CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i'd make a video about it! Let me know if you have any other questions and give this video a thumbs up please if you like it!
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I was doing some research and watching some videos.. I’m a current subscriber and I’m very surprised I found your video lol anyway can you do an updated video! I know you have a baby now do you still use CBD oil? Has it changed anything? Love your videos!! ❤️

3 major back surgeries (fusions) alot of f'n Pain pills and side effects with out any relief from pain....a little green plant and painfree

I am really sure you can cure yourself mates. I made it 2 years ago thanks to WeedBorn CBD.

HI, I have a brand that I have been using and they are the best compared to others that I have tried they are a Premium Brand that provides tincture oil up to 3000mg amongst many other pain relieving products that have utterly changed my life. I love them and advocate for because of their premium quality, they are 100% organic have vegan, gluten free, THC Free and Non GMO products their products go to 3rd party testing twice to confirm that it meets legal limits of the Farm Bill and can maintain the 100% Organic Industrial Hemp Stamp that they have. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that it helps you more for you pain I currently use the Tincture, Warming Salve & the pain patches and they have literally made my life so much more at ease. They have a full range of CBD products from Skin Care, Oils, Topicals, Pet, Edibles and Bath products in Broad & Full Spectrum. The company is SixSix CBD and their site is sixsixcbd.com if you decide to purchase I want to share a $10 off code with you if you spend $150 or more the code is SIXTEN its for 1st time customers. I hope it helps you like it has helped relieve me of my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain & low energy due to Hyperthyroidism that I suffer from also. They receive nothing but 5 stars and positive reviews which I am definitely one of them. Hope it helps you Be Blessed.

Hi.. do they ship to Belgium because I am intrested. thank you for you're upload. Great video. 🙋🏽‍♀️🌸

too much blabber couldnt watch the whole video, didn't get pass 1:50

Pure CBD Hemp Oil

This is like the 4th time in a year I watch this I have chronic pain and have been on opioids for like 3 years ... I’m honestly considering it and hoping it helps ... Nikki is a modern day hippie.. I love it

I use it for pain. I vape mine also using a pen designed to vape cbd oil. You get gummies, creams also.

Thanks for the video . First time viewer . I’ll subscribe!

Buy CBD Products here

YES I SO AGREE WITH YOU. CANNABIS IS A PLANT!!!!! like...wayyyy better than the medication were given. cannabis seriously is so good for you like you said our bodies are supposed to take in cannabinoid properties!!!!

Wow! You sound like you were in a Motorcycle accident like Me & EVEL KNIEVEL. My heart goes out to you. Chronic Pain is HELL ON EARTH . I'm looking for alternative ways of Relief . Thank you for INFO. You look Amazing for what you have been through. GOOD VIBES 🦉

I recommend watching this video at 2X speed, or just skip to 18:20 lol

This is a very good video. with regards to no deaths from cannabis, it has been said that Cannabis in it's purist form is the safest substance known to mankind.

Could not stand your intro.

It's not mention to be smoked as in laced. Oil go under tongue 30 sec. At 1 ml!

I just started using CBD oil & love it! I just put it on my tongue. It helps my depression.

Kratom for some reason treats my pain better than CBD!!

You Guys need to check out Luufen it's the only cbd water worth buying!

I have a ton of info at my Facebook page “Mike’s Cbd Journey” for the type of cbd that I have been using for the past year and absolutely love it!!!!!!

With my PTSD, I have triggers in public places and loud noises. I started CBD gummies today so hopefully this will help alot.

How many people are using the CBD oil from CBDHealthReports.com ?

If you are looking for something to help with pain or anxiety I highly recommend the CBD tincture on CBDHealthReports.com

I found those Plus CBD pills you show on the company’s website for $15 for the same bottle.


