Demystifying the endocannabinoid system. | Ruth Ross | TEDxMississauga

Dr. Ruth Ross describes what happens in the brain when introduced to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary ingredients in cannabis. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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And what will really save us from SARS COV 2 is washing our hands and covering our mouths and noses when we caugh and sneeze. That's science from a long time ago...maybe even primordial.

And, how well are scientists doing to save us in the era of SARS COV-2?

One must ask oneself, what are scientists really doing for us? At the same time scientists have solved many problems, they've also created a lot of problems too.

Like, there would be no thermo-nuclear weapons if it weren't for scientists.

The cdc has more information regarding marijuana with peer reviewed research. I, myself, did find peer reviewed papers that did conclude much of what is found on cdc website, including it's correlation with schizophrenia. Even if it does not cause it, the potential to develop symptoms similar, still could develop. There is also, the greatest risk to younger populations whose brains are still developing. The cdc, also, warns of a potential for addiction. Beware of those who have a monetary stake in its sale and distribution who liberally, offer advise. CBD is safer, as it is not psychoactive, but, still not much long term research has been done with this. For diseases such as parkinson's, uncontrolled PTSD, chronic high pain/anxiety levels and hospice patient's, it surely, may be a better option than numerous over prescribed, highly addictive opioids that have contributed to an unprecedented opioid crisis in this country today.

And yes, the downstream effects of receptors and of cell permeability is very important. Second messengers are the future of understanding neurochemistry.

It does get a little crazy when you're trying to understand receptorivity, cellular permarability (as in ionophores), second messengers, neuro-anatomy, and how all that relates to behavior.

Oh yeah, and I have to add this:. my thing is behavioral neurochemistry, and my specific thing was always 5HT metabolism. Particularly 5HT2A.

I am a duffus, a social failure. I am not allowed to know these things. Yet, I am a HUMAN SUPER-COMPUTER.

I studied these things for fun.

And, of course, cannabinoids are known to suppress glutamatergic activity in the hippocampus. Meaning that cannabinoids can suppress, or bring to the surface (in a beneficial way), salient memories.

At the base, endocanabinoids cause an increase in cell's membrane permiability.

10:15 - they are lipids, that is how = C-18 / C-24 chemical compounds ... the cannabis lipid is bio-mimetic to the endogenous form = signaling lipids ( 100 - 500 G/mols )

4:29 - predicted there are way more EC receptors , 300 cannabinoid receptors is the prediction , each being toggled by intracellular/extracellular ligands / lipids

She isn't a very good speaker. There are a bunch of other videos and doctors who can explain it better.

thc cure for cancer

Thank you. Wise words. All the best to you.

This was very helpful, thank you

Good stuff. But the anti-THC propaganda was too extreme for me.

It went from talking about endocannabinoids to finishing about recreational weed and the "negative" effects?

Scottish against cannabis , what about the toxin called alcohol? She says we need to see the effects of thc but thc is being used studied for centuries , and many things you said not correct

No proof cannabis or THC increases the risk or is the cause of schizophrenia.

I sell CBD, full spectrum, grown organically and have several thousand customers. I've seen amazing results. I won't even share my company info so I don't sound like an advertisement.
I personally was able to not have an MS flare for two years and counting.
I have seen COPD, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety and so much more respond so well people can get off regular meds.
This has FDA propaganda I feel quite certain.

Worried about Pot Safety!? Do they still show the ancient movie, 'Reefer Madness' on this channel too? Eesh!! 9:36 / 17:35

I've been saying this for years now, prescriptions drugs are temporary, use of cannabis is a health supplement. Id you use prescription drugs all the time it is damaging to your kidneys and your immune system because it is hard to regulate. The use of cannabis can get rid of most of these after effects. I am not saying you can or cannot overuse the herb, but in any situation you can also overuse the consumption of food.

Of course this Ted talk goes into THC and weed, rather than the Scottish woman immune to fear, anxiety and pain.

How long does cbd block the faah enzyme?

Need more research???    Millions are smoking weed right now, and probably been smoking weed for the last million years.

lady, you do not even know the difference with Sativa and Indica...they are totally opposite to each other

It takes years to down regulate the endo. system.
Even-dough my tolerance is very high, I do not feel bad when I do not smoke THC.
THC is NOT addictive.
Some Human personalities ARE addictive.

Thc is like
A psycho
....drug .... Ma say no to both!!!!

I liked the initial explanation of the endocannabinoid but when she was talking about using Cannabis it seemed like her presentation was more skewed to present the drawbacks and downside of Cannabis. She only briefly said that it may help with some symptoms and then quickly added that it may relieve some symptoms in the short term but make them worse in the long run and followed that by saying that scientists are developing medicines to target the endocannabinoid system. Hmmm... pharmaceutical companies can make lots of money off of medications.

