CBD: 5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know About CBD

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In this video, we cover the top 5 questions we get asked most frequently about CBD:

1. What is CBD? Is CBD Legal?
2. What are the medicinal Benefits of CBD?
3. How Do I Take CBD?
4. How Much CBD Should I Take?
5. Will I Pass a Drug Test with CBD?

We also cover other topics like, the difference between cannabis and industrial hemp, how much THC is legal in CBD products, CBD isolates compared with multi spectrum CBD and full spectrum CBD and CBD hemp flower, the entourage effect and more. We also answer the question, is CBD pet safe and discuss the different types of CBD, like sublinguals and tinctures, topicals such as creams, balms and even patches that are great for back, muscle and joint pain, cbd flower and concentrates like wax, shatter and crumble, pills and capsules, and edibles.

We hope you enjoy the video and learn a few new things about CBD. We would also love for you to join the conversation! If you have any other questions about CBD, or want to share any of your experiences with CBD, please leave us a comment below!

Disclaimer: We are not experts in CBD, this is just what we've learned through research and being in the CBD business for a while! We recommend you consult your doctor to see if CBD is right for you!

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Hi, I got 20:1 distillate for anxiety, works great, but makes me slightly sleepy CBD Alive brand. What has the same effect without the somnolence?
I also bought CBD isolate green garden. 0 THC. It doesn't make me sleepy at all. It is better for day use. I think it's hemp. My mind is focused with it.
I need it for pain, and anxiety. What do you recommend?

I usually smoke a strain called mothership and it’s .14% THC and 23.21% CBD but it makes me hella stoned like I’m floating in the air arms are nice and relaxed with a whole body high. When I smoke CBD flower it makes me still feel like I’m smoking high Thc strains.

Please spread use cod to prevent Corina vaping cbd higher than 60 mg daily

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1000% recomend full spectrum

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We made an article on strains that have high CBD profile but also ones that have a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio or even 2:1. Take a look : https://cannah.net/articles/best-cbd-strains-for-anxiety-and-depression/


Very informative video! I don’t find much info out there about the entourage effect and found this article that goes more into it.


can smoking CBD be bad for people with heart disease or lung problems?

I use CBD after smoking regular weed. It brings me to a much more relaxed state of mind.

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Why does cbd bud look frosty i thought the crystals were thc?

Wow men, great explication, really like it!
what kind of flower do you have? Do you distribute several brands? I love Black tie, green brothers, just bob, plantandhemp....
there is a lot of good sellers, which one are you selling?

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MyMcHemp.com has great CBD options.

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Where to buy this stuff from a legitimate website

If iam not getting high then what’s the point hell no rather drink a beer and not get you fks rush

I actually posted a CBD video myself. I would like it if you guys checked it out.https://youtu.be/1sNhrezfE1Q

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Snake oil

I got some recreational weed, carts and vapes so i was curious if you might be interested

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When You See Hemp Oil, Shop Carefully If you're shopping for CBD oil and you see the term hemp oil for cheap prices, you should be very careful.
This broad term should always be accompanied by a clear definition of what is in the product: either hemp seed oil or CBD oil. Unfortunately today the term "hemp oil" is being used to skirt around legal and marketplace regulations. For example, Amazon explicitly prohibits the sale of CBD products, yet displays a wealth of "hemp oil" when performing a search for CBD oil. Taking a closer look you'll find that these sellers are deceitfully selling hemp seed oil using CBD-like marketing terms, to make you think you buy a CBD product. If you're looking for CBD oil, you should find "CBD" clearly printed on the label and the actual CBD content of the product should be easily confirmed. This is done by verifying the cannabinoid potency on the lab reports for that specific product. Without this confirmation, do not buy this product and move on!
On the CTFO website you can download the lab reports, done by third party, so you are sure you buy the proper CBD oil.
What is Hemp Seed Oil?
Hemp seed oil is a nutritious type of edible culinary oil made from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the small brown, nutrient-rich seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil has a dark to light green color and a naturally mild nutty flavor that works well in salads, dressings, and sauces. Often described as a “superfood,” hemp seed oil is packed with vital nutrients, including amino acids, fiber, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as an array of important vitamins and minerals. This makes hemp seed oil a valuable addition to any diet, especially those that may be nutrient deficient. Available in most grocery stores and health food markets for low prices, hemp seed oil has an olive oil-like consistency and is commonly used as a substitute for traditional cooking oils with the exception of deep-frying. This hemp oil is also commonly infused into body care products to nourish the skin, nails, and hair. Don´t be misled, most hemp products sold on major websites, shops, drugstores and grocery stores are made with hemp seed oil, which contains only trace amounts of CBD.
Our CTFO CBD hemp oil is produced from the specifically selected hemp cultivars that are naturally high in CBD for a much higher level of CBD in our products, with 3th party test reports.