Good evening. I’m suffering with arthritis in my spine and it’s spreading through other joints and I have facet joint disease and spinal Stenosis . Doctors said I need a four level spinal fusion. I have a three level spinal fusion in 1996 . Do you think CBD oil will help . I am really suffering here . I don’t like smoking marijuana because it makes me paranoid. Thanks 🙏
I am sitting here suffering with chronic pain .

Hi Nikki, I love everything you said in this video. You hit it spot on about the benefits of cannabis and how they are less destructive than many prescription drugs on the market. I wanted to add a note about the endocannabinoid system that you mentioned and an issue I had with your explanation. The thing is, is that our bodies have many many receptors that respond to chemicals. We have nicotinic receptors, estrogen receptors as well as opioid receptors as well. The interesting thing is that the names given to these groups of receptors is that they were given based on scientific evidence that some chemicals have special effects on the body. Our bodies have their own complex system of chemicals themselves, for example the body secretes endorphins which act upon the opioid receptors. This doesn’t mean that god necessarily gave us opioids to act upon the opioid system. Cannabinoids that occur in cannabis are called phytocannabiniods and estrogens that’s occur in plants and similarly called phytoestrogens. These phyto chemicals simulate the native chemicals our bodies produce but are not the reason for these systems existing. Just an interesting note.

H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is water soluble 2%CBD, available at Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

This really helped me to solidify my decision. I have a friend with bad anxiety (and heart problems among other things) who swears by CBD oil and I still wasn't sure if it was for me. I personally wake up some mornings thinking I'm physically ill when really I'm just anxious to the point of nausea (and I'm deal with off and on depression). I suffer from awful migraines, bad rib/back pain depending on the day, and menstrual cramps that are just horrible. I know that it is something that would be worth at least trying for me, but I needed the reassurance of this to realize that it won't hurt me to try and I'm going to be glad I tried it if it does work for me. I'm only 19, but I'm at the point where the current things I'm using to cope don't work, so I might as well try this.

Would vaping cbd be bad for your lungs?

I have chronic mental illness that manifests into physical disadvantages. Not to mention some days Im so debilitated that I cant get out of bed because of fear and feeling emotional unstabalized. So Im trying it to help aid in my transformation. And sleep.

i use the PhenoPen to help me with anxiety. I highly recommend it www.phenopen.com

Do you think cbd works better then ibriprofen/tylonel??

I applaud you for being so informed. NYC is being infiltrated with so much CBD items now lol, I'm planning on getting a cbd pen just because I always have insane back pains and anxiety.

Used CBD oil for Costocondritis and anxiety worked like a charm! 👌🏾 No more ER visits, inflammation in chest and heart attack like anxiety attacks 🙏🏽❤

Happy birthday 🎉

Talk to much about nothing

I'm on cbd for sever lady pains and it.helps.alot

Is CBD a cure for Cancer?

I love https://cilibydesign.com/healthyhempusa/ the best and there is no taste!

CBD is worthless when it comes to treating pain, literally worthless since it has no painkilling properties, however it is extremely effective treating epilepsy. If you are suffering from pain, especially pain in your brain, then take THC oil, it is extremely effective and you can take as much as you need to get rid of the pain, the only drawback is the psychoactive effect that THC has, but it only lasts for a few hours, that’s why most people take THC oil right before going to bed, that way when you wake up you’ll be fine and with no pain.

I suffer from epilepsy, migraines (due to the epilepsy), anxiety and depression. CBD has literally changed my life. I been using tinctures by Knockout CBD and I am no longer on medication of any sort, it has literally taken it all away! EVEN THE SEIZURES!! I am so thankful to have this which allows me to have a normal life. If you have any of these conditions please try. They also sell only at https://knockoutcbd.com/

Nigga a wannabe smoker lmao

taper slowly off the SSRI! It is a neurotoxin! It shrinks your brain. Take 10% a week away from your dose.

I smoked marijuana in the past to help with pain in my back and chronic knee problems and stress management. With my new job I cant smoke anymore cause I cant risk losing my job if I get a random drug test so I've been taking too much ibuprofen. I found out about the benefits of using cbd recently and I've been vaping cbd oil for a few days now and the pain I felt daily is almost all gone. I haven't felt this good in years.

