CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression | 6 Month Review

Thanks for watching! I hope this video was helpful :)

Opening Up About My Depression & Anxiety: https://youtu.be/dzvSeI-uN1g

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thx for the video

What dosage do you take,?? and how often in a day?? I need this for anxiety.

Thanks for sharing your story. <3

This is a very informative video, thanks for sharing! Lanai Hemp has lab tests easily accessible online at www.lanaihemp.com. Lanai Hemp offers water soluble, full spectrum, all-natural CBD products! Use code insta10 for 10% off!

Feel free to buy any CBD products you need here matt15.myctfo.com 😊 it’ll make your time in quarantine more relaxing I promise 🤞🏾

My sleep sucks, and stress, anxiety, depression. MUST try this

can you recommend a couple of websites to help me get started. I would like information on what specifically to look for in a product as far concentration, ingredients. Also information on dosing is something I'm having trouble pinning down.

I'm on paxil and klonopin. I can't do without the klonopin. I'm 44 years old and I have been this way since I was a little girl. My anxiety is so bad I can't stand noises , being around many people, talking on the phone, add that depression into the mix and it's a living hell. I have tried pot bc everyone says "oh it will help it all go away ".... NOPE! It makes me more depressed, more anxious and I even felt suicidal. It also makes my blood pressure very high. I would need something very strong if this really helps. My anxiety is absolutely debilitating and it is miserable. I get clumsy, my head gets cloudy, I can't remember anything and I shake really bad. I WISH this would work for me. Bc I'm sure you know , doctors are getting so bad about not giving certain medications. Its not fair at all.

this plants not pills urlah.com/plantsnotpills does work to many things and proven.

Check this link out for cbd info

You want to know why this is the MAGIC SALVE FOR PAIN RELIEF?

💯 % real people is trying and the results are awesome!

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Nice review! It;s been working for me also! I made my own oil or even vaporize my CBD herb.. I found some nice strains that you can gro yourself here: https://cannah.net/articles/best-cbd-strains-for-anxiety-and-depression/ It helped for anxiety, depression and even reducing THC!

For one of the top rated CBD producers and one of the first 13 to get certified, Hempworx, you can go her to become a customer with direct purchase. You can also review the company information from this link. You can also become an affiliate, but the reason I posted was to offer a direct way to purchase high quality CBD oild.
They have just today announced more products as well. Good mental health everyone.


Are you looking for high quality CBD product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Kindly check on https://cbdpurehealthsolutions.com/ .

Does it treat wanting to kill oneself?

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Great video! Thanks for all the great info and sharing your personal journey. I feel like it’s hard to find solid information like this in this space. I found this article helpful when starting to research CBD, hopefully it can help answer more questions. https://www.kenderhealth.com/2020/02/20/hemp-vs-marijuana-a-beginners-guide/

Thanks for sharing your CBD experience.

How many drops/mls do you take and do you use it routinely? Also, can you clarify what we need to check about CBD before ordering it from a person/place?


Real depression truly sucks.. Recovery sucks too.. I cant bring myself to return to work after 5 yrs employment.. been off for almost 1yr and always fail to return.

wish i could afford some cbd to try #brokeandbroke

What is the total dosage in the beginning and when you increased it? Also, do effects happen right after you take it or there's a period of time before it has any effect?

Wouw thnx! Good video 👍🏽

I’m interested in CBD Oil

How long does a 10mg bottle last? It says theres 200 drops, and to take 4 drops a day. I have no Idea how big a "drop" is😂

How can cbd oil be relaxing and energizing at the same time?

I've a migraine after this vid

What brand or which one do you use?

How old do you have to be to purchase this I’m 19 years old


Hi, thank you for this info. What brand and where did you order it from?

Lazurus naturals has 2nd party tests available and offers 60% discounts for veterans, low income and anyone on long term disability

I ordered CBD Oil from a reliable online vendor, getting it in three days' time. I had a local vendor who had to stop selling it because the big bad government says no you can't put this in your body. I have chronic pain so I can't wait to get it again! Stuff is not cheap though, for good reason.

What is the daily dose ? Best at night or in the morning's?

For the longest time, I endured lower back pain. I stumbled upon https://respirecbd.com/ and it has done wonders for managing my pain. I would definitely recommend you try out their products!

Great tips and Information. Thank you

How many milligrams per millileter of cbd do you use? For example: You take one mL, so how many mg of cbd are in that one millileter of the particular brand you have been taking?

Hi...!! Im a type 1 diabetic also ... i was looking for a video about cbd and depression and come to find out you are also diabetic like me ..! Lol definetly following ..!

How long were you on antidepressants for? I've been on them eight years and they're rubbish, how did you quit them?

Man I took CBD OIL few days ago i felt so good i havent felt that way in a long time. no stress no anxiety nothing bothered I was just happy. I wish i can always feel this way

https://www.cbdpure.com?AFFID=438613. They really help with my anxiety alot. I trust them

I've been using it for a few weeks now. It definitely helps with my social anxiety. One side effect is that i feel pressure in my head like in the prefontal cortex area. Dont know if thats the intended result or not. Do you feel this as well?

The best company I have found for my son with autism is C4 Healthlabs, I emailed them questions and the owner called me. Incredible.

I only use Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil for anxiety and it works amazingly well. I have not been this calm for a sustained period of time in years.

One thing to remember when trying CBD oil for anxiety is CBD is biphasic meaning, low doses and high doses provide completely different effects. Always start low with CBD as too much may actually exacerbate the condition.

Depression is no joke. thank you for this video. i am def gonna try this oil. Taking gluten out of my diet was huge also with brain fog and anxiety. God bless!

Dry mouth side effect brought out my immaturity. All I could think of was “cotton mouth”. Sorry. Lol great video 👍

Thank you, nice video

Thanks for your videos. I have had type 1 diabetes since 1963, yes, the days of glass syringes and no blood glucose tests, 57 years ago. Per a comment in your first video, I am not sure how I have survived and beat the odds thus far based on the technology when I was born, but depression and anxiety have recently become more of an issue for me as well. I actually think I have been depressed for a long time but it was never diagnosed until recently and have been going the medication route. Also very interested in CBD to help and just received my first jar of gummies (hopefully to help with flying as well). Keep sharing and moving forward. Look forward to sharing how my CBD experience goes as well on this string.

Hi there I am a TD1 as well and I just started taking CBD oil today. Do you have any suggestions on how to hide the taste? I’m finding it very difficult to get it down without gagging. I put it in peanut butter and ate it that way but again gagging. Thanks can’t wait to hear back from you.

Thanks for the video, I hope you are feeling better. Which brand did you use.
Which brand do you recommend?

What dosage did you start off with?

What is your dose are you taking?