Ben Shapiro's Problem with Universal Basic Income | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1276 w/Ben Shapiro:

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Just because some will misuse the system just like any other system do we just leave everyone else out to suffer when they could benefit from this and propel them out of poverty? And everyone gets this so it's not just single mothers and there's no life limitations that say you have to be in depressed conditions to receive this. So it's not welfare its universal for everyone regardless of income. If you have greater benefits on other programs then you can opt out. If you make so much money and it means nothing to have it then you can opt out. Yes there will be things to tweak but I think more people benefit from Yang's scenario. Its worth the discourse

Ben Shapiro is on speed for sure.

ben shapiro is a goddamn jackass that caters to a loyal audience that largely support policies and politicians that work against their own economic interests.

Ben apparently has no idea what it might be like to be raised by parents who resent being trapped into a situation where they are forced to stay together and are stressed out most of the time. It is not a harmonious or pleasant experience for a child. Probably would influence a potential serial killer to start early in life just to get a little peace of mind.

handing people money will slow down creativity and we all know it !

The people getting this UBI would be regular people not just the disabled. And most Americans are living pay check to pay check meaning this money for the vast majority of regular Americans would be used wisely. And honestly Yang has said that it doesn't matter because in the end its their money. If they don't use it wisely they will hopefully learn to the next month or the next.

Who pays for the UBI??
Answer: U-N-ME!!

I disagree with Ben on a lot but the fact that he actually takes the time to hear out his opposition is nice to see verse many who simply straw manning their political opponents.

game grumps

My uncle became disabled at his job, he lost his leg. He spent the first year collecting a check and simply existing. He then realized he was physically disabled, not mentally disabled. He spent all of his newfound freetime teaching himself computer skills, then he started doing some freelance website work; now he earns more than he did at his job working from home on his laptop. Disability is not an excuse for becoming dependent on your government. Sure, not everyone is intelligent enough to learn computer skills, that's a fact of life. But theres almost certainly something you can do.

How does no one ever bring up that Ben is obviously autistic

Another great guest Joe Rogan you're the best Ben Shapiro brilliant young man

Be a the smartest sounding idiot I’ve ever listened to. Nothing in the way of facts to back him up whatsoever

America has jobs, take them now!


Disability and ubi are totally different. People on disability are in extreme pain, can't walk, are mentally damaged ect. So of course those people are not creating art and shit. To compare the two things is like comparing a person who works 60 hours a week to a disabled person. It's a check we are just arguing where that check is coming from as Shapiro said... It's a dumb shit argument

It still sounds like socialism.

Where do you guys get your information? Google poor people vs rich people using drugs and you'll see that there are WAY more people with money doing drugs than poor people! That being the case, rather than deny the poor money that they need just to survive, why not take away the money the wealthy use for their drugs?

It doesn’t matter what Ben thinks it’s going to happen one way or the other. You can either give it up willingly with taxes or we will just come *_|| you and take it. 🤷‍♂️

They now have an AI that can code itself (GPT-3). At this point it might not as good as human coder but this is only a matter of (probably short) time. So much for "learn to code"... UBI is almost inevitable.

Ben, you are an idiot. Do you think what people do as work today would have been even remotely seen as work 500 years ago.

Work becomes what we make of it. We invent purpose. Pro athletes have purpose and all they do is play a game to entertain others. Musicians make music and people are entertained. The entertainment is a job.

You two, Rogan and Shapiro, talk on radio or Youtube,, and you consider it a job.

So the notion that we will write poetry is simply a generalization.

So if it can work to automate so that humans need not do what robots can, then humans don’t need to work. If they don’t need to work, why does it matter?

The way to deal with miss managed UBI is that we track spending if someone does so, and guide the spending. This would be done by an AI ensuring spending is working properly. Read a book called A.M.I.G.O.: AI Replaces Capitalism, because it explores the issues quite effectively.

Joe Rogan demonstrating his ape-brain ladies and gentlemen. Too many case studies and experiments to disprove both of their garbage takes (e.g. the oil check in Alaska).

There is something incredibly unsettling about relying on the government for your main income.

The lazy and the betas love the idea though.

