CBD and the Heart. What the Research Says and Potential Uses.

CBD is a commonly used supplement for treating pain, anxiety, insomnia, acne, and other conditions. In this video I talk about CBD effects on the heart and blood vessels, and potential uses related to the heart.

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While there are limited studies of benefit, there is mounting support for harm. If you explore the frequency and extent of side-effects then one would be very hesitant to use this. There is also the assumption that it helps for pain, it is probably anecdotal and chance of a placebo effect. Finally, I agree it has shown some benefit in a specific refractory childhood epilepsy and acne as a a topical.
Most if not all of the use of this substance is BS.

I have had some heart palpatations with THC containing products, but none with CBD alone. I use CBD nightly for sleep but have to use a high dose of about 50 mg. No side effects that I'm aware of.

Doctor, We should consider removing the stigma of Schedule 1 from pot so the research community can least study cannabinols.

As soon as I take CBD oil, my heart begins to skip beats. Im 51 and fairly healthy and lost 22 pounds and health improved from avoiding carbs. I only have about 50 to 80 carbs daily and kept weight off. So it has to be the CBD oil since I notice it within minutes.

CBD makes my heart beat faster is that a bad thing?

LOL “your doctor is going to read on mayoclinic about to ask your doctor about interactions”

Good to see you again Doc! Good info as usual. BTW... please ignore the comments from that trap town idiot. He's trolling everyone's channel it seems.

Increasing heart isn’t good from what I understand

Interesting, I have CAD 2 stents