CBD Is Better For Sleep Than Ambien | Joe Rogan & Ben Greenfield

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1235:

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I’ve been using various CBD products for over 5 years as sleep-aids, but the only one that really works is Mima Remedies. The full-spectrum oil from Mima Remedies has been a life-saver, and it’s actually affordable at $0.06/mg of CBD.

Bro this explains it I feel like I haven’t gotten a good nights rest in 2 years and I’ve been smokeing for 2 every night my doc says I’m healthy but this explains the bags under my eyes

I fell asleep today after some cbd gummies and had vivid dreams lol, it surprised me because when I smoked weed I never had dreams for like a decade straight

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I’ve been working third shift for a month or two and have just been catching sleep whenever I can. I can definitely feel an effect on muscle repair and it absolutely sucks.

Should say sleep like a teen

Commercial drivers can not use CBD

Oh come on Joe Trump doesnt sleep

Where can you get good CBD in the UK

The Name of Jesus Christ...The Name above all names...is the best for sleep

CBD should be taking in a controlled matter to feel better. Each body is a recipe and the CBD levels matter. To much can lead to negative effects such as depression,anxiety and even liver issues. I urge anyone wanting to use CBD to research it and except the negatives that come with it.
I am straight out pot head for 20 years plus years and have now got on the medical side of things and i was causing my own issues by the amount i was consuming. CBD so far has taking my extreme anxiety away and helped me reduce my regular usage. Studies now are ramped up and lots of good and bad information out there. I take 2 drops a day so far of actual medical CBD oil with 26% CBD level and THC level of 1% . So its hard to hear people say pile up on the CBD and evening buying from a weed store on the corner. So much more to the medical side people.

Weed is not legal in all countries
Hence, benzos exist

I have taken Ambien since 2009 due to cancer twice. I am up to Ambien 10mg. I am working on stop taking it. I am a disabled veteran, retired military. I have an ilescompty. 1 kidney left. So I am up and down all night. But I also live in a state that hasn’t passed medical weed yet. I do use, CBD and hemp with small amount of THC. I would rather my children use CBD etc for anxiety and sleep then medications they prescribe. Natural is the way to go. I also have taken rick Simpson oil for years

WeedBorn. Google and try it.

neither works

You said you took 100mg's of CBD to sleep, are you taking capsules or tincture / oil under the tongue?

5:17 False

I don't use THC any more but I smoke cbd hemp flower every night

You have no idea how important this was for me to come across. With the three brain cells remaining after 3 years of taking Ambien, I thank you both. ✨

I love Joe Rogans podcast but come on man, give me a break. Just because somebody uses Valium for sleep doesn’t make them stupid or a pill head.

How about cbd AND ambian!

How much does joe get paid to promote cbd

I have to disagree

This dude is a fucking tool and Joe you're an ignoramus. I have severe anxiety which I can no longer handle through "deep breaths" and Ambien is currently saving me from falling into COMPLETE despair. Fuck you both, seriously.

What cbd is the best and how much is it

Bruh Ambien is so much better wtf

Is full spectrum cbd considered a level one narcotic by the DEA because of its THC content, and wouldn’t I fail a drug test if I am taking it?

Cbd has saved my life ..I was in constant pain from my fibromyalgia and cbd has helped my sleep and pain

Our Britain half of the nation nation suffering from depression doctor just give us only anti depressants medication only should be free on national health service who are suffering from depression nation pay higher taxes on there income

I just take anti-histamines if I need to fall asleep.

This dude is like these two drugs do the opposite so just take both and let them balance out to homeostasis like you was before the drugs.

Oh yeah like thc or cbd is available in every corner, speaking from Brazil, where is very expensive and difficult to access real medicine I do take Ambien because men I just cannot sleep and after three days off not sleeping I always get admitted to some kind of psych ward and then injected with some hardcore drugs... So yeah, I take Ambien but I'm not an idiot or addicted

CBD has no effect on me. Magnesium and l-theanine is legit for sleep tho

I hate Ambien.

cbd is NOT for sleep

Hold on Hugh Hefner! Who can afford 100 mg of CBD.

I took ambien and slept walk literally for like 5 hours of the night

Up regulate gaba go to sleep take away gaba say hello to histamine nightmare

Cbd does not help at all for me at least for ANYTHING. Everyone says cbd is so great and marijuana and it might be for SOME PEOPLE.

Valerian, Passion flower, CBD, chamomile—none of these work for me. Not all people who take Ambien are idiots. Ambien has been a life saver. I’m trying to find alternatives which Is why I’m here, because I’m aware it’s not good for me but I wouldn’t go back and not take it. I’ve been on it off and on over a year. I feel better on Ambien than I did without Ambien and not sleeping.

Exercise . Sex. Good food . Working those will all make u sleep. These people are lying to you and they get paid for it. Joe rogaine lol.

He's taking shit thc doesn't make me fall asleep , makes my mind race and think of all mad shit

Ambien®️ is an evil, wicked, dangerous drug.

