want to party in a gay marriage

Ben Shapiro: beacause my God doesnt allowed it.

Joe Rogan: ur missing out on a gay

I don’t understand intelligent Christians. Seems like a paradox

2:00 it's almost as if gay ppl want more than sex as well! He is literally assuming that gay ppl just want sex

"Not imposing my views on anyone else"?? Bullshit! Everytime i turn youtube on ben shatpero is proselytizing. Come out of the closet ben. Live your true life@

who the fuck cares

Republican logic: complete freedom except for abortion and gayness. Democrat logic: Controls on everything except abortion.

I love how no one takes been seriously

In every election I can remember I noticed that people who are religious vote republican. Conservatives don't like ambiguity either. Conservatives want a society that all works together and makes a good place for their children. However its a bias to assume Conservatives cannot adapt or change their mind. The pieces have to fit and conservatives have to see the purpose in some ambiguity or differences. Conservatives tend to see ambiguity as something potentially dangerous. Liberals see ambiguity as awesome.

Based on how Shapiro speaks, he probably creates an excel spreadsheet for sex, hitting all the bullet points

I would recomend hormones.

I love Jordan Peterson, I respect Joe Rogan, I don’t mind Alex Jones, and conservative or liberal I don’t care... but this guy. I don’t like him...

You guys are so smart But you just can't understand Jesus

He wouldn't need to 'clarify' it if his view weren't so abhorrent

Just come from Ben's transgender debate video and the relative lack of toxic Ben Shapiro fanboys in this comment section gives me life

"we actively discourage converts"

11:23 😮 Ben's opinion of jesus...

"There's no commandment not to take your head and shove it in a meat grinder" - Ben shapiro 10:01

Joe? You cant reason yourself to understanding scripture. You're not even trying to gain the understanding. You're simply saying "that doesn't make sense" they were just ignorant of the full scope of a thing. If they knew what we know now they wouldn't have said that. And the scripture would say something different now. You're a control freak aren't you?

Joe rogan cannot separate The laws of the country in the Constitution From biblical laws of decorum. He's ask this man his opinion from the perspective of his religion. But Mr. Rogen keeps stating that he feels they should have the right to pursue whatever life they want. According to the US constitution correct? Description never says you are 100% completely not allowed to do this. You most certainly can.

The proper translation from latin of Leviticus 20:13 is a man shall not lay with a boy

Ben... you are still a theocratic fascist...

I don't understand why people are calling Shapiro to be a hypocrite on this issue. He's abiding by his own principles and doing what he thinks is right. Hes not compelling anyone else to not attend gay marriages or attempting at delegalizing the said. He just refuses to visit because he doesn't believe that it's right. What's there harm?

He strikes me as a closeted gay republican

What is the evolutionary significance of being gay?

I agree with Ben on a lot of things but this argument of his makes absolutely no sense. I think even modern conservatives today can’t sufficiently argue their case against being gay without defaulting to religion or their subjective view on what’s “natural.”

Bens face in the thumbnail is what you see when you mention gay marriage.

This is where Christianity differs from judaism. "Everybody has a will to sin They just can't act upon it" Ben said. Acording to christianity it's the will to do something that is sinful. If a woman or man is married and they are raped that's not considered sin just because they had sex outside of marriage Because they never even wanted to do so. If a person has lustfull thoughts tourds someone that's not their spouse that is sinful. Because God would much rather for you to have a pure heart than to do what's right just because you are obligated to. But how is it possible to not have sinful thoughts? It is. God changes your heart from the moment he starts living in you. It doesn't happen overnight but over time. Because from now on your identity is not in the world but in him. Ben, only God could do this.

Idk how he can claim to be Libertarian and think this way lol

Yo that guy talks real quick

These comments are not a reflection of the true popular opinion. It's all regulated by youtube.

Ben Shapiro and his wife must have the most bland, vanilla sex ever. Like a bowl of potato stew......
Seems like a nice guy though.

Good vid

Why do Jews discourage converts?

Lol I love this Rogan always makes this clown look stupid as fuck! Literally every time they sit down for one of these . Lol

I had no idea Joe Rogan was such a good interviewer.

I think what Ben is trying to say is that he does not support it but that doesn't mean that he wants to stop you from doing it.

