CBD Oil for Anxiety: Miracle Cure or Hype?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain and other conditions. Pure CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and has no psychoactive properties.

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i can answer that without watching this video, nothing you ingest or take in through the mouth and has to digest and be distributed throughout the body, is never a miracle supplement. it has to saturate your body over time before you see results, some gets in your system quicker than other, period.

The cost vs. efficacy ratio of CBD products really bothers me. I got a “deal” on CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web and still ended up paying $50 for a small bottle for something that was only mildly effective at best. Third party tests have shown they’re overstating the amount of CBD in their products too, which is pretty mind-blowing.

Does Cbd help for depression?

Wonderful video
Many thanks 👍🏻

I'm currently on week 5 off sertraline after about a year? Mind you, I was only on 25mg because I couldn't handle more. I did taper over about a month. The first couple weeks were amazing. I slept like I used to, I felt myself... I felt clear headed and not overly emotional. Now I can feel myself starting to tank again. Occasional brain zaps, nightmares, emotional, negative thinking, rage, blurry vision, dizziness. I really don't wanna be on it anymore, I was on such a small dose but the side effects were too much and now I dunno if it's worth getting back on at such a small dose.


Pure CBD oil that you can trust , I take it daily via tincture, help a lot in these uncertain times!

Wait before you say anything else about his hair...smart! remember Albert Einstein? lol I have wegners scleritis of the left eye and mild rheumatoid arthritis I'm a beginner I want to buy and try medterra CBD oil will 1000mg a dosage to start with? And I want to do it once a day or week is good which one? If I get the 1000mg medterra and I start off 5mg the next day can i go up to 1000mg if i do it once a day or even once weekly

Cbd has been a life saver for me. It always brings me a sense of calm whenever I take my drops. I actually became a cbd advocate so if anyone is interested in purchasing a quality cbd oil. Let me know :)

Charlotte was healed or does she still have to take cbd? If that’s the case i don’t agree with those choice of words

Snake oil

i can only share from my experience that CBD has solved my anxiety. but i had to take a long journey till i found something that was strong enough, all the tinctures and the gummies were like shit. i'm now using wax or phenopen which is my favorite.

Depression is worst for me,
But I am so pleased to find your channel
Thank you! 👍

I'm dealing with neuropathy pain in my feet that's a big factor contributing to my depression and anxiety which I had before the pain 3 years ago. I got cbd oil 500 and afraid of my body or brain getting addicted as medication isn't working well.

Thanks ever so much!

Was suffering from severe anxiety with agoraphobia from a hormonal imbalance from birth control. Full spectrum CBD has helped me tremendously! CBD isolate doesn’t do much but the full spectrum does wonders for me personally! Of course, depression did follow the anxiety! I was in a dark, dark place for a few months before I tried CBD. I had suicidal thoughts even. Almost started Zoloft but I’m glad I held out & tried full-spectrum CBD first. I’m now going out in the world again, & able to practice the coping techniques that my therapist has taught me. I have medication anxiety too, so the the thought of having to take an SSRI was terrifying to me! I don’t want to try something that could possibly help, but possibly make things worse. I just couldn’t gamble with my mind like that.
My appetite is back, my happiness is back, I’m sleeping like a baby, & best of all, I’m going out in public again!
Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone but it worked for me. **I’ll also note that I’ve been drinking chamomile & kava tea, doing yoga, positive meditations, aromatherapy, & sometimes taking Valerian Root as needed at bedtime for insomnia. Also changed my nutrition, & began walking for exercise. I also decreased my caffeine intake since it can sometimes aggravate my anxiety.

I bought the highest quality cbd oil I could find and it didn't do squat for me at any dose.

Can somone explain to me how to use hemp oil for anxiety? How to consume? Or just rub few drops on the forehead?

The one i'm using is CBDPUNTO oral drops and it works amazing for me, gives me really good sleep.

Hi can it cure tourrate and how?

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can I smoke cbd buds for anxiety

CBD is snake oil

i have crazy anxiety uncontrollable for years always been to scared to use medication cos heard it makes it worse specially once you come off it i always have this feeling off fear and adrenaline its horrible i just want it gone ive looked into cbd because its natural it just seems way to expensive what should i do

Anyone used antidepressants with cbd oil? I have been taking antidepressants for more than 10yrs now, need to get rid of these toxic medicines

Great video, missleading title. should remove "or Hype?"

CBD oil is a joke. Tried it for 3 months. Nothing, nada, zip. In fact, I even had my mother and sister try it for 3 months. Yet again, nothing, nada, zip. Even asked a few of my friends how did it work for them? They also said, nothing, nada zip. So it’s not just me. Sure it may help 1 person in a thousand. I get that. But these pushers act as if it can cure everything from knee pain, headaches, anxiety to skin disorders. C’mon man. If you can prove me wrong CBD gods prove it. Send me what you got. I’ve tried 3 different brands. It’s a frigging scam (for the most part) except for that 1 rare incident we keep hearing about. If you are skeptical about buying some, let me save you some time and money by saying “don’t buy it”. It’s a joke. And for you people responding to my post saying otherwise, well, save your typing. Cause this Cowboy has done left dodge. Go sell your snake oil to the next stooge.

