CBD Oil: Risks for Athletes

Watch Lora Edwards, CSSD at the Sports Medicine Center at Children's Mercy explain the issues with athletes and CBD oil.

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So.... a natural remedy is BAD, but sticking millions on Prilosec is okay? Yeah, not buying it.... kook!

Of course, they have THC, but only 0.03%, that's not even going to get close to getting high or anything

wow one of the worst videos I've ever seen on youtube. keep it up!

When a dumbass has a voice

Dumb ass B** Gave ZERO reasons for risk, shes what we call an “Ignorant Expert”

This bitch....idiot.

This video is pure evil. The media is calling cannabis the miracle drug because science backs it up! CBD has been a life saver for so many. Just make sure you get third party tested organic and natural premium CBD. You can’t get addicted and plus...we naturally have it in our system called the endocannabinoid system !!

Wow! That is completely ignorant.

We can disregard this video 😂

Stooodent Atheletes.

This bitch says there's more risks with CBD than benefits lol

Someone get this old ass lady off my screen before I punch it

AHH You can not get high off cbd oils funny she sounds like she knows what shes talking about but shes quite ignorant to the product itself if the players are getting high off cbd let me inform you its not cbd its pure cannabis cannabidiol and cannabis are not the same thing they are different compounds but come from both the same plant there are some cbd oils that have thc but its alway 0.03 percent and you cant get high off that a 6 yr old cant get high off that its so low

Good thing it was only a min of my life wasted but still wasted smh didn’t explain nothing. It’s like a 2 year old defending their case

So basically you’re going with the “little substantive information, and keep it as vague as possible” argument. Great job 🤦🏻‍♂️

Stfu we don’t care about what you have to say. We gonna keep smoking and using this

Check next to the box for the dumbest thing I have ever watched on YouTube.

lmao 8 likes and 125 dislikes

This video tells nothing about any risks associated with CBD oil. She also mentions NOTHING of the benefits. She should have her license revoked as an educator for creating such a stupid video.

She doesn’t even believe it


Sarah didnt have the makings of a varsity athlete

I don't recommend this video.

Why you should not use it?
Because someone alse banned it
Thanks for incourage me to use CBD

Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters, for special offers please visit our website here - https://shop-essentials.blogspot.com/2019/06/big-sale-on-cbd-oil.html

Shut the hell up

You gave ZERO reasons why it’s harmful!

You are absolutely crazy

BS....of coarse its at the top of my search....thx utube.

It's so funny she really has no idea what she's talking about somebody must have put her up to making this video

are you a scientist or doctor? bitch pls

Sponsored By.... BigPharma! Blocking the truth since the 60's!

I took it upon myself to find a video with actual information and knowledge backed by research. You could have done this too. In fact if you're going to post anything that gives advice, you need to backup what you say.

You're kidding right? I'm an athlete. CBD oil has proven to be very beneficial for me. We have an Endocannabinoid system for that reason, so that nature can work with our bodies whenever we have an issue.

Stupid bitch

Big pharma is freaking out because they may lose money so have their moronic minions make these kind of propaganda pieces. It also seems that in states where pot is not legal the establishment gets freaked out about CBD

Get yourself educated lady.

Hey! how about you shut the fuck up

The only "risk" she mentioned is that some organization don't allow it. She mentioned no health risks what-so ever and then claimed that the risk outweighs the benefits, utterly ridiculous.

You stated more benefits than risks.

This is one baseless! Get your facts straight and join our community and learn! 🙂


What the hell? Not even back by scientific claims

Which are...?

CBD is just bad, mmkay?

Well she meant risk for popping amongst tested athletes. I mean that has to be it because CBD it’s great I’ve been taking it off and on for a while. Notice I said off and on meaning I’ve never had no insane withdrawals symptoms or anything crazy. It helps for anxiety and pain; not ridiculous pain but moderate to “irritating pain”

And the risk are :
A ?
B ?
C ?

So what do you suggest in it's place? I should trust you and your information over mother nature and her natural plant?Use An opiod for pain?Childrens mercy huh? I'm guessing hospital? Big pharma and religion? You do know cbd treats seizures and adhd in kids right? Can't overdose? Non addictive? Cannabinoids are in us and athletes get more when exercising so in your uneducated statements you believe boosting levels of cannabinoids in the body is bad so you better just give up athletic activity .... you wouldn't want to get a case of runners high. May be dangerous lol. Please lady. For the mercy of humanity. Educate yourself and learn that cbd is the safest route for athletes to go instead of drugs. It's from a plant from the ground not a plant that manufactures dangerous drugs with lots of dangerous side effects. Cbd is not one of those drugs owned by the big players.That's why this video. Lastly if you believe in god then he made you this plant to use. Opiods amd painkillers we're never intented to be made until man made it. Mother nature made hemp and it's a miracle. Please educate yourself and stop spreading false propaganda in the interest of someone else who pockets $ from your lies.

No substance here. Can you please share your sources?

It is child abuse to not give little league football players cbd oils internally and externally to protect their growing brains and skeletons...We don't know what kind of stress she is under to produce this kind of waste. Also the Child Mercy logo looks like a larger male grabbing a 6 year old by the arms. If is a toddler then we are looking at potential injuries. Hopefully logo is not swinging the Child next...

What r u talking about try it trust me it will change ur life. Please do not give advice u don't know anything about this product.

Soooo...a bunch of ignorant old guys ban it and that makes it dangerous. 1 out of 5 oils contain THC? Can you prove this. Garbage video by an uneducated person.

Ignorant “experts”

Pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia; Four benefits from cbd that you said and I only heard you say three risks.... hmmmmm🤔 more risks huh?

Where are the actual risks? All I see here is a single minded person who did not do their research, don’t take this video seriously it’s 100% bias. All legal cbd contains 0.3% thc and has no psychoactive effects what so ever . Your reasons are not credible in any way, shape, or form. Delete this video.

Lora Edwards has so many letters after her name! She must know what she's talking about!

The risks are pain relief and and quality sleep?

Sooo, there ARE NO risks, just organizations are weird about it

Your an idiot do more research


What a load of BS. Lack of research and knowledge. Another medical professional afraid of losing money. CBD oil from hemp is effective and one of the best natural remedies available. Yeah lady, athletes aren't supposed to alleviate pain and inflammation naturally, so I bet you RX legal opioids. What a quack.

Wow this is the dumbest video ever LOLL if ur gunna say it has more risks... it would help to i dont down know ... SAY the actual risks lmfaoo ??!!!

Riiight! Have them go take corticosteroids and a cocktail of “approved” man made poisons with a litany of adverse side effects instead. Gotcha.

The most ridiculous and uneducated video I’ve ever seen

I love https://cilibydesign.com/healthyhempusa/ the best and there is no taste! Has no THC at all

The ones that do have thc only have below 0.3 percent thc and the amount of thc you need is at least 10% to get you high and what do you mean more risk you name out one risk which technically isn't even really a risk and it helps with alot more benefits it can help with thyroid sinusitis people with autism help fight cancer anxiety depression focus relaxation no pain so your video was pointless