CBD Oil for Anxiety - UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

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This is the very first time I've ever smoked CBD oil. I went off my medication to provoke some anxiety to have a bit of a better test to see how CBD oil works. In this video I talk about how I felt after the smoking, how much CBD oil I consumed and if I recommend this to manage anxiety.
I did my best to give an honest review and tell you exactly how my level of anxiety changed after smoking as well as talked about CBD oil effects and benefit I DID NOT expect!

Get $40 off with coupon code "expression40" https://bit.ly/2O1cIhR

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Please do the proper research before you try CBD. Consult a medical professional to see if this CBD is right for you. Get $40 off PhenoPen with coupon "expression40" https://bit.ly/2O1cIhR

It really sucks that you gotta be 21 years or older for this. I think at least. Meditation doesn’t help much. This seems like my last hope...

Awesome vid.

Can you smoke while taking the CBS oil

Extremely interesting video! Amazing your strength to cut medication and more impressive you going back to your medication. Thank you

It's like it does all of the mood changes and immediate psychological changes that weed causes without giving you any euphoric feelings or intoxication

Praise the Plant!

Are there any other vapes y’all would recommend?

Great to see that... I cured myself too. Oils from WeedBorn helped me a lot :)

I’ve dealt with my own issues of depression and anxiety for the past 5 years. I was put on lexapro and if anything it made everything worse. So pretty much it’s gone untreated. I ordered a cbd cartridge and I can’t wait to try it out. Hoping it will do wonders and make things easier.

it didn't look like you really pulled in on that smoke, it just filled your mouth, then you blew it out, whats that suppose to do.

All you have to do is begin the journey of semen retention and you will feel amazing with no type of anxiety or depression

you definitely seem alot happier at the end of this video, it was really nice to see, Depression and anxiety are a really crappy thing, hang in there! :)

Im looking for support persons for talking to and relating to about my beginning this treatment friday...Im terrified...but nothing else works

Can you get these at your local vape store?

I wanna try CBD but I’m scared it’ll get me high like THC does. I was fine with weed but in 2016 I had a korova black bar and that shit ruined my weed experiences for ever. I smoke weed now and I get anxiety more than I already have and get mad paranoia. I just want something to relax me and not give me the high feeling weed gives.

Regarding, mental issues nothing is more effective than exorcism. What ever your religion orientation. Check for ex. Bob Larson


much better than lyrica - no side effect with CBD!

I will say, you can't smell it. because you are smoking it.

Even though it looks like subscribing to your channel was a mistake, I wasn’t born yesterday. Good luck

You should try cbd oil for that. Try WeedBorn products.

Full spectrum? So it has trace amounts of thc ? Drug test worries I'd say I just found hemp flower and still cant smoke it wtf lol all the enjoyment of my youth legal and still cant do it I feel like someone in timeout

I tried the PhenoPen after seeing this video and its helped me so much. Thank you

I tried CBD oils and that works awesome. Check these products from WeedBorn.

Seek Jesus Christ. It works.

Am i high or are your ear lobes connected to your neck?

Also it can make your mind clear. Personally I took the oil tincture, the type you swallow, for my first cbd experience. My mind went blank and I spaced out

I was on Zoloft as a kid. It a made me more depressed. Flushed that shit .

How are your lungs doing?

How is your anxiety/depression? Can you tell? Was this a success?

Anyone ever tell you that you look like singer Chris Martin of Coldplay ?

I have terrible anxiety. I am strongly against smoking but recently I've been researching CBD and found that the vapes might actually work. I don't want to seem like a hypocrite if I get one, but I'm kinda considering anything other than meds to help with anxiety and depression..

I’m so anxious rn I took some CBD and I feel sleepy but I feel like my anxiety is just making things worse so much, I feel shaky rn and I wanna sleep but when I put my head down everything feels dizzy and crazy.

I purchased a cheap cbd oil for vaping. hard to tell if it works or not tbh

I still would simply prefer to just smoke pot! 🤗

Is there a rule for wich vapor can use cbd wich is just for liquids? Can i use every vapor for cbd?

I’ve been using CBD flower for about 6months. I was getting to a point where I knew I was getting into a dangerous depressed state, but I didn’t want to be put on any pills. I can tell you that CBD has done wonders for me! I whole heartedly indorse CBD!

Have people tried like cbd pods like ignite cbd, like not CBD oil? Or is ignite cbd pods cbd oil as well? Or is oil better? Looking to get a new cbd pen as my previous cbd disposable pen is now empty. Sorry trying to do my research and get some help on this topic

good adia have an


I’m a big pot head. But I wanted to try cbd oil sober to see the effects. No high but I feel like I’m ready for a big nap. Eyes heavy. Relaxed. No cough, I 100% recommend cbd oil to anyone who’s not too keen on thc.

Both links to 30 dollars off the rrp do not work

For those of you that want to know the price of this PhenoPen in uk pounds its £129 for a single pen with one cartridge. 4 x cartridges are £128, 12 x cartridges are £348! Who can afford this? Long term thats seriously expensive. Shame it costs so much as it looks really good

I need something for my anxiety and insomnia. But I don't want to cough my lungs out til my toncils explode. Does this make u cough at all?

I have bipolar depression and anxiety I stopped taking my meds cold Turkey about 2 months ago and it was not the best choice I've made stayed in bed and did nothing besides cry all day my moods where very violent I landed in a behavior unit so take his advice and never stop cold Turkey

Jesus made the plant so I smoke it.