Half of the British nation take medication for insomnia depression why not british government give on national health service who are suffering help them to peaceful sleep at night people pay high tax on there earning so should be free on national health service but evil of the evil leaders of my Britain they don't bother they let people suffering or let them died

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this subject.

from my experience its just a lobotomizing drug. it will give you the illusion of relaxness but its the opposit its jsut going to tens you so much that "puff" your mind will vanish exactly like psychiatric drucs like neuroleptics. never take a drop of it. just do sport and free your mind from your troubles if you want to heal your body

This oil is tasty! It comes in 3 flavors, sour diesel is fun.This oil also has the entourage effect. This simply means that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, along with the hundreds of other compounds, along with the terpenes, are meant to work together. It's the whole plant that does the best job, not just a single compound.

Where do I go to buy cbd

Thumbs down for the joke

Very informative, and helpful to decide about taking CBD. Thanks Mr Bloch!

It's no miracle, but i've had a stresfull situation, like high tense, so it helped on the moment. doesn't seem to last long term though for me, 10%.
expensive as shit too though.

What camera do you use? it's amazing!

I use Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil for anxiety and it works amazingly well. I have not been this calm for a sustained period of time in years. Really has given me my life back. One thing to remember when trying CBD oil for anxiety is CBD is biphasic meaning, low doses and high doses provide completely different effects. Always start low with CBD as too much may actually exacerbate the condition. I have made that mistake so if it happens you don't worry just take less the next time.

oops, correction: how does one KNOW...

How one now which CBD oil is pure and what brand to buy??

CBD has changed my life! <3

Where's actual research?

Great video Douglas, but please try not call it marijuana, that was a name pinned unto the cannabis plant during the efforts to make cannabis illegal. The reason being that it sounded Mexican.

I’ve tried CBD oil for social anxiety but didn’t find it did anything for it , ,

You can get it in Idaho now

Thank for the video. Very informative.

CBD did wonders for me until it started giving me stomach issues.

You never want to manage anxiety if it’s your body’s way of speaking to you , or it’s health problems manifesting themselves as anxiety. It’s like borrowing money from a credit card that you don’t have but will have to somehow make up for . Please find the root cause first .

My irwin natural cbd oil seems to make me feel anxious. What is up with this?

I have been taking CBD oil for about 3 weeks and I have noticed how much it calms me but my heart has been skipping beats and has increased over time. Has anyone else experienced this?

I would just like to say for the benefit of people who are very unstable and are thinking of using dope in its natural form, please be careful as it can in some cases push you over the edge. I learned this lesson years ago when friends of mine told me a bad trip was impossible🤔. Everybody is different and that's why it's important to be aware that other people's experience is there's and there's alone. Follow your heart, only you can know for sure if something has a positive or negative effect so don't run with the herd.
Cheers Douglas old bean, keep up the good work.

did you do blind test with someone zapping your cbd with a inactive replacement to rule out the placebo effect ? medical studies are using at least 1000mg per daily intake, with a dropper of the commercial allowed products with low concentrations you must have used only 10-25mg and at such low dosage doctors claim you only get the benefit of the placebo effect. beware of non biased information source because at the very high prices these commercial cbd exctracts are sold we can suspect a very high level of fake information.

Dont believe the hype.

I smoked a joint with high THC levels that set off panic attacks and anxiety in me for four months now.
I'm cautious to use CBD oil but I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the video!

I tryed CBD for the 1st time a week ago I didn't have anxiety for like 5 days I ran out of cbd oil and I had a anxiety yesterday so today I got paid and got me some more I cant say for sure yet but I'm all most positive the cbd helped so I'm back on it

Smoking it is better because it gets it in your system quicker

Im so chill now i could do a drive by and catch multiple bodies with complete relaxation and carelessness this stuff rocks

Its sure been a miracle cure for me

I've been taking a micellesorb-type cbd oil for a few weeks now, definitely helping and putting me at ease!

My anxiety was so bad that even a car passing me on the highway at too fast of a speed made my heart start to palpitate and start having extra beats. My panic attacks started back in 2006 and by 2013 I was able to control them on my own without medication. But the only time I couldn’t control them was in my sleep. At least 2 or 3 times a year I wake up out my sleep with an anxiety attack. With music or a podcast I can get my self back to sleep. But a year ago the symptoms started hitting mg me while I was driving. I have a 50 mile drive each way to and from work. Any quick sudden situation on the highway big or small sent my heart into hyper mode. Palpitations and extra beats would almost make me pass out. I had to pull over 2 sometimes 3 times in the e-lane to get myself together. My heart dr prescribed me medications to help with them. They didn’t stop the palpitations it just made them not as strong. They worked at first then he had to up the prescription and then the pills started to make me gain weight. So he lowered the dose back to where it was.
So I asked him about medical marijuana to stop the palpitations. He said I would say yes if you wanted to treat anxiety but no to treat palpitations. So I never tried it. Years go by and I’m questioning the dr to myself and I’m thinking if the anxiety is causing the palpitations then why would my heart dr have said no to medical marijuana.
Then Cbd came legal. I started smoking Cbd flower about a month ago and the very same day my palpitations stopped. 1 Cbd joint a week calms my nerves down for about a week and a half with no palpitations. I stopped taking my heart medication. My coworkers question me saying what got in to you, I seen you flying down the highway in the fast lane doing 80 I never see you driving that fast. It’s the Cbd, my nerves are way much calmer now. I will say smoking too much Cbd gives me the reverse effect. I feel calm but I still get the palpitations, it’s weird. It’s not something I can do everyday just for fun. 1 or 2 joints on a Saturday morning keep the nerves calm for almost 2 weeks. I’m thankful for this Cbd. I feel normal again like when I was 16.

