Can CBD Help My Pain?

Can CBD Help My Pain?

Many people think of the negative effects when they hear the word “marijuana”. However, marijuana is made up of two main components, CBD and THC. Unlike THC, research has shown that CBD has many beneficial effects when dealing with seizures, anxiety, and more. Here are the ways in which CBD can be useful when treating various medical issues and reducing pain

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Research on CBD oil as a treatment for pain relief is in its early stages. Could the cannabis-based medications (CBD oil) be the cure for pain. CBD oil is in use to treat arthritis and backache. Check it:

This cbd oil helped with my pain and it was on sale.

I am so sure that you will find good way to cure on WeedBorn.

I order my cbd gummys have not got them yet why

Where can I buy CBD

I'm sorry but I bought the cbd oil from Dr Oz it did not work. I suffer severe nonstop Chronic pain, with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, and chronic Fatique syndrome. Dear God I have Done every medical procedure you can think of. The only thing that helped was believe it or not was the western Medicine Of Percocet 30mg 5 times Daily. I pray that There is a medical Doctor out there, that specializes in treating this Horrible , Disease of chronic pain. I have been suffering so bad , Its not normal to be in such pain, Dear God here in my Hometown of Santa Fe New Mexico. the Doctors here are not medically inclined. to even care about this Disease of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Or Fibromyalgia. Need a caring compassionate Doctor

why do those drops look like milk. drops go under the tounge. putting it in a shake..or eating it. going into the gut. you've already lost 90% of the efect.

ok. Im confused,, and first this lady testing the products said...shes taken the rub and her back felt quite loose...then a few mintues later (the following days test} she said she had a lot of back pain the day before,eh. what?. you said your back was loose

CBD changed my LIFE Guys after 10 years of smoking atleast 5 grams a day. I cannot tell you what it's done for me. I've tried to quit so many times and always been unsuccessful until I found out about CBD❤️

If you're based within Europe, I strongly suggest to visit VAPEZEN9.COM. I've tried alot of cbd products but found theirs most effective and for 1000mg I haven't found anywhere as cheap in UK. Hope this helps someone. Best wishes everyone x

CBD does help with pain I take this kind is where I bought it.

This didn't help at all lol

I am completely mesmerized listing to two doctors who are amazingly modest. I feel so fortunate to have dropped in for a visit. I too have a special knack with people and it’s a blessed gift being able to bring a smile to a person whom you don’t know. For example, I was shopping in a grocery store yesterday and inadvertently pickup up a piece of ginger which looked like a portion of a hand with fingers. I immediately placed the fingers over my own and in a brief moment several people were joining in the nonsense and the laughter was completely contagious. Life is so precious and valuable and God bless both of you.

I have back issues that make me feel like my spine is in a vice grip all the time. There isn't a day that I don't go with out CBD. I was on drugs for years just for them not to help.
My daughter has special needs. She has a very rare genetic issue, a negative reaction from an injection she received which caused more issues. I researched for 4 years before giving it a try for our sensitive situation. My life changed for the better and she now has a better quality of life with CBD. She will request them and she knows how much they help her.
Must use caution though they are not all high quality. We use the oil free CBD and having way better results than the oil kind.
Bioavailability is huge! Clinical trials is huge. There are many areas that need to be checked before just buying any CBD. Your health matters greatly!

I need someone to help me. My family lives almost like Polygamist. They took my daughter from me because I was different from them. For almost 3 years now I have been severely abused by all of my family members.

I used CBD oil once and I ended up hallucinating for six hours and it didn't help my pain, I actually got worse had to go to the hospital for a severe allergy. I will never use it again. Also, it doesn't work like people claim. It's a psychosomatic or placebo effect because of the fails information you've been given. It doesn't work for everyone the same. I am allergic to the marijuana plant and anything that comes from it so I got very sick after taking it. I don't recommend it because it's not regulated and we don't know enough to say it's beneficial. Also, no one should smoke doesn't matter what you smoke it's very dangerous to inhale ashes and smoke. Would you stand in a burning building and breath deeply? Why would you burn something and inhale it then? There's no difference.

