CT Fletcher Has No Fear Of Death After Nearly Dying 3 Times | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1291 w/CT Fletcher:

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When I was 6, I didn’t know how to swim and drowned in a pool when my floaties fell off. When I was drowning I was really scared but then near the end I just felt at peace embracing it and blacked out. I woke up on a coffee table and was told somebody dived for me in a living room and saw nothing. Didn’t die, just wanted to share

this nigga was on some good ass MORPHINE RIGHT BEFORE HE DIED 3X.

Can’t cure cancer but on the verge of reversing aging. Makes no sense at all.

I had a vision of Jesus coming back a few years ago.

5:58 gave me chills Cuzz it’s so true.

What religion is a noun faith is an adjective

joe rogans definition of atheism and his ignorance is sad :(

You're faith better be in Jesus Christ or you're going in that lake of fire.

I need to pray for Joe

We all have something in common. We all gotta go some day

I always see people say "I'm not scared of dying I'm just scared or the pain/pain for others". I call BS. Besides a few exceptions you're either lying to yourself or haven't thought about it long enough.

Joe believe me jesus christ is real

When you die that’s it there no god or the other side . People who die then come back to life you don’t see the other side it’s a load of bull shit god got made up to keep peace on this world 🌍 and churches rob us of are money 💰 and buy planes ✈️ and house and cars of are money that’s what they do in America?????

Without death life will have no purpose or meaning!

Joe I do know what life is, what life means and what happens when we die. And its for sure I know. I'm happy to spend and my days showing/proving it to ya.

I worked Compton PD during the 80’s, the murder and countless dead bodies sure made me evaluate death. Most of the dead bodies did not look at peace. They looked like they had seen the devil. I praise the Lord I survived. Accept Jesus into your heart and know you will have peace.

Joe Rogan, sounds Agnostic to me. Just believe what you witness and live your life by your own means not restricted by an afterlife not guaranteed.

If they can make you live longer. Population would be out of control. I think that you should have to be fixed before benefiting from double life expectency, so you don't reproduce more than one normally one in a lifetime

His brain was still active while he considered himself dead and was in the process of secreting chemicals that calm the person down. That's what all these people are describing when they say they feel at peace. I mean shit he couldn't have been dead for more than a minute or two, what if after this process is over there is nothing? Anyone else get what I'm saying?

Man C.T. sounds like Barry White great voice.

How can they reverse aging? Can you imagine? Already what 8 billion people on the planet or something close to that??? What if nobody dies anymore? Cmon!?!?! Can’t happen can’t

Joe DMT Rogan

I wonder if it's the same few hundred people that dislike every video lol

People die but there sole’s live on forever

I don’t fear death. Never have, never will. Stephen Hawking said it best. “I do not fear death, but I am not in a hurry to get there.”

I have no fear of heights after falling 30 feet twice

A must read. "DEATH - An inside story. A book for all those who shall die."

Deep....It will come to us all tommorrow or hopefully thousands and thousands of days later. Slowing the aging process would be cool as fuck, and science may be able to one day accomplish that. Like Joe says im not an atheist, i believe theres a connectivity to the universe, but I can only believe what Ive experienced and take note of it. That said life is beautiful. Some days are struggles, some you wanna just curl up in hibernate like a bear, others you feel like king kong ready to do anything, everything, and conquer. Its a trip thats non debateable

CT is Gil Scott Heron if he would’ve found the weight room instead of crack

Jay z: I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of not trying. Although I haven't mastered that yet its powerful

Holy fuck this episode resonates very hard with me makes me feel hopeful

Had the same thing happen to me I rolled a truck at 70mph, it was the most calm I’ve ever felt you just kinda accept what happens

I'm definitely going to make it to 100. I have nearly died so many times it's retarded. I'll rattle off a list.

During my birth I went into shock and my heart stopped because instead of being slowly pushed out like most childbirths, I popped out because I was a little fucker, and I was clinically dead for over 7 minutes, and by some kind of divine intervention I have suffered no brain damage whatsoever.


When I was 15 I was skating down a street right by a soccer club because I was picking up my mate's little brother, and some retarded housewife pulled out of a street on a junction without even looking, and slammed into me at 58km/h, breaking 4 ribs, my collarbone, causing a compound fracture to my right leg, a hairline fracture on my skull, broken arm and broken ankle. I was knocked out, and laid bleeding on the asphalt while the stupid bitch tried to perform CPR on me, pushing more blood out of my wounds as I laid there. I was rushed to hospital and was thankfully saved. It turns out that compound fracture nearly punctured my femoral artery, which would've left me dead in minutes. I was put into a medically induced coma, and woke 5 days later, and had to do 36 months of rehabilitation, because I was so fucked up. I cannot skate anymore.


I overdosed on codeine at a house party when I was 17 and got rushed to hospital, and after they administered some kind of medication to make me un-OD, I was discharged 6 hours later.


I was skating when I was 14 and tried to do a rail grind, misjudged, overcorrected and slammed face first into concrete from 8 feet, breaking 2 teeth and partially ripping my cleft palate back open, as well as breaking my cheekbone. My mother was fucking fuming when she got the phone call.


As a dare when I was stoned and completely munted at a house party a couple years ago I put a metal fork into a wall circuit, and I came out with a burned and blistered hand, and somehow not dead from the 240 volt shock.

Fucken Bring it on Coronavirus

Joe let me on. I can talk about this all day and show you things you've never heard of.

Joe "science nerd" Rogains

Why didn’t he say christianity

Joe Rogan I myself have got an experience in regards to this clip, call me on the show and I’ll blow your mind!