It didnt work on me for pain. Like how smoking weed/eating edibles does....but it did help with anxiety and just making me feel more positive. Could be a placebo, but idk...until I can go back to smoking I will keep trying new strands to see what works for me

I brought a cbd vape oil for my boyfriend for Christmas, he used to smoke weed daily but he met me and quit cold turkey cuz i hated it and because of the stigma but now learning about cbd i am more open to the use of it for depression and anxiety which my boyfriend has, reading these comments on how its helped you guys i am very hopeful that it will work for my fella, im excited for Christmas day x 4 days!!!!! Xxx

So you self diagnosed constant depression.... there's alot of you

It's cool, not paying 129 for a gram of it tho

Cbd makes me really exhausted, moody and sleepy. Weird.. And yes, i have tried like 5 different producers.

You actually smoke the oil? It's not a vape?

I vaped some CBD early in the morning over 2 days just to see if it would improve my morning mood. I almost always wake up super groggy and unhappy, but both days I had a huge improvement in mood. I'd say that was enough evidence to make me a believer despite my serious doubts.

I think I know the root cause of your depression, you're Canadian.

Thats amazing, if you just listen to you at the start then skip to the end you can hear the difference, and also i get the "idk if its bc im chilling out and making a video" cos i thought the same thing and after testing e.g i went to a bday party with about 10 people and going into it and also being there i was very anxious, (important to note that the people weren't my type people i didnt particularly enjoy their company, not that i hated them but you know) then i left, i took some medical marijuana, came back and it was amazing aha, i wasnt anxious i was talkin to people happily, after a little while i just was like yea this isnt my crowd, so i just got up and said goodbye and left, and there was no anxiety about it, and generally the getting up and leaving is the hardest part, mostly i just leave without notice bc its to overwhelming to say goodbye but i did it and said goodbye to everyone collectively without hesitation needless to say it felt amazing, but its impossible to get that shit in Australia which sucks, cos i do enjoy getting high for 2 reasons 1 being high is a lot of fun especially with people, 2 the next day i feel free happy and amazing, but the downside is i become a lot less productive at work an what not but then i got hold of some high in cbd and it was; no high, but made me feel free and amazing AND I COULD GET WORK DONE, its fucking magical

You, sir , have the whitest teeth I ever seen on person! I'm curious how your teeth are now after vaping for so long

this is an ad

CBD has blessed my life. 🥰 I’m happy it’s right for you as well.

Mental health problems are massively on the rise but don't worry the government will sell you the cure. Is it a coincidence that medication/ all things addictive. make companies/governments trillions?

I love you! This is some good stuff to vape and good content! Really cleared it all up. Best way to know is to try it yourself. Also, it works differently for everybody.

You look like Mark Zuckerberg!

anybody who doesn't want to smoke - I find that smoking makes me anxious - just try gummies or capsules. It has helped me tremendously.

Cbd weed is like diet weed

i want to try cbd oil to help me sleep and release stress and anxiety but scared to try any brand. i don’t want to feel high

Ive been using about 5 drops of CBD for a week and I still don't feel a difference

Great video mane, bless up🙏🙏🙏


Pharmaceuticals are poison ☠️

Pharmaceuticals are poison ☠️

Vaping cbd is massive in titrating off benzodiazepines..

It's a huge thumbs up from me...

Depression and anxiety sufferer 25 years....🙂

Start slow and work way up...
Use organic pure full spectrum vape only, no nasty chemicals, that's really important....👍

I just ordered some cbd for my very modern social/anxiety,I can not wait to try it.

Lol i feel like you got high lmao

CBD doesn’t work for me. I just smoke weed. I guess the THC part helps

Your head reminds me of a Q tip

i got Q, can i vape raw cbd oil extract??

I just tried CDB tonight and it took my headache away within half an hour, and I just took it from a dropper, also making me really tired which is fantastic since my OCD and anxiety keep me up all night, loving this!

I'd rather just smoke weed with ya bro!

CBD is a life saver!

yup I have COPD and depresion anxiety and at 61 years have done most things BUT this turns of anxiety and pain in a minute flat - miracle oil use it!

This guy cries when masterbating

Did you smoke cbd oil or cbd vape juice?

your a wonderful person. thank you that you are in this world. I like your character and I like your lovely face

So your selling something?

The energy difference from the beginning to the end is wayy different

What gram do you recommend for 1st timer?

This is such an amazing channel for our youth

Yeah brother CBD is great much love try to get off that medication you don’t need it just use CBD or nothing like you said it’s a placebo effect both

By the way it’s vaping not smoking.

Did you feel intoxicated?

Great video, so happy that it worked well for you! I would add that everyone should do their due diligence and make sure the CBD company you're purchasing from can provide 3rd party lab reports to ensure the potency and safety of their product. Unfortunately, there's a lot of junk out there so do your research!

Such an beautiful soul.... Sub right away!!!

I tried the Cbd canibus I smoke some it had me feeling very relax I would say it's a great Experience

this guy is such a faker lmao

Don't believe in vaping cbd or oil drops I use it and it made me ill it's a lode of rubbish and putting it into your body has ceresus side effects I've stopped using CBD,vaps carts and oils and never felt better I know have to see a doctor because it has effect my lungs don't listen to the people on YouTube

There is many different verticals of CBD, if you don't smoke or vape you can try edibles, oils, even topical. There is something for everyone 👍

Wow I’d never suspect you were suffering anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. You seem completely normal (you know what I mean hopefully). I would be an absolute wreck. You must’ve learned how to ride the anxiety waves pretty well. Good video, thanks.

I take the drops, they really relax me and negative thoughts calm down and im better in manage them. Im off any meds and this is helping me to be more focused in my life, my meditation patterns and yoga.

you have to vape large amounts of cbd crystals in order to abuse it

Cbd doesn't work at all just a marketing scam