Dealing with PLS Urologist BIG Pharma CBD Oil Vlog #6

Todays video is more of a rant then anything else.

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Take Care
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Love you Mike ❤And yes...I agree with you about Big Pharm, but I can't get too pissed off about ANYTHING right now because I absolutely have to find a place of peace. ❤❤❤

Do I trust big pharma LMAO hell no! I'm pretty much DTA until they've proven otherwise! The drug reps ran rampant in the late 90s. My mom worked with a cardiologist and they had the "reps closet" crammed full of everything AND UNLOCKED! From ulcer meds to viagra, all right there for the taking, meaning everyone took from the closet that's what it was there for!! Even I did, everyones kid that went to the office did! The doctor openly told me I could go get some of the tramadol for menstrual cramp relief, that would never happen today! Other than the med samples there were note pads, pens, calculators, clipboards, flashlights, soap, clocks, mugs, towels, shirts, lanyards, beach chairs( grew up in Florida), sunglasses, car windshield sun reflector, etc... toys; cars, squeeze balls, bouncing balls, birds that tipped over to look like they were eating off a plate, timer things that flipped over to keep time, aflac ducks, etc. Big pharma is not stupid! The reps job was to give give give and expect the favor returned from the doctors. I've heard my mom say that they also paid for doctors vacations and direct payments. Reps feed the office 5 days a week. Gave gift cards weekly. Sent flowers weekly. I even sold to the reps those fun raiser things for my school, they got reimbursed I'm sure. When my oldest son was born a rep gave me cases of diapers and formula. Just because my mom's office was cardiology didn't mean the mother pharma company was only for the heart! Pharmaceutical companies are ka-zillion dollar companies and they shove whatever they can down every countries throat. I also believe there's a cure for cancer Mike. I believe that most likely there's a cure for most everything or at least a med that takes the symptoms away and slows or stops the disease. This is 2018, technology is beyond what I can imagine and I sure the medical industry is as well. I look forward to hearing if the cbd helps.

I always , always use plants and everything natural I believe in natural healing the only thing that I have to take meds for is my heart

The best wishes xoxo !