CBD Oil: Beneficial or Bull$%!T?

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Alpha’s talking about a hot topic: CBD oil. DISCLAIMER: he’s not recommending that you use CBD oil. You need to do your own research. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY is discussing what he’s experienced by using CBD oil daily for the last 7 months.

The Issue with CBD
The issue is CBD is that ANYONE can make their own private label CBD oil company. There are so many brands — what are potency are you taking? You have no idea unless you have a super pure form of CBD oil and a company that is tested and standardized. Plant Therapy is not only tested and standardized, but the company has been around for years, specializing in extracts, essential oils, and oil therapy.

Why Did Alpha Starting Using CBD?
Alpha started 7-months ago because he had been suffering from anxiety and working out injuries (specifically plantar fasciitis). Reported benefits of CBD are sleep, anxiety, and inflammation. Alpha believes in nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and the power of the body healing itself. So, he decided to give CBD a try.

Alpha’s been using Plant Therapy’s CBD for the past 4-months. They are make sure the quality and purity are there along with transparency. Check out their three sections: FAQs, Proposed Benefits, and Serving Chart. If after you do your research, you won’t go wrong from buying from Plant Therapy.

His CBD Journey
There are two types of CBD: full spectrum (has THC) and broad spectrum. For months 1 -3, Alpha went broad spectrum and took one dropper nightly. He slept like a rock and woke invigorated. Both the anxiety and plantar fasciitis weren’t affected, however. He started take it twice a day, night and afternoon. He started feeling a calmness daily — feeling better. Something else happened two weeks after taking it twice a day, his plantar fasciitis started to subside. He upped the dosage thereafter, and his foot pain went away completely. He’s on his 4 bottle of Plant Therapy CBD.

Although he was skeptical going into it, he feels like he has his ‘CBD formula’ and will continue to take it. For him, it’s been beneficial with sleep, anxiety, and body aches. He feels better, and it’s a game-changer for his his overall well-being and health. You need to decide for yourself and be careful with the brand you’re buying.

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I take CBD a few times a week for anxiety and the companies I buy from, I thoroughly read their lab sheet. 2020 Current Information of cbd product and CBD uses

Am i taking 1 drop or 1ml full dropper?


OK, so you finally admit around 7:35, you are basically a planttherapy shill. Dude, chill, quit screaming at us. After watching this, I think I will simply continue to avoid all maryjane products. You've done me a service, my abstinence has not been in vain. Thanx.

CBD! CBD! CBD! Health and wellness for a better life.

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Interview: https://vimeo.com/452887880?ref=em-share


Hope the "big pharma" don't screw all this with they're tentacles.Natural is the way to go!

Always selling some shit.

A "dropper full" is a pretty crappy dosage technique. That bothers me.

Sorry, but anyone who describes anxiety as “I have been feeling a little bit stressed” is not qualified to discuss it.

I've been struggling with the return of anxiety attacks, and I've been hospitalized 3 times in a month. Everyone tells me to try CBD full spectrum. Docs put me on xanax, I do not like xanax.

Also, speaking of pain. 6 months ago my left knee, hip, and calf started hurting. And my foot feels like I'm standing on a phone on vibrate. All xrays come back okay, yet it's still there and now I wear a knee brace to work.

This guy is gay

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I was looking forward to a proper review... tuned in and this guy was shouting down the web!! I don’t no why he shouts... very odd

Buy this product!

Are you the same guy that sold hair trimmers back in the day? If so, you were part of my YouTube childhood. Ha ha Ha you have always been an ambassador of products for as long as I could remember, I am so happy that this continues to work out for you. And I will continue watching off anon

Dude chill stop yelling!

Great video!! I actually grow my own weed LEGALLY!! I’ve been looking into growing some CBD strains for myself.

Jesus you're so stressed that you got bloodshed eyes...

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You CRAP, how did you use? have you really used?

Dieser Wixxer schreit 14 Minuten lang in die Kamera! Kein Wunder, dass ich ihn nie abonniere!!

I agree with the others. I'm sure you know what ur saying but I suggest people do research.

i wished theyd fuck up and private label the one thats 90 percent THC lol

Hey alpha do you still use it?

I’ve been anxious for the past 2 years, lately I tried a really low dose of cbd and now I think is worth buying


Well we don’t have this private shit here in Quebec. All regulated. Top cbd , top thc! (If that’s what you want !!)