This lady is a paid propagandist for the drug can count on it....Totally ignores the most important cannabinoid CBD....Playing both sides of the argument.....To not outright demonize marijuana (you cant because its to popular now) but to bring up potential dangers like (anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia) if you try it so at least you have enough fear to not use it..and that is what all of these drug companies want....that you dont try any other alternative except them...This lady is not your friend

I started smoking weed when i was fifteen, but didn’t start smoking regularly until I was 16 and was able to start working. Fast forward to college I smoked weed pretty often, and was a basic stoner. However, around this time I started developing a slight depression, and anxious tendencies. Fast forward to now, I can still enjoy weed, but it has to be a low percentage of THC, or with a good ratio of CBD. Too high of THC gives me intense audio hallucinations like racing voices in my head, and horrible anxiety, even if I am alone; Which if you don’t know is an early symptom of schizophrenia. As a result I don’t smoke nearly as much as I used too, and since I live in a State without legal cannabis I can’t find the appropriate strain to medicate with.

I've even smoking for years now, but I micro dose off of concentrate oils. I usually take a puff or two and I'm good for around 3 hours. Everything in moderation is good, even opiates.

She lost me at the 9:30 mark. "For CBD we still have a lot of questions about how it works." So, I guess were just going to dismiss the 20+ years of studies done by the Israeli doctors that discovered the ECS...ok then!

We absolutely love cannabis education! THANK YOU!



11:27 - opioids take over our breathing capability by accessing the brain stem... THC has no effects in that area , there are no cb receptors that can kill you like an opioid would do it

12:05 any link to studies for this ?

11:25 but didn't proof the opposite either

Candace B Pert; now, there's a true scientist.

Whoever this is; now, there's a true activist.

What a strange, unscientific, and fully subjective jab at morphine, to somehow dismantle a strawman argument of everything natural never being dangerous(see: arsenic, lead, and ethanol).

Great video! check us out for CBD content, over 50,000 lbs being processed! We provide a white-labeled solution for businesses.

Okay but, what do you do if your endocannabinoid system is NOT functioning properly?

So this is what happened when your research is funded by a party with a preconceived agenda.

I’d love to add some of this into my documentary I’m making as part of my uni course work. Could the owner of this please message me.

its a joke mixed with some science.. She maybe trying to make a point but its not taken !

I can say with confidence after 7 years of smoking that when I go without weed I DO INDEED become more irritable, easily stressed, less positive and just overall don’t feel very good until I give my body time to upregulate my receptors again.

Dude, this lady isn’t “bashing weed” or saying its bad she is simply clarifying the potential negatives along with the positives by allowing the viewers to see the WHOLE picture on cannabis use, short term AND long term. “FDA brain washer” not even close bro 😂😂😂 those people run wild for sure but this lady just spitting facts. 🤷🏽‍♂️

To quote a more accurate data point from a different documentary (I'm sure some one will comment which one as I don't remember right now as I have a really bad short term memory... heheh... ) "if Cannabis caused schizophrenia we would have seen a spike during legalization, but we havent. What we are seeing is more schizophrenics using cannabis to cope."

Well of course more data is needed , for the scientist to exist. She does have a point in regards to bodily reactions to cannabis but oddly vague . Different strains have different affects , that is key and not a mention of that , her generalization leads me to believe that her research is imperfect and would continue to be without clear definition of individual strains and their affects . Than there is the fact of its use increasing in regards to how humans are currently evolving , we are increasing consumption and also becoming more aware of how to be more human . I’ve been using heavily for 35 years now , recovered from a spinal cord injury that first got worse than got better after the discovery and use of very potent cannabutter two years ago . Also I would like too add I have been a building contractor for most of those 35 years ,about the most stressful job one can have, and I have a solid marriage with a non -smoker . We raised a daughter who , as my self and wife , became a successful contributors to society. I’ll add to that the many long term relationships I have with family and friends . I’ll say this as my use of cannabutter became more frequent my ability to focus or intensify on a wide range of issues or specific issues became off putting to many of these individuals ,I actually wore people out with my ability to understand my surroundings and convey that information to those around me so my overwhelming of their senses or there inability to recieve my output left me distant from some. There discomfort to me was of no concern to me as I viewed myself as evolving faster than them and leading them to a higher plane all this while many disregarded the fact I had became disabled from a spinal cord injury that gave little outside indications of a disability. Just moved a a different rate of speed and some decided they weren’t having that. My life has become a ongoing experiment with thc , my father has smoked for nearly 60 years and is healthy and has learned new ways of how to be human , his curiosity is still there as far as learning and creativity . People with pieces of paper with fancy writing on them aren’t as well suited to explain the affects of thc as people who who burn pieces of paper with cannabis rolled up in them .

CBD does in fact work for inflammation. That's why its becoming so big for athletes. Anyways you gotta make sure you get the real stuff, cbdMD is the best brand, and they offer 15% off coupon using CBDMD15OFF

I think the added temporary interneuronal synapse connections thanks to marijuana and especially the psychedelics are literal wiring upgrades to our brains that can be made permanent through normal neuroplasticity learning. These new connections give parts of our brains new access to both our current sensory perceptions, heightening them and making us more appreciative of everything we experience, while also giving parts of our brains new access to memories making even our memories heightened with literally new mental perspectives on them. It’s like a physical empathy, giving our brains the ability to have new and more diverse perspectives on everything, past and present.

