Cannabis Extraction Explained: Ethanol vs. Supercritical CO2 vs Hydrocarbon Extraction

Wondering which extraction method is right for your cannabis or hemp extraction business? Precision's Chief Technology Officer, Nick Tennant, explains the different extraction methods for cannabis and hemp. During this overview, we compare supercritical CO2 extraction versus solvent-based extraction, the pros and cons to each extraction method, as well as the common misconceptions, myths, and facts about each method.

Wondering how to make popular cannabis extracts like Live Resin, Shatter, Craft Concentrates, Crude Oil, Distillate and Isolate? Watch our overview here:

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Well spoken, evidently correct. Nice job!

Is IPA a good solvent to use?

Wow Jessie has stepped up his game Big Time ;)

Ty 4 this lesson brother awesomeness

I'm digging the music in the background lol


Why C1Div1 and not C1Div2? As long as your process is contained it should only be C1Div2

Ethanol takes more input to make than what it gives so it is inefficient.

What about steam extraction? I know that they use it to extract essential oils.

You helped me ace my interview, just rewatching your videos refreshed my terminology, and ultimately led to me wowing my interviewers. The company told me to expect a phone call from the founder today. I'm not a betting man but if I had to guess.....Think I got the job.

Curious, if the pressure was ramped up to 6000 what the return would be?

How can I get -100 degrees F? Peltier? Most hvac compressor oil won't work that cold.

This Gentleman is one of the Top Experts in the entire World for this emerging 21st Century Visionary Industry.
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Wonderful. But which method is relatively safer on the smoker?

brilliant! great job man, you're a walking cannabinoid encyclopedia!

Whenever I start speaking with people bout things like this they just laugh and tell me don't that's nothing but trouble ... Wish I could get a lab coat.... And a bit of fucking respect for my knowledge I've obtained.... :/ Where can I apply to start my career?


Awesome even for experienced concentrate manufacturers .nailed the pros and cons of each kind for large scale and small scale hash enthusiasts.i knew all of this already but i always like to stay sharp and refine my game and always pick up a few new tricks along.the way.i enjoyed the vodeo thoroughly

Any traning program is going on ? I would like to get training for extraction please provide detail


Very informative.thanks

Great video. Communication of talking points were crystal clear. Very, Very well done Nick. Thanks much.

Would like to see a video the Trichome structure. If you got time that is...

Hi, I was wondering if you know what ethyl alcohol is safe To remove waxes from your cannabis resin.

I really like how professional this was. A lot of important info that you don't always hear about. Ty.

Hello, there. Great video. I have just a question, about ethanol extraction. You said to chill down to negative 40, is it in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Nades are the best non toxic solvent

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I can do it for free. Maybe even get paid to clean the downline gas.

So you create a kind of amin plant.
Stanless vessels that you take natural gas. Then use it to scrub the bio mass as solvent. Then sell the gas back DOWN the line as dry gas. I can build that for you.

Anyone experience with ultrasonic extraction?

Does the long cycle start to break down the chlorophyll?

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Old Moonshiners are doing backflips over those distillers.

I want to take a course to learn how to fix the machines and work with the machines that do the extraction. Where do I get official education on this topic? Any help is appreciated.

That is a massive lab you sir are doing good for yourself...and you do a great job explaining it know what's up

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Great informative video !

Mr. Nick Tennant, Truly excellent and impressive presentation. I have never commented on any kind of Youtube video but you are singularly exceptional for your ability to put so much info into such a quick and simple summary form. I hope you consider some kind of informational and training series....perhaps even with for example, so many more people can benefit by your knowledge and ability. Thank you.

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-40? Do i need cryo ethanol to not soluble water-soluble compounds? or -40 is enough.

Fantastic video. This was food for my brain.

I have two kids with PhD degree and you think you are to smart to talk to a hemp farmers

This kid is so intelligent and articulate for a twelve-year old! And I mean that in the most respectful way. Very clear and well-explained!