What is CBD Oil? Is CBD oil the same as hemp seed oil?
No. Although they are extracted from the same plant, there are some important differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. CBD oil, also called CBD hemp oil, is a thick botanical extract made from the stalks, seeds, and sometimes flowers of hemp varieties that are naturally high in CBD. CBD oil contains all the many essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids found in hemp seed oil, as well as greater levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids like CBD. Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil contains high levels of CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid that promotes balance by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, a signaling network that regulates many of the body’s functions, including appetite and metabolism, sleep, mood, and immune response. Over the years, CBD has become a highly sought-after cannabinoid because of its natural wellness effects. CBD oil is made through a specialized extraction process that pulls the CBD oil from the hemp plant. We at CTFO create incredibly pure and healthy CBD oil. This CBD oil concentrate can then be used daily on its own or infused into products like tinctures and liquids, capsules, topicals, vape oil, hair and skin care products, and more. CBD concentrate can also be purified through a filtration process that removes all excess plant material and compounds other than CBD to make a highly-concentrated powder called CBD isolate.
Regardless of how you choose to take CBD oil, products like these allow you to tap into CBD’s balancing properties and boost your quality of life, Change The Future Outcome!

Share this important article with your friends and family to ensure they are properly educated on this important topic.

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The cost of this crap is just absurd.

Thc makes my hart beat so fast that i get scared and get bad feeling i throw up does Cbd do the same?

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As long as it helps me to sleep & not be depressed. Even though, I do love smoking up. I just tried Charlotte's Web. CBD oil. So,it helps. It's funny,it helped better to sleep than Melatonin. Good music,by the way!

You lost me at the 'guitar' ouverture.

What’s one of the best websites to order from

this is a fairly bro science way of talking about the topic and not everything here is completely accurate.


Both of your haircuts are whack. But good video

There are many health conditions that can be treated with CBD oil with success. Other available options to treat those medical conditions are not that effective. I ordered full-spectrum CBD oil from https://deluxeleaf.com. Now I use it on a regular basis. It really helps me to calm down my anxiety. Many people are not sure about using it yet. Thanks, for sharing this information with us. Now people will know what to do.

i still get high off cbd pins 💯

i’m smoking rn lol

I didn't realize you could get a flower or preroll of cbd only... how is that not full on marijuana?

Dudes I think the same way. Finally some good hippies. Lol

I'm definitely visiting you guys! Lol I only live about 35 miles from y'all. I call it a happy amazing accident 😁

Do you guys offer free products in question for people like myself in order to do a review for your company!?!...

Good info. Love your energy and humor :)

Will smoking these cause you to fail a drug test for work or employment?

Complete range of CBD www.great-relief.com

I bought excellent oils from WeedBorn website. Just google WeedBorn.

I don't think I'd ever fully switch to it exclusively but I have to say my first few experiences have been nice

Im vaping cbd oil yet im still getting high?

I want to switch from bud bud to cbd but I’m smoking a oz of skywaker a day . It’s getting expensive because it seems like the effect does not last longer than 20 minutes anymore and I use it for ptsd anxiety depression bipolar etc please help

CBD=Nonalcoholic beer.

Do you get high from hemp the same as Cannabis?