Summary: CBD products "generally" have no THC anyways so whatever you believe in, it shouldn't matter. Great informative video :)

Pharmaceuticals are bad. Cannabis is naturally good, unless taken in thru smoke. Smoke in the body quickly oxidizes the lungs, which ages and destroys the body.

Well I am using CBD oil 2500 I started off with 500. I can only speak for myself I'm a 49er best baby boom talk. And it works perfect and I can only speak for myself. I just have one question and I know you're not a doctor what effect does it have on your kidneys your lungs your liver?

I'm looking out the window here in S. Oregon and literally am seeing cbd hemp as far as the eye can see. Driving around the valley, hemp is everywhere. Nikki... I'm sure it will get much cheaper pretty quick.

There is some CBD oil that contains THC small amounts, you just have to make sure the CBD you purchase is THC free..

Cbd literally saved my life I have severe PTSD every moment was like heart attack I couldn't live like this anymore..CBD is a cure .

Look into the Hemp Bomb product line, They are highly respected and all their stuff has been lab tested for purity. I use Gummy Bears CBD, 25mg per gummy and vape Hemp Bomb CBD. They can be found on the internet or at a retail outlet near you.

Happy Birthday... Sweetie

The Emperor Wears No Clothes - is the bible of the history of Cannabis by Jack Herer Check it out.


I have constant muscle pain and fatigue throughout the day. It has been two weeks since I started using Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD and found it really effective. It made me feel calm and less tired as well as reduced my pain. Would definitely recommend using this miraculous remedy. https://thoughtcloud.net
They also have an amazing affiliate program that helped me save on my purchase. yay!!

I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

Hi, I'm a newbie. Trying it for chronic pain, as well. How many puffs do you do and how many times per day? My pen gives 2.5 mg per puff and I've done 12 puffs over 4 hrs and don't feel my pain is relieved. Thanx!

I take CBD for my anxiety and insomnia, which I take twice a day morning/night 500mg lemon. FYI This is where I ordered www.palaceherbs.com ommmg their bathbombs gave me life 😌

Have you been tested for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? Hyper mobile or vascular possibly.

The truth is now no one died from the CBD oil no one died from the kratom but if you got cancer and you do that radiation and chemotherapy you're just putting poison in the UN prolonging just a little bit longer it's best to juice marijuana juice

Hello, do you know if cbd is safe to take while pregnant or nursing?

your story sounds like my life in the last 11 years. Oh Wow! Advil causes your B{P to increase too!

Does cbd oil have thc?

What do you think of Green Relief oil CBD ? 5% (10 ml) ? Is it good?!

I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

I found one of those cbd luxe vape pens in my step moms drawer while looking for something, I thought she was doing drugs but I searched it up and remembered she has horrible pain and went through a surgery a few weeks ago, I hope she gets better while using this pen!

I'm going to recommend Ananda Hemp & Ananda Professional CBD products. You don't know what kind of contaminants are in your CBD product, but with them, each batch is independently tested by a 3rd party lab and their product is guaranteed to be clean. You can look up the results yourself.

They also offer THC free product.


best product to know more click here for official site https://bit.ly/2Ko5CUn

I'm a kidney dialysis patient and i use a CBD Vape Pen and it helps me relax and relieves my cramps and other pains. it works great. you want to get a higher milligrams like 600 to 1000 for it to work well.

Wow I used to watch your videos when I was in like sixth grade now I'm not even in highschool!! That's so dope that you put this video put there you probably opened up so many people's minds your awesome chicka

New subscriber! I just got CBD oil to vape for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibro. I hope it works, chronic pain stinks!

