Bubba Kush cbd hemp flower review from Five Leaf Wellness

This is my review of the Bubba Kush strain from five leaf Wellness.

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Nothing is for sale here. I do not sell this product. I only give my reviews on them.

CBD hemp flower is legal in all 50 states thanks to the farm bill signed by President Trump in 2018.

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Bubba kush is the best strian hands down i never seen cbd bubba kush thanks for sharing Bubba

The intro got me hooked lol

Some fuckin gas right there

Reconind aprouved bubba kush by french it a papper end bong wather tes man^^

You such a good YouTube I love cbd to

Peace up fam I got good quality CBD Wax Dabs Terpenes shatters flowers & carts available in stock Snapchat: kevinkushy or Call 5594620872

Love this dude yp

If you want free samples of hemp flower and CBD coffee, fill this form out. www.puertoricosfinest.com/pages/free-samples

What you think of Lemon cream diesel from black tie ? And I’m back taz!!!!!!!!

Lol 🤣🤣

Best website for hemp products is www.buyCBDonline.com

Handy dandy murder knife ,lol.

Just bought this shit and didn’t get me high at all 🤦🏽‍♂️. Did not know it was cbd

No discount code

Please put time stamps on your video

Definitely illegal says 20.3% thc lol

Try Pineberry, CBDawg AKA Chemdawg, or Lifter from Dr.Ganja you won't regret it. I have a wholesale farm in Oregon I buy from too with amazing stuff that I could send you some to try but you can't order from them without approval and a business EIN. However Dr.Ganja definitely has some fire CBD hemp strains.

Looks like the bubba kush I get from the med dispensary. Perfect trim. Density. Color. Freshness. Keep at it Taz.

D.I.Y. thc and cbd vape liquid ..Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer best liquidizer out there its the smoothest on the throat and lungs by far and we infuse quadra filtered steam distilled  terpenes in our infused honey liquidizers many diffrent strain profiles to choose from and unflavored original for use with all thc and cbd extracts will never seperate once infused. you can dab it and nectar collector it as well as vapen... buy 5 or more bottles get bottle free of your choice and buy 9 or more bottles get 2 free bottles of your choice and buy 3 or more bottles get our limited edition LYBHL weatherproof vynil sticker free

#FrostedMahua #FrostedApollo #A1 a must try big T! Loving the vids, bois blowing up, been w ua since D1

Do you have problems with your car air filter getting dirty from smoking in your car?

I put the CBD in da backwood dat shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

“ I got my toes done like a bad bitch” 🤣🤣 you are hilarious

does hemp flower make your heart rate sky rocket like thc does?

Do you get a buzz from this?

You made my day! lol

Hey Taz, I just received my order of bubba kush from FLW and I'm having better results from Boston Hempire Alien Kush. Please review! I know you'll love it

He is awesome and great to vibe with and hilarious puts you in a chill zone

Idk why it gets me highly sedated. If I smoke enough and get elektra with legs, bubba kush, cbd nyc diesel and I thought I would need anesthesia to sleep. Thank god

Would I pop a piss test with it

You would love the hemp from philspharmllc.com it's so smooth with terps for days! I highly recommend it 💚🔥💚

Ahahahaha the best intro song ever, cheers from Sardinia :)

How do you get the plastic bottle instead of the pouch from flw

I just order
1oz special sauce
1oz Hawaiian haze
1/4 h2 hemp
1/4 bubba kush
Can't wait
Monroe farms is the best thanks

I will be trying

Can you do a review on their full spectrum cbd vape please

I’m rolling up some bubba kush from industrial hemp farms watching this 🌿 cheers ! 💨 btw did it have a coffee chocolate hint of smell to it ?

I love your whole parenting thing

Your last video had a lot of amazing info thank you for your videos I appreciate you big homie

Taz please help a brother this is urgent 5 leaf has sold out til harvest season of the bubba kush. I need something equal to the stank of this. Please recommend me at least 2 strans with that kush stench as soon as possible.

I’ve been using tryplainjane.com but ima have to try that well leaf

Chats Shit acts like a kid

Exact thing happened at my first pedicure haven't been back since.

I must meet this man Bubba you speak of.

Love your energy man haha

My favorite Hemp Company is "Wisconsin Hemp Flower" I swear this is the most Under-Rated company on the market who would have guess the best Bud would come from Wisconsin out of all places!!

I guarantee you once you buy any Bud from LUKE that runs the company every other Hemp company will seem like TRASH!!

