CBD Craze: FOX 11 and Dr. Oz puts these popular products to the test

A joint investigation between FOX 11 Los Angeles and the Dr. Oz show has produced alarming results when it comes to what’s really inside unregulated CBD products being sold around the nation.

FULL STORY: http://www.foxla.com/entertainment/features/cbd-craze-fox-11-and-dr-oz-puts-these-popular-products-to-the-test

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So agree this is useless unless we get all of the good information and names shown of the bad ones, are they worried of law suits, if so then so be it a test is a test and should be 100% fact finding. Doc OZ what the Hell

This was vary interesting, I have partnered with a Company that has Organic plant based nutritional supplements, and CBD products. They have third party testing and you can find the results of the tests and check out them and the company that does them if you like. I totally trust this Company with my wife and my health. Check out all the great products and let me answer any questions you might have. www.tse4u.com

Select brand in Cali Cbd carts And thc carts the best

Get ur shit from a licensed dispensary in California that all u need to do

The best Cbd I’ve found so far is at Illuminent.com/mlee

They aint go to the dispensary tho

why dont you expose those products

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

The one I take has third party testing done on it, and has it in 750 mg,1500 mg,3000 mg and 250 mg for dogs check them out at www.tse4u.com

It costs me over $1,000 a month to treat me Pain with CBD Oil but only $100 per Month to treat my Pain with Pot, Go Figure?

We use this video to help our consumers understand how the lack of regulations in the CBD industry can hurt them. Look for products that come with third party testing to show what is in the hemp used, a US Hemp Authority seal, and/or a money back guarantee.

The video was a crap shoot. Blurring out the products was of no beneficial benefit to your viewer. Cannot be sued if the testing was proper. This puts your tests in question!

I'm sure this wasn't sponsored by big pharma or anything, right? (sarcasm)

I was lucky to find a company that has 3rd party testing on every batch ! It has changed my life.... literally given me my life back !! Also, these "Cheap" ones are cutting their products with carrier oils of cocnut, olive, grapeseed oil and even Veg oil.there should never be more than 2 ingredients ! .Also... has the GMP seal (Good Manufacturing Practice) which means it is regulated and has what it says it has in the product... Testing is posted right on their site !! You are welcome to message me if you would like info.

Played for a $75 1000mg from a brick and mortar store. I saw another on Ebay 1000mg for $18 after the fact.

Why does the media continue to refuse to report the truth WHY marijuana was made illegal. Marijuana was medically recognized USP listed from 1850. FDA adopted USP in 1906 as official under federal law. Banned in 1937 without study, for reasons unrelated to medicine, going against recommendations of physicians and AMA. Facts on record compiled by University professors of law, easily researched online.

This is why I just do heroin.

I'm with CTFO love our quality, 3rd party testing. There are also several other great companies out there too just do your research and look for 3rd party testing. Why we can't stress enough what's out there in the shops and gas stations.

This video is terrifying and one of the many reasons I joined and use Green Compass CBD - Organic, every batch 3rd party tested . Safe for your entire family. We even have a pain patch that has been FDA registered. https://catiethompson.greencompassglobal.com

Green Compass Global is one of the few 'farm-to-customer' fully integrated CBD companies - - not just a company who sells CBD.
Two of the founders are 6th generation farmers who have been farming organically for years. Customers have access to a 3rd party COA specifying exactly what and how much they're getting!

3mg of thc is not extreme as this guy claims. The rest of the video is concerning. People should know what they are getting. Stupid that they don't reveal the company names.

Why the FUCK do you blur out the label??? Hope you fucking die.

Sisel's CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is certified organic, independently lab tested. It contains many other cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and compounds from the flower, leaf, and stalk to create a synergistic entourage effect giving you the most health benefit out of each drop. Unlike cheaper Hemp Oil products which have little to no actual CBD (Hemp Oil has 25 Parts Per Million CBD, whereas Hemp Extract has 150,000 PPM), SiselSafe CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract provides superior results. You can contact me for more info.

If anyone is wondering where to get organic, non GMO, and 3rd party tested CBD check out some the videos on my channel. I have a bunch videos explaining what you want to look for when you buy CBD.

That's why you only Buy US Hemp Association Certified Product with the Gold H. http://GoldHcbd.com

Don’t take it more for me then:)

How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

What about myastennia gravis?

What good is this if you can't see who failed. Stupid video.

The US Hemp Authority has issues 13 certification labels to 13 companies. That means from seed to processing to bottle, to truth in labeling to customer they are perfect. My company is one of them. I love that. Be careful what you buy. Hempworx is certified.

This is horrible. I am glad that our CBD Oil company was just awarded with the Certified Seal for quality and safety by the US Hemp Authority! Want more information, contact me through my website: www.HempOils4Life.com

HW-Pure Full Spectrum, US Hemp Certified

I am Affiliate for Hempworx and we are 3rd Party tested and with The US Round Round. Our Hemp is in Kentucky and FDA Compliant . We. Are 100% Pure...Please check if your CBD is 3rd Party tested and they can show you. I am off of 6 Medications because of CBD.💚

Transparency and third party testing of every batch is critical! There IS an organization that is holding CBD companies accountable, it is the US Hemp Authority. Recently 13 brands were awarded their seal of approval which will be placed on labels of the brands that have gone through the rigorous quality testing. That is why I only represent a pure, third party tested, CO2 extracted, organic, nonGMO CBD oil grown and harvested at one of the world’s premier farms in KY. Learn more here: www.hempworx.com/kathyandy

I think they should have told what brands they were testing. I trust the CBD I take. I wouldn't buy from these stores they visited. Do your research before you try CBD. There are some good ones out there. There is also a lot of garbage. I take Lazarus Naturals.


CW Hemp - US Hemp Authority Certification

An act of desperation, while also fighting to lower REAL PRESCRIPTION medication. People spend more time and effort in putting down our POTUS then fighting to lower REAL prescription medication. People wake up! Oops, I forgot, your all to stupid in the head from CBD and "Marijuana" in hope of a cure!
Ask yourself, why did we use to call stoners stupid? Hmm.... Just Say No People! Nancy Reagan.