Can CBD Improve Muscle Gains? (Current Evidence)

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The use of cannabis has been on the rise in the past few years. Legislation has passed in many states and countries that allowing its use. And with that comes a flurry of purported claims from the use of CBD (cannabidiol). In terms of fitness, many have touted CBD for its potential muscle recovery and performance benefits. But what does the actual scientific evidence say? Let's find out!

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Lots of THC questions, which is great! THC legalization is a bit trickier than CBD, however, which would mean that research is even more limited. I did cover some related info on weed in general a while back. Check them out if you can:

what a stupid ignorant video. anyone watching plz ignore this video its useless

The only way CBD will help you in recovery for bodybuilding is if you have issues sleeping (which is when you recover) THEN CBD will be beneficial as it will help you get much better sleep hence better recovery.

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Cleaver, but Bullshit

If it helps with deep sleep cycles, where growth hormones are released during our sleep, it could assist in building muscle because of better deep sleep cycles?


I have pretty much all the issues research says it is at least promising with, so I started taking some recently. Given my prior anxiousness was so severe that I would overthink even traffic lights I have found a lot of benefit in it. Now when I see a traffic light I don't try to figure out it timing, ponder the odds based on the flow of traffic of someone running it, think about the measures at the crossing that make it friendly for use by the blind, and more all at once. I just see the gd traffic light and wait. It's just a freakin' traffic light, Me, calm the hell down. lol Of course this is just anecdotal, but I thought I would share my prior silliness.

thanks for the information🤙

Do Humans Exist

Picture Fit : It Depends

Hey Mr. Picturefit can you do an episode on supplements such as Cocaine, Heroine, and Meth. And scientifically explain as you always do, what would start happening if an athlete started taking them

Please make a video about SARMs

Make a video on sarms

Super helpful video! I'd love to collab!

Could you make a video on tendon training?

Hey man i enjoy watching your videos my english is not that good but i started workingout its 1 month but i see no change i am ectomorph so what should i do can u help me whit first how should i gain waight and how to wrokout i am 14 years old pls and ty

i love train on thc xD i smoke before and after workout... and i can make more while training and i recover much faster after workout. i sleep better and i eat more and i feel less muscle pain. well probalby IT DEPENDS ...

CBD works wonders for inflammation. Anyone with tension or anxiety should give it a shot. I recommend he premium brands because some of the CBD is fake. 15% off coupon cbdmd15off at


My CBD is great! Has ZERO THC and comes with QR codes on the packaging to assure me of all ingredients used. Has helped me in my athletic recovery and anger management... look up Aspire Organix on Instagram or Pinterest those guys products are awesome 👏🏾

I smoked a fatty after squat session and penis grew an inch

Although needs more research it was originally targeted for athletes of combat sports, and other contact sports where there is constantly bruising and inflammation (and anxiety performance), and there is some kind of research (although more is needed) that it kinda works. It is not for brous wanting gains. I do not know why people started looking it for gains ---___----

This I am monitoring myself. I lift and smoke CBD flower of course. I have noticed better recovery personally and certainly anxiety relief from CBD. As for gains and strength I could not honestly credit CBD for any of that...Yet

How to fix anterior pelvic tilt

CBD is new Kale!

Got an Ad for The Cannabis Experts Youtube channel right after I finished this video. Those YT algorithms are sharp.

Presentation of this video was awesome PicFit. More animations done with a lot of flair. I like the funky comic sans style font used. And the jokes had nice timing and delivery.

But, I can't deny I personally would have been happier with one of the other suggestions in the Patreon poll. I'm biased of course, but i think a video on one of the established mainstays of the Fitness world as suggested in the poll would have been a more content rich video, with more useful takeaways for viewers.

But, democracy decided things (by 1 vote), and I do accept that. Here's hoping this current Patreon poll results in a topic chosen with more research available and more useful information for the viewership.

Thanks as always for your hard work.

Can we please do a video on speed training

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

I know it’s not the healthiest way to ingest cannabis, but I been chiefin nuggets for years. Haven’t missed one day of medicating. I like indicas because I do landscaping and it helps my body recover faster I feel. More cbd’s perhaps than in sativas? I think so my friends.

Can you do the supplement GABA for muscle growth?

Let's talk about how you need thc to activate some of the healing properties of CBD.

Absolutely useless video. Dislike and unsubscribe.

Brian Shaw(4 X WSM) also has it. He promotes it so much on Instagram, sad it's all a sham, didn't expect it from him!

Can you make a video on smelling salts and their help in powerlifting & side effects?

Learn from vaping and let other people discover new kinds of diseases.

you should also do a video about massageguns :)

I cant drive down the road without seeing a... we sell cbd lol

Save your money baby!

Make a video about power please

Thcc like my gains

CBD isn’t the miracle drug a lot of people seem to make it out to be.

ترجم عربي

maybe in the future you should do a paper about it ;P

Can’t wait for this to be called out as bullshit...and a complete gimmick.