Not all CBD is created equally. Some products have very little to zero CBD in them. Be sure to only purchase from a company that provides 3rd Party Lab Test Results to ensure the CBD content and that there are no pesticides or heavy minerals in the products. Never purchase from a gas station, convenient store, smoke shop or Amazon. Amazon doesn't allow CBD so you're really getting overpriced Hemp Seed Oil which is not the same as CBD (cannabidiol)

CBD has helped me with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. I believe everyone should be taking CBD. I mean we have an endocannabinoid system for a reason.

Dr. Oz, when are you going to host Dr. Eric Berg..?

If you want to be pain free LOL I am giving everyone a lobotomy you’ll be pain-free forever and you’ll be a vegetable just think about it oh wait you won’t be able to think at all because of the lobotomy into the two frontal lobe’s lol My iPhone miss spells 1,000,000,000% it doesn’t spell correctly the words it’s a Chyna phone yes everybody I have an iPhone

I been taking CBD gummies since December, it has helped my headaches and helped with me getting an better erection and my mood is better and I feel somewhat more alert during the day.

CBD works best for immunological inflammatory type pain in the immune system and THC works best for neurological type pain in the central nervous system ... this video claiming THC as bad is pharma driven 100% ... using multiple phytocannabinoids from the plant is known as entourage or whole plant medicine... ingesting raw cannabis is the best form of ingestion... raw cannabis mimics our endocannabinoids better because of the carboxlic acids adhered to each phytocananbinoid ... pharma does not want you to have access to that though, would rather formulate a drug from the plant and sell @ cost...

phytocananbinoids access G protein-coupled receptors and metabolize into them... up to 50% of approved meds are made to target Gi protein receptors... cananbis is competing with 50% or is active where 50% of approved meds are active = the endocannabinoid system

I live in a country where it is legal. I have done research as well. I have found out that you need thc and cbd together to be a true help. See the documentary entitled, ''Run from the cure' for one example. You need both components in order for it to truly work. They work together, alone they are not as effective.

Great video and very useful information! At our office in Smithtown we use and recommend the brand CBD CLINIC, they have a line of clinical strength topical CBD creams that are very effective.

There is not a topical cream that truly works for chronic pain.. if you think cream helped your chronic pain, your pain was mental and not physical

Cbd is the best .if the doctor dont approve they are big pharma

It wasn't stated, the brand(s), she used. That would be great information.
I use a CBD Topical (Lavender, it smells awesome) from Lazuras Naturals. I have horrific neuropathy in my feet; without it, I wouldn't be able to function as much as I am.
Lazuras Natural is a great company out of Oregon! They do so much for anyone and everyone they can! They have discount programs for Veterans, Disabled people, and Low Income; it helps me to afford the product I use on a daily basis. I highly recommend this company. They cut out the middle man, that is partly why they can provide their products at a discount. They assist people who need it. 💚💙

One of our Golden Retrievers was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in 2016 when he was 6-1/2 years old. He was very ill and we were told by both our vet and an oncologist that he likely wouldn't live more than 2-3 more weeks without expensive chemotherapy and surgery to remove his tumors. We did none of that. We took him home, did our research, and started giving him CBD oil every single day along with a few other supplements. He very quickly bounced back and started acting like his old self again. His appetite and energy both returned. All of his tumors either shrunk or disappeared entirely. Almost 4 years later, he is now 10 years and 2 months old and is still here and doing better than ever. We largely credit CBD oil for his recovery.

Since I being using CBD, my back pain has gone, I recommend @cbdmomentum10x they have nano CBD that really works!...more effective that normal one, really good brand. Just a sincerely recommendation of a product that really works, not as much of the products that are in the market.


I rather live pain free then use that. Stuff I'm alergic to the smell of weed and I can't even stay worm cuz of my nabours smoking it I leave home and when I go somewhere I run into smokers of it where can I find a place that safe and away affordable away from it

Being able walk pain free is a blessing
Being able to walk without showing the pain is a skill

So what’s the verdict?