It's refreshing to see the genuine conversation between these two. I think Ben is extremely intelligent and has quite a gift of articulation. I really enjoy Joe's openness to learning other sides or perspectives, something we can all learn from. Thanks to both <3

I like Rogan except when he is spouting off like we are all animals. Whether Joe and Bill Maher like it or not, they will give an account to God one day of every word that they have spoken.

Does Joe Rogan smoke weed before interviews? He missed so many of Ben's points like he could not compute them

Ben Shapiro won't attend a gay wedding because it's immoral but he will vote for a man who has zero moral compass.

Shapiro should never argue morality again.

this dudes voice is horrible how’d he make it this far

The real question here is has anyone ever gotten gay married on DMT

Shapiro is an idiot's idea of a smart person. In other words, a conservative's idea of a smart person.

Ben Shapiro is insufferable and so is his crazy-eyed sister. I'm not antisemitic but if these two were the only jews I would be

Ben handled answered this really well - personally I don't think it's right, but I don't care what you do

bruh joe rogan stumped ben shapiro on religion

Of course Ben reduces gay people to their sexual desires and not the fact that we just love someone of the same gender.

Also what about all of straight couples who can't have children or don't want children??? Should they not get married, Ben?

What's funny and CRAZY to me about what Ben is saying of how marriage is a man married to a woman, yet, in the Bible which Ben believes in, the OT, marriage back in biblical days was a man and SEVERAL WIVES- which God condoned. I guess Ben forgot about that little small fact. So if he's for marriage as according to the bible, then he should be for multiple wives.

fuck shapiro, dimwit


I love listening to Ben Shapiro talk about self restraint and such whilst I'm sat drinking Whisky, it's as if he's balancing me out some how. Great bloke.

Any claim: "Why is it wrong..."
Ben Shapiro: "Because Yahweh said..."

If, according to Shapiro, from a supposedly "religious point of view" we "don't know", then why, from a supposedly "religious point of view" is there such a thing as conversion therapy? Is it "just in case"?

Honestly some of these conservative intellectuals are very smart and rational, then I hear shit like this where they bring religion for facts and i just scratch my head....

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal by their creator; with certain inalienable rights amongst these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

JOHN ADAMS 2nd. President of the United States of America 🇺🇸. People don't talk like this anymore.

Look, whether your view on gay marriage is conservative or liberal starting this conversation with your religious view is down right nuts

Schitzophrenia isn’t chosen either. Both are negative conditions of the brain

Dude, I love Ben but all the questions you've asked him are exactly the questions I would like to hear him respond to. And you can see that answering them is a tough nut for him to crack :) I've just discovered your podcast and I love it!

tf did ben say at the end of the video hahahah

I'm cool with a lot of what Ben says but I'm going to disagree with this. Any time a politican or spokes person for politics brings religion into the conversation I just lose it. What Ben does not realize is not anyone is religious. If Ben doesn't want to be gay thats perfectly fine, but what he needs to understand is 1) not everyone is religious or falls under the same religion as he does so you cannot even legally enforce that upon someone (freedom of religion) 2) he gotta understand that its a choice like everything else in life, and that the choices should be provided to people instead of restricted even if they fond of them.

so jews still waiting...

Joe you keep mentioning biology and science but there is no scientific proof that humans are born gay. Sexual society has now accepted that opinion as reality but it literally has not been proven. To be fair it hasn't been proven false either but neither side can actually claim their belief is confirmed by irrefutable truth.

I really wish I could have this conversation with you Joe

Love how everyone in the comments is Ass hurt over ben's religious views on same sex marriage

First time I ever seen Shapiro outwitted. Never thought Rogan had that in his locker

So in short Ben doesn't like gay sex but isn't going to attack gay people or prevent gay marriage. Okay he's nothing to worry about.

In short: he's a bigot.

He feels they should be legally allowed to but not in places of worship if the priest/rabbi/imam etc doesn't want to. But that's hardly a tolerant view. He's just bigoted plain and simple, he hides behind his religion thinking it's a legit reason that shields him from being labelled a bigot but that's what he is.

Let gay people marry. It affects you 0 who cares. Plus im for it so they will shut up about it. Im curious what they would complain about next.