CBD guidelines for arthritis

CBD guidelines for arthritis

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If they really need more research just ask people who use cbd. 2 Years ago I eliminated gluten from my diet and felt better in 4 days. A year ago my son bought me superior hemp oil arthritis combo pack. I take 4 drops of the oil at night under my tongue and sometime 1 in the morning depending what I have planned. I use the pain cream during the day and I feel great. I also take Lipitor which has caused me a lot of joint pain. Since I started taking the cbd I feel like a new person, shame on the foundations and doctors for not doing more to help their patients & stop lining their pockets with the big drug companies.

The price here for CBD is day- light- robbery, and the average person can't affort it...🙈🙈🙈🙈

If you want to help yourself just google for WeedBorn. I know you will find good solutions for all your disease.

Let's go to WeedBorn website, if you want to buy best CBD products.

I think you can learn more about CBD on WeedBorn website.

Cbd is a must for me.. been taking for over 3 years and all good for me.. just feel so much better.. x

I train almost every day and therefore I need something that is amazing for recovery. I was sceptical of CBD oil at first specifically for its pain and anti-inflammatory related properties.

I had already been using it for anxiety and it worked amazingly.

I was advised when taking CBND for recovery I would need a high strength one.

I bought Dr. Hemp Me 20% CBD oil and I have been taking 4 drops twice a day.

My recovery time has completely halved. The only soreness I get is from hard knocks received in games but hey I play hurling so that is a given.

I give it a 10 out of 10 when compared to other recovery supplements like protein bars and shakes.

CBD is all-natural and definitely works.

A few pointers;

Buy full-spectrum CBD oil

Make sure it is high strength (at least 10%)

Check for lab tests

My recommendation is Dr. Hemp Me. I hope CBD makes a positive difference in your life just as it has mine.