For me i gave it a try ...It's BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is awesome but i only use www.thehempnurse.com


CBD is bullshit. It don't work and just a moneymaker for the bad guys

CBD is bullshit. It don't work and just a moneymaker for the bad guys

Alpha m: "I decided to make this video to kinda share my opinion".... "But I will also casually slide some links in the description so you can buy the product I am promoting".. LOL
I am not saying CBD doesn't work.. but it is funny how all this Youtubers or Instagramers try so hard to make us believe they actually have no lucrative intention and they just "share" their opinion.. bullshit
At least this guy tells you to do your research and be careful not buying something you might not need

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definanyly BS i ordered 2 bottles - i used one and threw the second in the trash - these people are ADVERTISERS

Seek Christ! Not some wretched potion! Rapture is soon! You wont see 2021! Repent!

Smoking cbd flower works for me, not once have I had oil, vape or Candy work for me

steroids are bad.

Uh! We are NOT CHILDREN, 1st off. 2nd, WHY are you yelling???? Right off bat, you look insane & high. I'm freak'n OUT!

He desperately needs some CBD now

Placebo effect. I heard one company selling CBD oils, had no CBD in it. lol.

Without doubt, CBD Oil is the biggest scam. An alternative way of selling the extract of an illegal plant and passing it off as legal. I smoked marijuana when I was younger and noticed it had pain relief benefits and it definitely was relaxing. However, CBD Oil doesn't do anything. It's a money making game and another way governments can make money through taxation on the products. To those who would argue with my statement, I say this: what you are experiencing from CBD Oil is simply a placebo effect.

yes he needs to take some more to calm down and stop yelling!

I Bought some Pre Roll CBD and cigs. Excited to see how it works.

Great job Alpha


I wish he'd speak up.....

He's taking a lot more than CBD!! Trust me!

CBD WORKS FOR ANXIETY!! I just bought some cbd oil today and my severe anxiety, disappeared completely within an hour! I know how terrifying anxiety and panic attacks are so do yourself a favor and head to ur nearest cbd shop and buy one! I have severe pánic attacks where I can’t breathe and this makes me feel normal again anxiety free! Thank you god🙏🏻

This video is bullshit ! go sleep chihuahua

SO glad I found this video and have found someone just as passionate as I am about CBD products! I have been taking a 500mg two times a day to help conquer anxiety and intrusive thoughts, along with my prescribed medication and this is definitely my favorite do. CBD has basically brought my anxiety and panic from a 100-0. I still battle with intrusive thoughts but they are more to the back ground of my brain. CBD has literally helped me live a fuller life. Like you I was very picky on my brand and did a lot of research. A local business near me was where I chose to purchase my CBD and I love how potent the products are and how reliable they are. Not to mention how sometimes they run sales where I can get multiple and save some big time money! You should totally check them out if you or anyone you know is in NC! Or you can purchase online at www.everythinghempstore.com

I've been taking CBD 300mg oil now for a couple of weeks, and so far, I cannot detect any visible change in either mood, pain relief or anything else. So I'm pretty sure that the manufacturing process has killed whatever goodness was in the original plant. So if you're expecting miracles, get ready to be disappointed. Oh, and it's friggin expensive. I'm pretty sure that this is all marketing hype created by corporations to scam the ignorant and gullible suckers out there who are looking for the next big thing to solve all their problems.

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4:06 your welcome

Skip the oil, go for the flower.

Why do you talk in all caps?

Cant take up your yelling. Tune it down man!

I love this guy's cbd oils https://cbdreakiro.com/shop/category/cbd-oils-11. It works for me because their cbd oil is full spectrum not isolate. 5 drops twice per day is my work dosage.for managing my stress, anxiety

Seeing is believing, I used to be a successful athlete in my youth until I got a bad injury to my shin and top of my thigh. Since taking obd oil I have been running 🏃 again and again without any care for pain!

It works for me too ❤️👍😁

Watched the first 4 minutes of a commercial for Plant Therapy dot com. Can't watch any more.

