CBD Oil Side Effects: Warning, Know this before buying [2020]

There are a few side effects of CBD oil that you should know:

1) Vomiting and diarrhea

2) Dry Mouth : Bad Breath

3) Dizziness: Blood pressure patients should ask their physicians

4) Overdose can cause Tiredness: No Cars or work after this please, Take a Day Off

5) Interact with other drugs.

You can read the full blog post here: https://greenthevoteok.com/cbd-oil/side-effects/

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I just wanted to know if you could overdose and this video was full of talking instead of bullet points...

LMFAO such a good thumbnail and intro and it goes into you recording on your phone in your garage. Good video still just was jarring lmao

Hello for firts ever
For my dad parkinson AND demency lewy body IS how case robin Williams
Inedd to you help

I hear a strong buzzing in my ears and my hands are shaking and feeling like nidels in my heart ♥ but I am using cbd because I am reducing methadone to stop the withdrawal symptoms and it helps tooooooo much. 100ml of cbd stop 90% of the withdrawal symptoms.

No shade but you sound like r speaking in tongues. When giving much needed info keep it common. It's too legal sounding or technical

Hi, I’m Ethan Rosenberg, the owner of a startup company out of Austin, Tx that collects and distributed the best brands of cbd and hemp. If you’d be interested in reviewing a Florbiz terpene infused hemp joint for free product contact me at rosenbergcbd@gmail.com

I heard about WeedBorn CBD products very good opinions.

How many milligrams are in one drop?

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

I need help..... I feel like I have extreme anxiety and panic disorder and when I have an attack ice beings nausea I need help I want to get rid of the nausea + things it panic disorder and what milligrams I should take..


Hot And Smart.. I take blood pressure pills wonder if i can use cbd with 00.3 Thc i dont think my doc knows much about cbd to give me an analysis hell she just my tell me go for it

Just what are you doing? You are not breaking this down correctly at all. CBD's full spectrum is a stand-alone. No THC is the only way to avoid many of the side effects you are talking about. The medicinal properties of CBD full spectrum minus THC are in a class all by themselves. The real issue here is all the junk and non trained personal helping and educating people on the subject that should take the time and study up on what is happening for real. 50% THC, ya that might give you some issues.

Thanks for this

Hi Kate its nice to meet you my name is Steven and I have autism and you are so cool and sweet and special congratulations on your wonderful life im enjoying every one of your videos and I hope to hear back from you soon ☓ ♥ ☺

If you take prescription drugs then CBD will cause nausea etc... However CBD doesnt have side effects. Its your bodies reaction

Good video work on public speaking

Is it the THC that causes Theory actions



Friend uses cbd oil with all types of medicines trying to find out all the facts about it because she's addicted to it trying too stop her from taking it her dr even told her no it's causes her to have sechers

Can I use CBD oil for my anxiety if I'm on birth control??

Buying it online as opposed to where else??

Ty for all the info ,,

Every time I use 4 drops of 10% CBD in the morning i get a very strong dizziness. Is that normal? Is my dosage too high? I really need help here :( But so far it helps with my anxiety, i had no panic attack for 1 week now using CBD, but they strong dizziness is really off puting. Please help me.

If you actually want to help with chronic pain, you need at least some THC. I use MMJ and found a 1:1 ratio to work best for daytime use. Don't waste your money on internet CBD.

Cbd cause diarrhea and nausea please abdominal pains

We tried CBd oil for the first time tonight. 1000 mg. Pure cbd. No thc. Although, I'm an occasional toker.

I took it to try to cure my anxiety and in hope that it would stop me from being on edge all the time.

I have an impatient road road rage where I feel my blood boil when I hit a red light or get stuck behind some who is actually obeying the speed limit... just imagine how I am when someone is actually go way below the limit.

I waited an hour to drive home after I consumed it (which I know, it doesn't affect your motor skills - but I wanted to see how I felt while driving home.?

I felt no difference. We went to Target, and I became extremely self conscious as I always am when my face is being seen in public

In fact, my girlfriend had her first panic attack after she took it. She hasn't had one in over 3 months, to my knowledge.

Is this something where I should see results in short time?

Very informative. Kate knows her shite. Good video. Thank You.

just stick to weed were been doin it this whole time, it's better right?

Are you a doctor? Do you play one on tv?

Cure for dry mouth with cbd… drink more beer.

My wife is 6 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and we are strongly considering CBD broad spectrum for her pain. Our first child is healthy and strong. Could ingredients like glycerin be harmful this early in the baby's development?

English please

Can it help with hot flushes during menopause for my partner

This is way too technical for the average person? I am taking a low dose of an SSRI antidepressant and wanted to switch to CBD oil so I can eventually cut out the SSRI . But the first time I took the CBD, I experienced severe nausea, diarrhea and vomiting and felt like the medication had been flushed from my system? Are you saying that the CBD caused some issue to do with liver metabolism of the SSRI and that is what caused these side effects?

CBD oil doesnt have THC in it

I'm not into stuff with less than 20% THC.

Will CBD oil help to prevent panic attacks?

Can CBD reduce sperm count? I heard it in snapchat. Idk if it’s true....

took 2 bottles did nothing for me.. waste of money

I have an idea lets invent more drugs to get people hooked on....FUCKIN JOKE

I took CBD tincture. 1000mg. I actually took about 600mg. Obviously too much. I have had extreme dizziness and vertigo all day. Anyone else get this??

just to let you know of the dangers, my son who is 27 is in a mental crisis center for using cbd oil with a high concentration of thc, we thought he was taking cocaine but his toxicology report came back as cbd with thc. right now were fighting to get him well, within a month he lost his wife, his child, his job and his home all due to this crap. i urge you to know what your putting in your system, our whole family is heartbroken but we are united and fighting to get back my son from his mental illness caused by cbd.

Any side effect with cbd oil and sperm count or abnormal sperm?

Neuropathy. COPD. Arthritis. Anxiety.

i had panic attack while doing laxepro an anti depresent because i smoked to much weed i heard laxepro could effect your heart i did cbd and i feel better.

I use CBD Oil for chronic pain. I just started using it today an wasnt for sure how soon it will start to work. If its like pain pills an takes an thirty minutes to get into your system or what. I am so tire of hurting so I figured why not give this a shoot. I tried everything the doctors gave me an they all make me hurt worse. Thank you for your channel its really helped me a lot to understand CBD Oil.

I have tremors in my hands. will cod oil help. I usually take it at bedtime sublingually.

Thanks for this video. I started using cbd oil in 2017 and when i did i felt nauseated. Well bad brand or god knows what. Recently bought cbdistillery and felt really good. I guess my body was detoxing before.

Noticed after taking cbd for 2 weeks I have a weird pain on the right side of my jaw. Could this be from cbd