Very good information.but the music is very distracting. May be consider not having music.


What kind of ethanol is safe to use ?? Oral extraction use

You guys either had a really great video editor or that dude is really knowledgeable in the subject!

Weed college online

Have you used HEXANE

I enjoy CBD with WeedBorn products :)

Thank you for this very informative video. What would be the approx price for a 200L CO2 extraction plant ?

Thanks man good video great product.

Well Done Perfect explanation !!

Complete range of CBD

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He did an awesome job, but maybe someone should practice with him NOT to say "right" 3 times a sentence before he does another! Gonna be honest it was incredibly distracting!!!

I hope someone is helping you understand why you repeatedly say the word "right", and how to overcome it.

Wow, I just sat and watched the whole 14 mins and found it interesting and learnt some things. This guy is great.

More act rocks I want to join a canabis hemp grow team in Kentucky
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Really clear, thank you. And I love this guy and his four-colour clicky pen.

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Very informative. which is the best method for producing crystal resistant?

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SCIENCE. thanks for the info!

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Very Clear, easy to follow, well-spoken and nicely explained. I enjoyed every minute. Many thanks!

I’m glad I got smarter after watching this

butane gas is better. CO2 is liquid at the wrong temperature.

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good info

can you do a video on making meth?

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really interesting stuff! what did you study in just out of curiosity?

I live in southern Oregon would love to work with you guys great video i work at a lab and can educate customers on your equipment hemp is booming here in southern Oregon

good vid dude keep up the good work with more ones on cool things

Basically the speaker is advocating Butanol as the best way to extract from Hemp material compared to all other technologies and secondly marketing their expertise in fabrication and design on how to overcome problems in butanol extraction. Right ?

Great talk. Thanks

Great info! Very smart guy, explanations were easy to understand.

great video!

Is there THC present in Hemp Seed ? If yes, approx yield in Cold Pressed Oil and Total Extract by CO2 ?

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The only argument against CO2 is the high pressure right? But why do you say 5.000 psi is high? LDPE processing for all the plastic bags and bottles is done at up to 50.000 psi. There are a lot of industries which work at this level. That is just easy stuff if you know what you are doing.

You also forgot to mention the advantages of the versatile CO2 process and please don’t say that others want to sell equipment if that is what you intend to do with your video.


Would transesterification solve the the ethanol problem in your opinion ? As in removing trace solvent from the end product ?


What kind of degree would you get if you want to work in this field? Chemistry? BioChemistry?


Extremely well explained. Thank you


Top man

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Thought this was more marketing BS.
On a small scale using ethanol for a very fast soak perhaps 30 seconds will extract a fair amount of cannabinoid and very little chlorophyll .

YOU are what a real chemist frequently refers to as a "meth-lab" chemist. Real chemists don't do the shit you do, and there is a good reason for that. A real chemist will extract Cannabis in a soxylet in a continuous liquid extractor using hexane (usually 90:10 or 80:20 hexane: ethylacetate, and than use a Roto-vac to evaporate the solvent. But for oral adminstration a simple solid-liquid extraction using canola oil and low speed centrifuges capable of 4000 rpm (and capable of holding a 50cc sintillation vial/extraction tube) can get your production cost down to under 5 cents/ mg THC using water displacement centrifuge technique that gives a 92% recovery. That 5 cents is based upon Cannabis at $320/oz.

No wonder the cost of edibles has gone up so much. I started out on Medical MJ, and then when it became legal my cost went up almost 100% because everyone wanted to extract their pound of flesh. Your business is a prime example because the engineering of those systems you've shown us sitting in your warehouse are extremely expensive, so every grower and/or manufacturer of edibles must absorb some of the cost up front but, we on the retail end of the supply chain are being killed financially. I had to start growing my own. In our state of Ca. we can grow up to six plants, and now with my NugSmasher I will be making my own edibles.