Omg I literally took my wife’s CBD oil for the first time, about 10 minutes ago, and my leg/lower back pain is literally gone. My good lord this is legit. I always thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but I guess not. We have everything we need for every ailment, right here on our planet. Crazy stuff

Hi, the title of your video is wack!!!! To even put a slight on it to boost your own self image and moral stature and status is repugnant to me. How about pathetic male? Instead of alpha 😂🤣🙈.....cbd clearly works wonders for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and chronic pain including arthritis... 😆 so why the stupid question in the title? 😂😂😂💀

just a salesman

Buy good quality CBD products here:

Lost me at "get your vaccines"

Why are you screaming ...Would you like someone CBD? ❤️

Has anyone experienced nausea with cbd? Just started few wks ago, with cbd

CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for wellness for thousands of years. CBD is one of at least 113 cannabinoids extracted from a proprietary strain of the hemp plant, not to be confused with the plant used to produce marijuana. To learn more about CBD and its products visit www.vitalcbdmall.com and follow @VitalCBDMall on Instagram!

Well I looked into it and after listening to Drs. We went the other route. I gave him Vitamin B 12 Vitamin D Vitamin C Vitamin E believe it or not anxiety comes from a lack of Vitamin D after a while your body stops producing melatonin if you keep taking CBD oil. That’s why ever since he has been taking his Vitamins he sleeps good no more anxiety. Vitamin B 12 prevents alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Would you fail the drug test?

I started smoking 2500mg of cbd on my ecig and it made me sleepy I noticed a difference it didn’t cure any pains or depression of anxiety it just helped me sleep

I took CBD just two days 5% and I felt a little dizzy, I read book everyday and I found I don't enjoy book after taking CBD, my emotional connection with book with story in this book is without emotions. I didn't read book with passion as one day ago. CBD make you are not connect with reality and not improve your focus. CBD make you sleep better but next day you feel tired with no anxiety but also no energy. The worse think for me was that book which I read make me tired when I read it during CBD, I felt each side of book is challenge and each I didn't focus on entire story as well as without CBD, it was wired feeling like I am not care about reading book just I am care about nothing. I think CBD is not good for people who go to school or want pass any exams because your focus is not as good as should be. I don't believe in advertising that CBD improve memory or focus. CBD make just you are more like in dream and can give you dizziness or light headedness.

I just started mine today.... I hope it works

I get mine from the dude standing outside of the smoke shop

just promoting the sponsor

Ouch. Plantar fasciitis I had that before 😩

Been using RVDCBD for a week now and my sleep has been so amazing you can't even describe it.

why do you scream?

Came back to check - YOU ARE STILL SHOUTING !!

Not all are bad their a few good ones. I take 1600 mg for pain . But it's a must to research the company your planing on buying! I have plantar fasciitis I tore the whole tendon. With other pain and sugreys. The Blum works great as well

is he hard of hearing? WHY YOU YELLING?

Good for you dude. It does wonders for my aches and pains, sleep and overall well being. I do smoke weed to and I feel looser (muscles) and I enjoy doing my workouts after I smoke because of it. I’m glad you said “I’m going to keep doing it for me” if it adds to your life in a positive way, it’s about brainer. Great advice with finding a reputable company as well

Suggest you take much much much more - I don't think it is working WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING for the whole 13:07, I use to be teacher and was know for having a loud voice but no way for 13:07 minutes. WHY ARE YOU STILL SHOUTING !! You don't need CBD you need a massive sedative the type they give to horses. WHY ARE YOU STILL SHOUTING. Do you have any friends or relatives, I am surprize if you do. WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING. Suggest you have your ears checked or syringed. WHY ARE YOU STILL SHOUTING !!!!!!!!! or more to the point why are you still alive ??

This bloke will sell anything😅

All of the cbd brands are bad, apart from plant therapy they are the best they paid me well.

Good ad bro

This is the best video I’ve seen on this topic

How much mg to take for Parkinson tremors?

for me, For me, For Me, FORRRR MEEEEE!!!

CBD oil works if you need it. Stopped needing it when I broke up with my ex until she broke up with me. I use the Hemp Bomb brand and buy cheap on Indian reservations.

Holy shit plant therapy are paying this guy.........he’s close to begging.....

I have to say it's hard to tolerate being yelled at.


Wow, such an amazing review. I have purchased my CBD but I'm obsessed with watching the miraculous results of this oil. I'm using it for anxiety and ankle pain. I look forward to hitting my 6 month mark as well and seeing how it helps. Definitely keeping a diary.

Thanks for the info and discount! Just got my first bottle, looking forward to giving cbd a try.