Both there guys got money so it’s easy for them to say ubi won’t work. But you put 2 poor ppl talk about ubi they say it be great.

And that right there my fellow humans is why and how religion was created: to control. You see the real solution would be to use OUR taxes to build schools instead of prisons, provide health and mental health care instead of fining poor people who can’t afford insurance nor find a full time job with benefits instead of 3 part time ones, take care of our veterans instead of letting them be destroyed and homeless, bail us out in time of need not give corporations even more money and still not charging them or churches taxes, etc. But they’re not about to stop robbing us so what’s their solution? Control. Control our communities, control our thoughts, control our lives. And what better way to control people than to literally threaten their after life experience with the possibility of going hell? They will willingly be your slave and do whatever you say so that heaven isn’t lost for them. Whoever the first human was to think of that shit is by far the most evil person ever. They could’ve chose community, fairness, decency- instead they chose greed and control.

I like the idea of UBI, I think there will be a time when there is no choice but to use that system, but in practice today Shapiro is right. I live in the UK, and the theory that if you eliminate people’s basic money worries in terms of bills, they will then develope other skills and become creative, entrepreneurial sprits is complete crap in this country.

Your purpose will be tending to your virtual life. I'd play warcraft for hours happy as ever knowing I kept my team alive during a raid boss. People will be thriving in these virtual environments. The physical world is very limited. For instance a disabled person may find more purpose organising online events. A laid off trucker could find purpose in tanking for his team, a single mom may find purpose hosting VR shopping experiences etc.

i'm not gonna pretend like i agree with everything ben says, but when hes talking, he says everything for at least a decent reason, and i can respect that

The money is the government everyone is dependent of government no government giving money value and it don’t matter because it looses value. What’s the difference if inflation collapsed the dollar and everyone got a 1000$ a month?

10:40 it seems Shapiro is detached from reality: it's better for both the kids and the partners to divorce if they cannot live happily together.
Single motherhood went from 20% before the welfare to 70% after? That's good; that's 50% less unhappy families!
Assuming that drug addicts are not the majority, UBI would actually benefit a country.

How about Mark Cubans CBI

nice jew cap jew boy

Decriminalize drugs when you can’t make money this way you will find the means to survive! Can’t do that when someone’s dream is to be Scarface

curiosity incorporated

There is plenty of work to do regenerating our ecosystems!!!! We need millions of organic, regenerative farmers & ranchers as well as reforestation & other restoration programs. Not to mention green energy jobs. We are in charge of our own society, if the cost of any certain automation is too high for our wellbeing & economy, we can say no. Or even ban some of it. Just like we need to start minimizing our time on social media. We are the captains of our ship & the masters of our fate.

Ben Sharpio is like this super smart kid in 2 grade who don't know shit bit is intelligent.

Ben Shapiro speaks too fast, there is no reason to do that.

Here is what I think about BUI and the potential threat of automation taking jobs and billionaires holding most of the worlds economy within their buissnesses. I think it's a good idea and I also think it could work but I also think that the idea of change is being held hostage systematically through the older generations and the generations before them

If jobs didn't exist purpose would still exist for people...purpose dosnt revolve around jobs some people have jobs and careers and lack a sense of purpose some of the best jobs in the world have people who lack a sense of purpose

public schools are based around the fixed idea that you need a job to have a purpose in life but if you fixed the system in schools to study on more important things and make a system to allow kids to learn the topics they want to learn about or they feel they are stronger or have more of a passion to learn about not only will you be eliminating problems like lack of motivation and depression

but also eliminate the cause for the survivalist instinct passed down from the generation of boomers that will have you think the world is a cold hearted bitch when in reality IT DOSNT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY systems are meant to change in order to pave the way for a more prosperous future but boomers are so clung on to the system that the boomers before them also believe to be almost biblical it's become a terminal and systematic way of thinking that's been passed on for ages that needs to come to an end and it's almost as if they don't want to see change for the BETTER and BRIGHTER FUTURE so boomers please for the sake of advancement into the future stop (HOLDING) the system , the future and the act of (CHANGE) for a better life on earth (HOSTAGE) for your selfish need to keep things the same because you don't like change.....then purpose would never be a problem if and when automation takes our jobs

Simple solution because holding back systematic change is like going back in time and trying to keep the monkeys from evolving into humanity if you keep trying to do so the bubble will eventually burst from the containment and you will have things like you see today from....

