CBD WAR: Hemp Growers Vs Big Pharma (ENG SUB)

Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp, has been sold worldwide as a nutritional supplement.
In the UK it has been recently scheduled as a medicinal product.
Is this good or bad news for patients?

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So sad. Patients are always victims

come tradurre la lingua in italiano ?

Setting the record straight on CBD in the UK -- the most recent flashpoint in Euro CBD (https://hemptoday.net/eiha-lashes-out-at-pharma-firms/) discussions. The changes being floated in the UK, by GW Pharmaceuticals and Medi-Pen (some have suggested they’re trying to corner the market), do not specifically seek to have CBD designated a “scheduled” substance -- like, for example, THC. Rather, the companies are pushing to simply have CBD registered into pharmacopeia listings as a medicinal drug. That does not preclude CBD from remaining non-regulated for food applications. We liken this to caffeine, which is also listed as a pharmaceutical drug in most countries yet remains unregulated in foods.

THC is just another nutrient.....cannabis is food & 50.000 other things...smoking is a tiny part of cannabis & it should have never been illegal in any way. Whole fresh raw cannabis...food...

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Hello Viola

GW and all pharmaceutical lobbies I hate you! #endourpain NOW!!!
Thank you Naturegoingsmart for the informative video