CBD Website Design 101 | Bringing Your CBD Business Online

Learn tips and insights into developing a website that creates a great user experience from Joy Organics Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Gerrid Smith.


Here, we are going to go over how to design your website in CBD Website Design 101. We are going to help you really understand the basics of what is important in your website design and content.

The Three Core Pillars to a Successful Website

#1 Design

Find a design that resonates with your target market. It needs to be attractive and easy to use. Make the main message and layout of the site clear so customers can navigate it without confusion.

#2 Coding

Having a site that's coded really well is imperative. It needs to load quickly and run optimally. Make sure the coding for your website is both desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly because we are in an age of avid phone use. Your website is actually ranked higher on Google if it is optimized for both computers and mobile devices. If your website is slow and poorly built, it will not rank well on search results. Speed and well-coded websites are huge.

#3 Photography

This may seem like the hardest part of the website, especially if you are not particularly skilled with photography yourself. Most people also fail to realize how important photography is. However, when people go to a website, they tend to be drawn in by beautiful photography that clearly showcases the best products a company has to offer. Good photography is an absolute must on any successful website.

People form an opinion of a website in less than a second once they visit the website. First impressions are key to holding interest and retaining loyal customers. Take into account these three pillars of success, and design a great website. Before you ever launch your website, think to yourself how you would respond to the design as a customer. Iron out every detail and give it your best before you publish your company's website.

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