Just found you... I'm going off Rx pain meds, but I still have pain, so I'm looking into cbd. I just have so many other factors. But, have you ever been evaluated for connective tissue disorders? I have Ehlers-danlos syndrome & your brief medical history could be mine word for word. Haha, nevermind just watched further. But on average it takes 12yrs to be diagnosed. There are several other CTDs that aren't EDS

Well actually our brains keeps on developing up until the second we die

I so needed this video!!! Omg!! I have tried to research and find someone with a down to the point information and you are exactly what I was looking for!!!! Thanks girlie♥️😘

Please see a rheumatologist

Isn't this the girl from that witch/sorceress series?

I am abusing THC legally and happily in California right now and I'm proud of it 🍄🙌❤️❤️❤️
Edit: 🌱

Mark my words the government will eventually ban cbd because they don't want us abandoning the pharmaceutical companies. Sneaky bastards they are

Tenctures are cheaper and get into your system faster. Capsules have chemicals that the tincture oil doesn't. I've been off pain pills for 2 yrs now and only use CBD oil tincture!! Amazing

You are refreshing. Pharmaceutical companies are ridiculous. Organized crime

The pharmaceutical drugs are killing us. The side effects are so bad.

Thank You so much!

I live in chronic pain. I prefer the full extract

Are you getting paid by any one to do this video??

Damn sure Beautiful...

How many times I should vape? To feel

AMAZING video Nikki!! i love using cbd oil for endometriosis and anxiety!

Thank. Last time I slept a whole night was when my hubby after being on hospice for 8 days at hone I finally had 24 hr care a d I went to sleep for 12 hrs. He has been gone for 6.5 yrs a d I cant sleep but a few hrs a night and I have to work but am so tired. I do vape and am going to store tomorrow for CBS and I believe real sleep is in my future

You all should look into the brand Hempworx if you need a pure, organic, and effective CBD! It only has 2 ingredients, it's not full of the other junk that takes away from it's healing power! AND if you try it and it isn't (for some crazy reason) the best CBD you've ever had, you can literally just get your money back! smallplantbigsolutions.com its too easy, start helping your body out!!

There are a lot of products out there that claim to be CBD oil or have it in the product.. buyer beware.. studies showed some do some dont & some products are actually not good for you (not regulated & have actual not good for you ingredients) DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I wanted to share these 95% bioavailable "water soluble" CBD video's with you.  The host is a PhD and does a fantastic job of illustrating the benefits of CBD.  I was amazed to learn that we have more CBD receptors in our cells than any other type of receptor!  So when the CBD enters the receptor, it turns on the cell function at the chromosome level.
Also, this water-compatable, whole flower CBD is 95% bioavailable.  It's called Suthe.  (The oil based CBD is only about 8% bioavailable.) So you're getting 12x more benefits for a similar price. And because Suthe is a whole flower hemp extract, you get all the extra important auxiliary elements that work synergistically with the CBD.
 Let me know what you think.
J. Bencze jjbencze@gmail.com


This is hokey, but has good info:


I broke my back when I fell from a roof last year and have been struggling with pain and not wanting to take pain killers. Started with CBD flower and now I dont have nearly the pain I once did. It is amazing to be able to enjoy myself now.

Hi I Got Question To Ask Is About CBD OIL Can Have With Shisha Pen But The Problem Is With Me Is A Got So Many Health Condition I Don’t Really No If I Can Take It But I Want Try To Take It. My Diagnose Is Called Tic Disorder I have Anxiety And Strees So Will This Help? Thank You

Happy birthday :) & CBD really does help I have chronic pain 24/7 cause of a fatal car accident & I just bought CBD oil/joint & gummies and it helped me so much I felt no pain today I didn’t take it & I am in so much pain so I know that it really does help

It makes me so glad to see people like you that researched and looked into cannabis. Im happy that people are starting to educated themselves on the healing properties that cannabis have

BRAVO! Young lady. The very best to you.

Yeah looking forward to using cbd oil to depressed plus insomnia & living with a brain tumor gives me bad headache and migraines plus currently taking 10 pills a day sucks much but will look into this more thnx ..