Okay man cool video and everything but you should never say the phrase “you can’t overdose on it” in any context lol. You can literally overdose on water.

low Amouts of THC is very good for you and you don't get that stoned. CBD and THC are both good for wide range of health benefits high CBD and Low to mid THC is the best

I barely get high of cbd herb .... Only because I can't find a connect

These two muthafuckers are high as a kite.

Will these cbd pre rolls stay in system for a while it has 0.3 % thc

talk to a lawer my firend about the farm bill so many people miss understand what it means for instance in my state we have laws that make the bill mean nothing and police are confused on what they can do. the big thing to I want people to no and wish cbd shows new and understood is cbd unexplained from weed works better then stuff from hemp also the best is nano extract .

I cand wate till illanoies passes the law on weed that way I can cross the boarder walk into a shop and smoke up

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Yes, agree CBD is way better than thc, it makes me less anxious in public. And still gives me a great buzz, but not shit faced.

Cbd has decreased my chronic pain


#1 brand is cbdmd.com save 15% using coupon CBDMD15OFF

1000 mg is exactly 1 gram. Just say a gram there SLICK...

I switched due to generalized anxiety. I believe mines the 3% thc. I swear it makes me comfortable high, not paranoid.
Love it

Are u guys high?🤣

Im a heavy smoker and ran out of thc bud and cant get more for a bit so i went to a smoke shop and bought some cbd buds and it DOES indeed get you high. Not super crazy high like reg weed but it does.

Make your own! It's been legalized so you know Big pharma is now involved so it's been genetically modified. Youtube videos that sounds the most genuine are mostly the opposite. I personally don't trust the ones that are sponsored, are affiliated or have connections with big companies.

The cbd flower makes me feel high. Obviously nowhere near the real thing but its crazy.

Omg lol diddent know you had a youtube channel whatts up

How do I order some? I'm in NYC

Dang, new world my eyes are now open to.

The list of benefits of CBD oil is very long. A number of people are using it to treat different health conditions. I use it to treat chronic pain. It did help a lot. I buy it from deluxeleaf.com. I get a pure product from them. I am really happy to discover this video. Very informative for people like me. Thanks!

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The fuck are u even talking about “take 25 to fuckin 50mg of CBD a day”, and “1000 mg bottle of cbd with a 30ml dropper”?? A whole fuckin 1oz bottle would be 30 mils and is gonna gave nowhere close to 1000mg of CBD. 25 to 50mg would be half a fuckin bottle a day.

Yo! So I can get high with my dog too? That is kick ass lol I know what I’m buying now. CBD IS LIFE!!!!

How long does CBD plant stay in your system for ? You know that 0.3% thc

I get a blood test in 30 dayz & the cbd has 0.3 of thc in it will it still be in my system in 30 dayz?

Mfkas be selling me CBD as THC sh********t

I wish they sold CBD cigarettes you can buy like regular cigarettes

I smoke hemp cigs.....i break them down and roll them up in rellos. I was skeptical at first buuuuut forreal forreal.....it feels like, there are tiny tiny ppl inside your body relaxing and massaging your nerves. It does help u relax and helps u sleep. This is coming from a real MARIJAUNA LOVER!!! U really don't need the high....i get what im looking for out of the cbd...the only thing I WOULD MISS ABOUT MARIJUANA...IS the smell!!!!! I enjoy not feeling all sluggish and super hungry. But don't get me wrong...i still smoke real weed!

Cannabidiol, also known asCBD, is a chemical compound, 1 of about 104 compounds known as cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.


CBD = BULLSHIT WEED. Change my mind. It’s literally Mids 😂😂😂🚯 CBD is for light weights

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

Do you have a website


He said doobie smart about it

It's such an amazing product, helping somany peopleout there! And why shouldn't we be allowed to use a product which grows in the ground which our ancestors have cultivated for thousands of year's?

Why bother if it doesn't give a buzz?

Lets be honest most people dont need this they want it.

Am I allowed to grow hemp flower in Missouri without any licence