Valium is fuckin awesome recreationally

CBD with Myrcene or CBN added to it would be better for sleep... most CBD is form industrial Hemp which is Sativa leaning genetics... sativas are more uplifting , unlike an Indica type

Doing a 2 mile run in the evening really kos me

I just jerk off to violent rape videos and I fall asleep 😴 quickly

I find that if I listen to a monotone voice saying large vocabulary words makes me fall asleep much faster than ambien and much deeper than CBD.

CNN is great for falling asleep 😴

Smoke Ambien thru a vape pen

I've always been a great sleeper, never had a problem. But just started taking cbd for back pain, very low thc stuff. Got a doctor referral by a specialist. Know I'm actually having trouble sleeping. Pretty surprised. I'm only 4 days in but its definitely affecting my sleep, especially trying to fall asleep. Seems like I'm the only one that is having cbd affecting there sleep in a negative way ?

Manual labour helps you get to sleep quick and stay 😴 we have it too easy now,

Drinking a bottle of whiskey is much better than taking Ambien

I was a bit hesitant to try CBD oil . I followed a friend's suggestion and tried one from a company called CBD Biocare, since she spoke highly of it. Three months down and my experience is going well! I reccommend it to anyone looking to try a CBD product for the first time. I'll post the link if you want to research on it. :)

Easy for these rich twats to talk about being 100% natural and eating 100mg of CBD to get to sleep at night, being able to eat amazing quality food and workout everyday but what about normal people that don't have these luxurys and have to rely on ambien to get some sleep so they can go to work and make money so they don't loose there house etc.


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You can’t focus on sleeping

I've been using CBD every night to help me sleep and I can never go back. It's amazing.

Groggyness could also be to snoring, lack of air to the brain.

It's better for rem sleep

I've purchased some of the coolest shit after taking Ambien.

I think the title is misleading because the topic here is a better sleep and recovering in general and not just on CBD

CBD and a little thc is all you need to maintain a restful pain free night of rest

I fucking love Valium, can’t take it anymore though, I got seriously addicted to it. Still to this day I think about it.

Fatigue is the best pillow.

I took CBd and without realizing it ... it knocked me the fuck out

Hey joe if your having a hard time sleeping contact us at @chicosoils on Instagram. CBD with Terpenes is the way to go. myrcene Terpenes definitely can aid better sleeping.

2:44 Of course there are many way to fall asleep just using your breath, either nostril, it's up to you.
Millions of our Asian friends with their Opium pipes, proved that a long time ago.

Cbd is some bullshit

joes brain lit up when he said "dmt production in the pineal gland"

Aren't you just replacing one addiction for another? Now instead of taking ambien every night your popping 100mg of CBD... you're still dependent on something take your own advice jeff work on your BREFF

The walrus had entered the chat...

pardon my ignorance but who is Ben G?

Not a doctor in that conversation

Ruining the world lol man JR you are off your knocker. Guest is phenomenal however, great information.

CBD is just the logic and right choice IMO! it Does wonder to my Wife and i. She can finaly sleep and my pain is much less painfull for me!
Only (and not little) issue, is to find a good distributor... We like to smoke Hemp flower, but it is not that easy to find, specialy as we live in EU and all good stuff we see cmes from USA. We finaly found plantandhemp.com and at least, their flowers are amazing ( love the banana kush <3)
so fuckmeds and go natural <3

I got medicated (trapped) and i didnt dream for 7 years, now that i'm off these meds i do dream every time i fall a sleep but i have bad insomnia from years long of medication (poison) use. i have now orderd cbd to see if it will help with my sleep problem.
tbh i think there is much more to cbd then all other pharma products, there only good to get you hooked and disable your brain and damage your nervous system and to get you as a costumer for life.

I think cannabis made me psychic. #psychic

I let my mind drift away after I smoke cbd.

Hey Joe make a video on WHY some people get anxiety attacks when they smoke weed. most people weed chills them out but me i already have anxiety and weed makes it 10 times worse. bring someone credible on ur show for it id be interested in hearing about it on your show

Just learned so much from a 10 minute video then I ever had in school

Sounds like Broscience

You lost me at chakra..

Lol joe calling the president an idiot, okay joe

Great video. Check us out for your white-labeled needs

can I take CBD and ambien 10mg at the same time?

´ shorting themselves on life ? ` When you get to a stage when you rely on Ativan or Valium for sleep/daily your quality of life is pretty compromised already .

I feel like cbd doesn't work for me as well as what everyone has been proclaiming

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

I was on 3 x 7.5mg of Zopiclone for 3 years. My short term memory is shot to bits. It is quite scary to be honest

I've read that with THC you spend less time in REM and more time in deep sleep? Hence a lack of reams.

Here's the short answer. No CBd will not k.o you like ambien does


Trump is "ruining the world", Joe?


Hell naaaah. Ambien and xanax feel better though :((

Thanks guys for validating the process of "sleep on it". That time-window casts a different perspective on a situation or problem before you respond. I've been doing this for many years and it has totally saved me from saying the wrong thing and/or making a fool of myself. I have even taught my children to practice this method of restraint in business and life in general.

I’m a big fan of YouTube when falling asleep.

I take a 600 mg CBD oil at bedtime. I sleep like the dead despite horrifying arthritis pain. Beats Valium by a mile.