I'm sure you can find awesome CBD products on WeedBorn website

anyone tried CBD Oil along with Antidepressant?

P.S. cbd oil did nothing for me at all.

i have been on benzo's since 1973. if taken as directed they can be very effective over the long run. i never exceed the prescribed dose. the idea most people miss is what they actually do. they are supposed raise your anxiety threshold. too many people use it in increasing doses to cancel out anxiety. better to learn coping mechanisms from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hype for sure. Just try it yourself , you will get the answer

Hemp oil and CBD oil is same?

Heck yea the best by far is greenpostCBD

We need to talk more and try and exercise rather than looking for a quick fix, i am bipolar and found walking more helpfull at burning off stress and pain, a good walk can calm me down for 2 days, i walk about 5 times a week for 5 miles and my tight chest has gone and feel stronger and regained some self respect, i have been able to lower my prescription meds without too many issues, if you are like me and did not leave the house much try putting on a cap with some sunglasses and headphones to feel more relaxed about going out, you start to realise that knowone is paying any attention to you. I am not running down anyone's methods to cope with their issues, just trying to say what has helped me more than anything else.

Will it help with low Thyroid ?

Great video. Exactly what I was looking for. Keep it up!

I've become involved with a water based nano-emulsion version of CBD. This is a GREAT reference video. I'm looking for all of the information I can get.

I work as cashier and it’s such a anxiety inducing job because the customers are unpredictable

The only thing CBD Oil has done for me is stop my leg muscle cramps due to my high blood pressure meds, which, is nothing to laugh at, but I have not noticed it helping me with any of my depression or anxiety.


I tried CBD oil. And relax me for about 2 hours. The next day I was more depressed than usual. I find a Gaba supplement to work better and longer.

This guy deserves more subs.

It definately works. I had to use mine with medication to work properly. I think the best method is to fix deficiencies as well with neurally bioavailable vitamins, minerals and oils

Accidently Paused this vid at 4:20 lol

It works for me... Charlotte web (mint flavor)

Hi mate
Are you still on cbd oil

cant get addicted to thc

I tried it it did not work well for me kava extract works well for me

I have anxiety and depression. Depression is 100% worse when you get to the lowest of the low points

Great vid 👍🏻

Please i really need your help! My mental stability is out the roof i wanna kill myself

if I drink the whole thing is that ok lol

Your content is great, Douglas. You have a very warm energy which comes across well in your videos. Thanks for the information 👌

Anyone had relief from intrusive thoughts because of OCD and sensorimotor Ocd?

I hope my gets like yours when im older so people will think im a scientist

I got the 25 mg barleans cbd oil. I’m trying to get off a short stint with Xanax use and I want to be off completely. I really hope this works but I might need a stronger dose. I’m a bigger dude.

He would be good at garfunkeling

Its due to cannabis i had my first panic attacks and bad anxiety after cannabis cakes. No way am i touching anything to do with that plant again.

It will fk u up

I didn’t have a big problem with anxiety until doctors told me to stop getting stoned. I hope the oil can help because nobody needs to be high all the time. 💕

If you can afford it CBD is a miracle drug. I have panic attacks essential tremors PTSD and depression well yesterday for I went shopping with my son got some CBD and took a dose. I wasn't shaking I felt happier less anxiety and less pain cuz I also have a amputation of my left foot well transmetatarsal amputation half of it is gone and I got a giant hole in the bottom of my foot and it hurts like hell and it hurts way less when you take CBD

A few months ago I started taking 2-3 drops of CBD oil twice a day. I’m now married, run my own company and speak three languages fluently. Believe the hype!

Write a joke in the description.

Even if it's a placebo, its long list of benefits compensates for it neatly.

I take at least 1,000 mg. Anything less seems ineffective.

Many people seem to be helped by CBD, but unfortunately it is expensive. There are some highly respected companies that offer CBD at a discount for people with low incomes. Search on google for CBD assistance programs. I am getting a 40% discount on all products from what most people consider to be a very good company.

If you pay attention to the roses behind him, you can see them decay a little bit after he told that joke.

I think for cbd to be effective for me I'd need 1 ml at 30ml bottle for 130$. That's a car payment if you need it 3-4 times a day. We become a legal state next year and I'm hoping the pot shops will be competitive in pricing and also that the thc works better in combination and that the small amount of thc with cbd doesn't give me the paranoia that thc does already.