1) mass shootings
2) viral pandemics due to neglegance
3) fights over race
4) fights over religion
5) fights over resource
6) the lack of awareness and concern for facts applied by science to benefit people in tough or dangerous situations.........
7) drug addiction epidemics
8) And civil unrest

: Eventually leading to :
1) worldwide anarchy
2) mass scaled civil wars
3) total economic collapse
4) the destruction of the humane race due to neglegance and regards to actual scientific facts that means examples like global warming and covid-19 or other viral sicknesses
5) prevention of preventable apocalyptic situation all in all

So my theory or prediction for the human race as a 22 year old man without a college degree in the year 2020 that reads tons of books and does serious heavy thinking about the world daily would be that the world won't end thru natural causes but instead end thru systemic and terminal passed down stupidity from old to young

this guy is a doosh

Yes ... single mom with no support from family or baby daddy ... they are out there!

What a truly horrible human being...

I feel like full time jobs destroy my purpose.

Okay, but maybe people on disability can’t “make art” because... they have disabilities???

Let them sell drugs

The premise of UBI is that everyone, no matter their circumstances, has some sort of income. It sounds good on paper but like most leftist utopian ideals, it's not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior. It doesn't have incentives. It doesn't guarantee that everybody will use it to supplement an actual job. At least with unemployment there's an incentive to eventually work or else your unemployment will run out.

Is Ben on meth or adderall?

sam smith

So ben shapiro thinks you start being able to procreate at 17 or 18?

This guys not got a clue

Hey I’m partially mechanically disabled. What I worry about is just not being able to get healthcare for it because I won’t be able to get a job to pay for it because first off I can’t really walk so yea. And also automation. So yea. Not sure how that’s gonna work

maggie rogers

I def don't agree with Ben Shapiro on his views about how people on disability or welfare don't engage in hobbies and activities that fulfil their lives...

While he can definitely make the argument that "well why aren't they all massively successful then"... that's a perfect example, in my opinion of the whole "correlation does not imply causation" thing...
People on disability, welfare, and drugs DO have things that they like to do, and they COULD bring beauty into the world, but maybe the problem isn't simply "they obviously don't want to do anything with their lives".

They're scared... and they don't know HOW to succeed... and getting a UBI check might help them feel a little more secure.

Other people getting a UBI check might make them more willing to go out and teach these other people HOW to succeed in business because it won't just be creating competition for that businessman. BUT for that to work we have to change the whole paradigm... I have a link at the bottom that talks about how I plan to force that to happen.

Regardless of the A.I. situation, I'm a HUGE believer in UBI.

The problem I see with it, is that everyone seems to think the only way to get it done is to ask the government for it... So I can kind of agree with ben on that...

Since when is the government efficient enough to pull off something like this?

So if we remove the government from the equation, we will always end up at the same conclusion... get the money from entrepreneurs... That's essentially where people want the money to come from anyway, since the really successful entrepreneurs have a ridiculous amount of money.

So I'm creating a business that essentially helps entrepreneurs build businesses in exchange for equity (some of which will go towards UBI), and train them to spread the model, which will essentially decentralize the fund AND exponentially grow the fund itself. This should help everyone, eliminate poverty, and show people that we don't need to rely on these unproductive politicians so much.

Here's my video about UBI that explains it the best I can!

I have written more details about it on my blog if you want more details!

Also, Joe... My best friend is the only one who supports me, even when my family doesn't believe in me and everyone else is pressuring him to not be my friend. He's SUCH a huge fan of yours, and he's the most wonderful person, no-one deserves nice things more than he does, so what can I do to make it possible for him to have a conversation with you?

Automated trucks will fall victim to automated hijackers.