Try the Suver Haze & T2 of his website and Thank- Me later I'm willingly to bet that once you try his bud you wont ever smoke from another company again

Which strains are the best for insomnia, sleep and relaxation? Thanks for sharing

I’m the same way with my packages😂😂 I’ll have to try this one next! 👍🏽🤘🏽💪🏽

I like your note better than the original 😂😂😂😂😂

😂😂 the way you broke down what the note said💀 i gotta sub!!!

Thanks for the review yeah bubba is prolly my fav makes good hash and oil too

Have a coupon code for five leaf wellness

i just ordered a oz of this product and i cant wait i subbed i barly hit 504 on my channel ugh

How much did you have to order to get big fat buds like that ? Because I know they be taking care of you

We grow this at greengenie. If you fancy getting high at anytime.a You can reach us on WhatsApp through this number.

What up cut up!

Bubba Kush from 5LW or Mothership from Blacktie?..😊 #💯

You’re so dramatic 😂😂😂

I go by the name Taz and I review shit, (MainlyHemp)!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣

What does it taste like?

This nega funny as hell

I just ordered a Oz of this my boy

What about drug testing does it show coming up dirty?

You tried that tangie from cbd hemp direct?

@Smoking Legal Aye Taz I was wondering what your top 3 CBD flower is wanting to get some more and looking for one with best feeling/effect and isn't harsh as I found the ones I have gotten are super harsh on the throat thanks in advance

Hey Taz you should be a proprietor for cbd. No activist but more in the lines of how it can change minds. Think about it no more anxiety and less stress. Majority of the population has anger issues that started with little stress or little anxiety .

Thanks Taz man I love your energy!💯

U smoke this in the am I smoke it for sleep 😭😎😩

That's right BUBBA hello from an hour south of you

i just got my package of bubba kush from dr ganja and man it smells so good nice fat nugs to and good prices $90 for 1 oz and the buds are super fat i mean fat nicely trimmed and man it stank i mean man it stank a dank dank

Ok wait...that is HEMP?!! looks like the real deal to me! Man I trippin right now on that flower! I know it barely got any traceable amounts of thc but will you still fail a drug test? Or is that a stupid question? Haha!

I got some this week


Be honest wit me...Blueberry Pie from Black Tie or Bubba Kush from Five Leaf? I cant get away from the Blueberry Pie myself! let me know somthn playa play

Mane what's so far your favorite cabs strain for sleep so far?

Still not a snoop roll....
Great vid though; your pedicure story cracked up!

That bubba kush was beautiful flower

Do anyone have a discount code for five leaf wellness?

How do you feel about TKO CBD it comes in a black jar or have you tried it I bought some but I’m not impressed at all if you haven’t can you possibly do a review on it it’s also sold in the gas station I seen last night now I know gas stations sells it now it seems like shit.

Someone get bubba down here.😂😂😂🤣

What’s the best place to grab some of them sexy buds from seen soo many of your reviews got me out here bout to get one from all of them lol help me please !!!!!!

Great Review, I will be getting a whole OZ lol

Shit man dude you're funny so glad I found your channel you remind me of Eddie Murphy lol "you dropped your ice cream" lol

I’ll be heading downtown this coming up week. JB hasn’t been in the last few times I’ve been there.

Your lol funny when you read the note . Really thou Im learning something new. Viewing this video. thks

Happy Legal Friday

You salty about them picking on ya feet! you killen me🙈🤣😂 )))) like im crying I am literally crying😭🤣😂🤣🤣😭

I have two daughters oldest is 13 youngest is 11. I do my girls fingers and toes for all Formals that they attend for school, but first we all always go get That petty done.. it's good for in my case Halfriacan American and African Americans feet👣 you probably already know that anyway ima get back to ya fam.. much love

You reading the notice to law enforcement is always one of my fav parts to your reviews 😂

Gang gang

Lol they always put the most beautiful choicest buds in Taz packages. Looks amazing.

You don’t use backwoods? And where’s the best store to get cbd from ? Not order online like I could walk in and get it?🤔 can I trust the smoke shop?

Taz what up cut up it's ya boy rock from beanstation tn smoking some sour space candy hope everyday stays a good day much love

Awesome review man. Hey Taz check out lune labs, they look like they have some killer top notch cbd live resin wax that you can use in a blunt or make your own vape cart with.

Subscribed and set for notifications. You great.

Hey Taz what camera are you using to record your videos? Seems like its auto tracking you and the auto focus seems to be on point.

Can’t have them toes going crusty now......man toes are hard to keep pretty......

My cuzn can pearl one in the dark he realy good he been doing it forever tho

I want that lemon squeeze is fire I heard I want some but they are out still