Face reveal

i smoke weed and after 1 hour i go to do workout, damnt workout is so fun and interesting, u just dont get bored of it, best workouts while easy high

I use to take it for awhile and didn’t notice a difference. Gym goer 3x a week

Let me guess

It's depends.

CBD: It can’t hurt... literally. I’ve tried, still healthy AF. (Loved cannabis since 2007)

Nate Diaz

Great video. All parts of Cannabis should be legal! CBD has Less of a cognitive affect than coffee. CBD is great for relaxing muscles and relieving stress. CBD does not inhibit or interfere with cognitive/physical performance. There should be no restrictions on CBD usage just as there’s no restrictions on coffee usage especially in regards to DUIs. No idea to what extent it is used for fitness But I know it doesn’t hurt anything. There is no lethal dose for CBD or THC that is possible to achieve. Are used to take 50 mg of pure CBD before class in college without any interference.

FYI: So far I only buy CBD and cannabis products from legal dispensaries. They are more regulated than the over-the-counter stuff you find at smoke shops. Maybe they’re both equally fine but I know I can trust the excessively over regulated cannabis dispensaries.

All lies.

Cbd is a bullshit craze

Nate Vs Jorge.

Great information in such less time 👍
keep it up buddy

Never bought it, seems like such a gimmick, especially when a lot of fitness influencers are sponsored by them and make the exact same posts..

Hey man thank you for making this video. A bunch of powerlifters/strongman competitors that I follow on Instagram have been using CBD oils and protien powder for their workouts and it got me curious. Currently use it for anxiety so seeing someone else question it gave me some good vibes that I'm. Not the only one curious about its benefits of any for workouts

Well, I'm a frequent Cannabis user (Medicinal for ADHD) and I love this plant for giving me a more healthy view on the world. But it also helps very good with my sleep and eating behavior, so maybe you could say, it benefits the workout indirectly. But at the end it depends on the person, some people may get more lazy instead

Let me guess. IT ALL DEPENDS!

Can you look into betator??


With how little information we have given the claims of the breadth and degree of benefits from CBD oil, I suspect it's more the modern snake oil...

it such an overpriced shiz. I prefer good dose of sleep. CHEAPER and bulletproof. Or just use the real deal not this placebo stuff

Too many variations what weed how much what is the effect, thc or cbd effect you differently depending how you consume it how you feel when you consume it and what you do after

What about thc

And how can you take cbd without smoking it like diaz brothers :))

Good for pain relief. THC indica is great for hunger.

Legalise weed already, so we can research more about it. This will make it safer to consume and benefit the country economically.

I found your channel since you was on 50k sub.. so fast your channel now near one million sub congregations for you buddy love you so much.. waiting to see your 10 million sub ❤️

I smoke some sativa before workout and iam super energic

Can you talk about L-Carnitine? I heard about it helping and improving performance but I'm not sure

so bang preworkout

Can you make a video on how it depends I’m really not sure

Spoiler alert: it's unclear

My hand accidently smashed my wall now my hand hurt

What am I doing here at 2:00am while I have exams tomorrow??

Edit : Thanks for 💓

Love your videos. Always straight to the point.

So what you're telling me is that all my favourite fitness influencers are just trying to make money and arent telling me the truth????

I prefer THC in the form of a very strong indica after my super heavy sets especially on leg day.

You never cease to surprise me PictureFit

So your telling me I take cbd if I get drug tested for my work it might contain THC and I could fail the drug test and lose my employment although it specifically states it doesn't contain THC and won't come up in a test? I'm so fucked.

Can you make a video on the best way to gain muscle strength (mostly) and some muscle mass naturally (no protein supplements or other stuff)

Total and utter bollox

a video on periodization plsssssss

I JUST bought some CBD oil. So glad you did this. Even if the answer is "It Depends".

I bet u smoke weed
So many videos related to weed

You guys really think some weed oil is gonna give you better gains? God you're dumb.

Motivational videos are better than pre-workouts seriously i smash weights

It depends on if you're a fan of Popeyes Fried Chicken or not

Ya fuckin druggo

What i know from experience is getting the immediate munchies and craving high calorie foods and sugar is what has progressed my gym gains since ive been a hard gainer i couldent increase my appetite and stomache capacity naturally as ive tried for years. im 21

But some celebs and buff dudes on instagram told me to use it! So I gotta spend loads of money on it, right?!?!?

I have tried a few cbd products and they do seem to help with recovery time not much though. great vid my dude 👍💪

So by "current evidence" you mean no evidence or research at all Then wtf is the point of the video. waste of time

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Can you please talk about saunas and how hot they should be since the one I use is only 80degress

I guess it depends? Am I right or am I right?

Yes!!! I was asking you in the Q/A <3 thanks for dropping the vid!

The answer: IT DEPENDS on what the answer will be whne we have an answer.

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