Wow, just a year ago a fear of jobs for unskilled people would go away n look at the current times

1. Not sure how giving money (lets use yang's $1000) to people would make them stop working? that's barely rent. If you're afraid of something like that then add just 1 must be "working" to collect the $1000.
2. The "rich social welfare" program we have does not include every single adult, condition free, so don't compare the two when you know they aren't the same.
3. Automation can get catastrophic if we let it. I don't think you completely understand the amount of remedial and repetitive work we actually do, or at least a computer can do many times more efficient.
4. People are buying lottery tickets because they see that as their only hope.
5. Im tired

"I spent my whole life making somebody rich. I busted my ass for that son-of-a-bitch. Then he left me to die like a dog in a ditch... he told me I'm all used up." - Utah Phillips

UBI will be needed because automation and AI will result in much of the human work for our survival to become obsolete. We need a way to reallocate value back to humanity from the advancement of big tech.

Right around 9:00 he explained a real situation that happened to my family..

The more I consider the idea of UBI the more I like it while simultaneously hate everything about it.
I literally have a condition referred to as “the suicide disease” from massive dental problems I can’t afford to treat, I’d rather be consumed by the extreme pain never before ever receiving a penny in government “welfare”
HOWEVER, if it’s a voluntary thing completely separated from government slavery a conversation could be had.
I’m absolutely not an AnCap, nor a partisan left/right, but that path of bureaucratic welfare is extremely dangerous, the path to hell is paved with good intentions...
Create your own nonprofit organization and distribute the donations as well as your able to... judging by how BLM makes millions/billions in donations, they could’ve easily made use of this and reached out voluntarily and really, legitimately helped out the community they pretend to be rioting for.

The FBI was a temporary agency for the corruption and violence during the alcohol prohibition era. The dea is a blatantly unconstitutional illegal enforcement bureau solely built on profiting from citizen suffering. The EPA is a farcical bureaucratic agency that does absolutely nothing except regulate and fine people they can extort, while simultaneously completely ignoring lead tainted water or storing relief emergency water in unwashed oil tankers and distributing them to displaced American Indians. Infinitely go down the list of government agencies and you’ll be disgusted by the obvious contempt and hatred they have towards their own citizens.... and people want them to be their employers!? The government couldn’t afford to give the faintest flying fuck about the “citizens” wellbeing, they’d find a way to make you entirely reliant on the UBI and legally impossible to do anything else while controlling your information.
Fuck it I’ll look into it myself, I don’t even like the idea but it’s better than watching stupid fucking moron pieces of shit politicians go in front of the world promising the moon on a stick and giving away money they fucking steal from the people who bust their ass for jack shit in return except a broken job market because “meh free shit”- salty

Jobs do not equal purpose, that is a lie sold to too many by those in power. Automation will indeed take most jobs, to think they won’t is to not understand where technology is going. Yes, UBI solves the problem of mass loss of jobs to automation. How do we pay for it? If only money was printed out thin air, hmmm.

When socialism becomes more inevitable due to more automation, we need to stay focused on the fight for liberty. If the monetary aspect of socialism becomes unavoidable due to automation, we need to make sure the control freaks don't impose cultural and other beliefs etc.

Watch Thrive II

Ben isn't wrong about how its better for parents to stay together for the kid. If the parents are sane and reasonable then it is absolutely 110% better than a divorce. My parents did this themselves and while they didn't love each other romantically, they got along fine and eventually loved each other platonically. They put aside their differences and honestly, I had a better childhood because of that. I'll be forever grateful for the sacrifices they made for me. You can say all you want about how both parents being able to stay in the child's life divorced but without a doubt most children are better off with two parents living in the same home, as a married couple.

These guys don't really know people on Social Security. They are pretending they know people on Social Security.

Ben Shapiro’s economic stance has been the one when adopted to fail every single time in the long run.

If you’re old enough to make a child, you’re old enough to look after that child together.

Im on disability And every penny goes on bills I might see 20 to 40$ depending on my electric

The basic problem with universal income - people that worked for it are forced to give it to people who didn't.

The key is to invest in education, real education...

A minimum wage should be enough for people to live a descent like. To be able to pay a place to live, food, clothes, and be able to survive. We need to understand that green of the elite, upper class, or whoever is on top. The greed of the corporation is draining the people or the middle an bottom of society...