This guy is an idiot.

i envy this man just by hearing him speak it feels like he´s figured everything out

Death is not the end PERIOD

I believe we were made in the image of God, male and female. God communicates with us. Try it by improving the things you feel that are wrong in your life, and by taking time everyday to pray. Ask that he will answer your prayers. It’s not unreasonable to ask. He will answer.



We really don't know anything except that it's going to be fine.

Bro so hear me out. What if his mom went to hell for preaching all the shit about stuff that sends you to hell and she was pleading the devil to let you live longer. Sounds far more likely according to the story told lmao


This guy is the Black version of dan bilzerian hahahaha

I am surprised that joe didn’t say “Jamie pull up the article about dmt after death”

Beat the shit outta my meat

powerlifting seems healthy

everything he says after 10:20 is what people dont want to let go when they die

Dont watch this if you've ever thought about suicide.

The only way to not age is to disconnect from mankind’s construct of time.

“We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion.” ~MJK

Jesus is his name. He was killed for our transgressions. Hallowed be his name. Get to know him. He is your savior. He is MY Lord and Savior.

Cannabis is anti- aging not just looks but in mental

Brother, if you read about Islam you would know what is there and what the next thing is
People should investigate do their research themselves to find out the truth

Ct,khali muscle,mike ohearn and 90% of the fitness industry are a joke ,making these people believe they're natural

Im not afraid of dying but im afraid of people i love dieing. Like Anakin...

I feel for the people who go to the church where priests are bad

He'd be much more healthy if he stayed away from the juice and didn't advertise he was all natural. KARMA!

Living longer is cool but think about world population lol

I don't know about you but i really don't want humans to live forever...

CT has the coolest voice I have ever heard..love it.

it comes from completely letting go. When you see no other scenario than death, you realize there’s nothing left to do and just accept it.

* atheist have left the chat *

Been there to, what CT is saying is exactly what its like.


Joe dropping big knowledge

A proper diet will fix all that you'll live long and look young...it's a 75 yr old lady that only eats fruits and vegetables in their raw state and she doesn't look 40 yrs old. Plus she still moves around like a middle age person a healthy middle age person tho.

bullshit. when I was a junkie I've died so many times and didn't recall shit it's just nothing like u never existed. u just go into blackness and that's it..no lights no emotions. bullshit....even when I bled to death it was just me falling asleep and NOTHING til I got enough blood and revived then I just thought I was sleeping and that's all I kept saying was I was just sleeping..

CT Fletcher is a dumbass. Plain and simple.

Damn, standing in front of God weeping in your own arrogance is heavy. I love Joe

My biggest fear of dieing is how my family would feel

I know it’s God, that experience he felt was God showering his soul and preparing for his back to life experience. He was meant to tell this story, remember everyone the Holy Spirit is absolutely perfect. Teach your body to act as your Holy Spirit. God bless!

We are not designed to live forever In this physical form. Every human being has a soul, which is eternal. Heaven and hell exist. The universe and everything in it is all intrinsically connected.

Die before you die. Death is the road to awe

He had no fear?Action speaks louder than words😫

There is nothing after death
The peaceful feeling are hormones that make death easier

Is there anyone else who could confirm what these ppl are sayin abt being so close to death. I wonder if it’s like that for everyone

Allah is the final answer just read the Quran all the answers we need.

The fear isn’t dying the fear is leaving your people behind.

Why would anyone be afraid of dieing? Its 1000% going to happen. No changing or stopping it.

is that peaceful feeling of death they are talking about just the morphine they are getting injected into them in the hospital

This is a total shit show this nigga crazy

Bro said lm not an atheist but has an eye on his forehead in the beginning of his video

Pretty sure what he is talking about is when you are about to die your body starts hallucinating and thats why people can recall life flashing etc

Joe is so right about how to fix aging but how do you fix the brain?

Death has been creeping down my back for as long as I can remember. I have plenty of life and death stories from a young age as far back as I can remember until now. Plus little stupid crazy life threatening stories on the side

And I'm not a celebrity so I'm sure you guy's don't give a fuck... But I just thought I'd throw this out on a whim

I would have to dissagree with this man's feelings and thoughts. I was stabbed. Airlifted. As a teen at 16. I'm 30 now. I seen loved one's in the hospital elevator with me that weren't actually there. And woke up on life support after that was the worst feeling that I couldn't breathe ever. Then having the tubes ripped out of my throat while I was strapped down to a hospital bed. Throwing up blood...



I died on the table and I assure you THERE is NOTHING. The dead don't know they're dead. Sorry to bust the happy heaven/hell bubble.

So we’re about to die ? Ok YouTube recommendations

If heaven is real, they say there's only one way to get inside...follow jesus

I agree with Joe

CT from Alabama?

Seriously on the boat.

Im not religious but im spiritual lmao

I can't believe I just found this... What CT says is true. I had an experience where I died.... October 4th 2019. If anyone has any questions I'll be glad to answer them. I will answer them solely on what happened and what I saw. It's one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. I remember being so happy when I was asked do you want to go back or stay here. I remember laughing and at complete peace like it was a complete joke. I said I'll go back laughing so peacefully. I will add one more thing in this comment... I was taught when I went there that nothing in this life that we do matters the only purpose of this life is to prepare us for the after... It's like 1 or 2 percent this life now and 98 99 percent after life. One more note I was raised Catholic but I do not practice religion what so ever.if anyone again has any questions I will answer them solely on what happened that day and what I saw. I couldn't be more serious about anything in my life.

There is a disease that’s also known as aging lmao.