Hi! I come from the future (and by that I mean Argentina) just to tell you that UBI sounds amaaaaazing but it's a bad baaaaaaad idea in the long run and a very prejudicial one, we have that for almost a decade and man.....geeez


You want to see a demographic of people pull them selves up and create something from almost nothing?
most Asian immigrant's second generation are ether college grads or in the middle class.

2 trillion dollars is 10 % of our GDP

I'm a disabled veteran fighting with VA for disability. I wouldn't blame the government if they went door to door to people like me and put a bullet in my head to save the tax payers from having to spend money on me and others that are a waste of space and resources on this planet.

Joe Rogan ✊🏻

George McGovern also proposed minimum income back in 1972. People didn’t buy it then either

UBI is going to happen.

1:40 Cuz they are on fucking disability! You dumb little shit!

There will always be jobs in my opinion .... I think this kind of narrative is pushed around to try and get more people to warm up to the idea of socialism or UBI.
We went from horses to cars in about 13 years ... we will be ok 👍🏻
... and giving people a check to do nothing won’t help them better themselves there is no evidence to support they will ... they will simply get worse and do more pills and eat more food and spend more time in the hospital ....

No Joe censorship doesn’t “over step its boundaries “
.... it shouldn’t exists at all in a country where the Law of the Land says the Citizens have Freedom Of Speech 💪🏼❤️🇺🇸

party in the usa

The numbers of those single moms Joe mentions has risen since the implementation of wealfare by an astronomical amount.

We do not need any of these socialist programs, all it does is raise taxes for the working people while low lifes sit on their dead asses.

Money is not the solution, meaning is. When the man lose its purpose, the downward spiral is a certainty.

What's going on right now in America is what's wrong with it. People get free money to cause trouble

I'm a trucker who was formerly a coder. I was a system analyst at 19, I'm A+ ,network+, and security+ certified. I'm fluent in html, CSS, PHP+MYSQL. I know I'm not the norm though. I hate how people stigmatize truckers like they are all just retarded bumpkins. A lot of us just do it because it's a solid paycheck.

Ben: "the truth is, the truth is......"
Back button.

god bens voice is so fucking annoying

Peopel have a crisis of purpose because the leaders have a crisis of purpose. The nations we are a part of havea crisis of purpose. Everyone is yearning for something to feel they're a part of. It's why so many people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon fads. Celebrity culture is unattainable for so many that it serves to offer nothing but resent and the degradation of their hope.

If our species' nations and governments were bombastic about what their goals are, had big pie in the sky goals and made big statements then the people would rise up and follow and get on board. You saw it happen when trump stood up and said WE ARE GONNA BUILD A WALL AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT! The sheer amount of uproar this caused, the number of racists that came out of the closet all of a sudden feeling like they had someone to FOLLOW, it was absurd!

Look at when the president said to everyone that they were going to go to the moon 'Not because it is easy but because it is hard'. That kind of direction, a clear sight on a goal, we haven't had it since then. All the kids would be into NASA space shuttle toys they all wanted to be astronauts. That's the kind of leadership the world needs but unfortunately.... yeah.


How has the citizenry being wholly dependent on government handouts worked out so far?

I don't think most people get a sense of purpose from their jobs. Matter of fact I'm willing to bet the vast majority would go all Johnny paycheck if they won the lottery and didn't have to work,(why do you think the poor play the lotto so much).

I think the biggest problem with an idea like UBI really would be funding

I think it would be wonderful with logical limits to availability.
An example is, anyone making anything over 5$ of the minimum wage, you are not eligible.
Considerable debt, you’re not eligible, for you are irresponsible with your money,
first time felons get it every 2 months and not 1, 2nd time felons every 3 months, and well 3 strikes your out, you should be in jail.

Republicans are actually the more compassionate party if you're talking about the long term well being of the country because they have a realistic view of human nature.

People will overlook the fact UBI will cause inflation because "I want free money"

It's funny how much of a foreign concept living a moral life, owning your mistakes, and suffering the consequences of your actions is to people that grew up with hippie parents like Joe did.

If you invest money in losers the money just gets lost.

So the guy who gets paid to say stupid shit is upset that people want the same situation he has...