These substances widely have the reputation as creativity-enhancers but I think actually they’re empathy-enhancers creating new perspectives, giving artists greater ability to imagine how a wider audience will perceive their work while it’s in progress, making it more creative as a result.

Legalize, release, expunge and give industry advantages to the minorities most harmed.

16:24 so long term study on alzheimers, parkinson and epilepsy.
Also compare with MCT oil or with coconut oil and without

Her day job is a Judge

Jesus IS Weed.

It didn't just happen by chance.

🔵 THANK YOU for this content 💪💪💪

She couldn't even explain the fight or flight response....she said part of your brain.....part of your brain?!!! It's called the Autonomic Nervous System and there's two branches.....Sympathetic (fight of flight) and Parasympathetic (rest and relax). Not too bright!



Down regulates? Good or bad?

Now I can finally explain the psychoactive reaction! It's basically just you timing and dosing it wrongly! As a healthy person it can lead to wonderfull things but in case something is wrong the overcharging can pinpoint the problems which then have to be resolved with a perfect combo of THC and CBD. If only the pharma industry would have never stopped the researches early 1900's many of my family members would be still alive. Thanks for your work Dr. Ruth Ross you saved so many people and hopefully make them aware of the pharmaceutical scam THEY are trying to pull through the last 100 years 🙏🙏🙏🙏

The levels of stress people experience overwhelms the endocannabinoid system. That's why we have so much inflammation and stress-related diseases. Why don't doctors talk this negatively about Xanax, or Valium, or Klonopin, or any of the drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety? I've known several people whose lives were totally disrupted by these drugs.

youre basically replacing the terms dopamine and serotonin with cannabinoid

Is this Sharon Osbourne??

Thanks for this clear breakdown of the ECS. Would love to hear the talk re: CBD that you said would be an entire other talk. The information out there is extremely confusing and limited re: how CBD actually interacts with our ECS. In turn, there is a lot of misinformation being shared everywhere by all kinds of publishers and companies.

Great presentation. Thank you. These are very insightful findings.

I'd like to see studies that compare medications/herbal interventions with lifestyle support changes that enhance the body's ability to self-sooth and self-regulate such as exercises or stimulating pressure points. Comparing it between no intervention and medication/herbal intervention doesn't give an accurate depiction of our choices.

If we discount the help our own body provides for us when given the opportunity, we set ourselves up for dependences and further complications.

Good concise talk. I am not pot user but strong supporter of decriminalization and appreciate good unbiased information... knowledge is power.

"The endocannabinoid system responds to singing and dancing." This makes me wonder about ancient cultures, Native Americans, and their harmony with plants and nature. Methinks humans need more connection to the plant world to live a happy and fulfilling life!

So it’s ok to take a pill to top up serotonin but not thc to up dopamine. Agenda.

I've never heard of anybody becoming a schizophrenic over getting too much THC! 🙄

Studies should be done on male vs female mental illness resulting from smoking pot during puberty.

why is that a plant like cannabis - hemp. has been so banned in so many states. its because it saves lives. it kills cancer and many other problems. we all have a endocannabinoid system in our bodies all the pollutant's in this world have brought this down to the point were people are getting cancer we all need to have it legalized in all 50 states. like jack herer said hemp - cannabis could save this world. my self I eat raw cannabis every day. it does not make me high but it helps with my epilepsy and my general health.

Well, Dont we have enough time by know to know it’s not harmfull in the long run? I thought it was. No death’s for at least 2000 thousand years. Thats not enough?

Lots of emotion and very little science in the commentary. The problem is the assumption or belief that an auto-regulating system (the endocannabinoid system is an auto regulating system that is part of a much larger auto regulating system called our entire body) can be used to fix problems. It can only be used if it is out of balance and the thing(s) you add specifically put it back into balance - otherwise you make the imbalance worse. It requires precision because counter-regulation means not enough or too much of something even if it is the right thing is as bad as or worse than the wrong thing. This system tells our brain where to make connections when it is developing and that happens a lot before we are born, for our first 5 years,and during puberty and out into our 20s. If you mess up the chemical balance or signalling connections end up malfunctioning or in the wrong places. These wiring problems are the genesis of mental health problems including schizophrenia. We know physical and mental stresses increase risks because they upset the balance. THC upsets the balance because it can't act like our own cannabinoid signallers because it can do different things at the same switch, sticks to it too long and sticks around too long (our own cannabinoids are "on demand") and gets in the way of our own signals trying to regulate themselves. The Big Pharma is a straw man argument. Our human physiology is designed to survive but it is imperfect. Illness is an imbalance of a signalling system because when signalling works it fixes itself. If we are going to take over that job with cannabinoids, or any other chemical regardless of its source, we need to understand it a lot better than we do, and recognize just because something affects a system doesn't mean it is always good.
There is also plenty of evidence of harm. Even those who choose not to believe it cannot show evidence of safety because it has not been systematically measured in the broad population. It doesn't mean we can't find a way to use things that work on this system effectively and safely but we are still far from that understanding and design and testing of any manipulation of the cannabinoid system. This basic understanding of pharmacology started thousands of years ago with systematic assessments and measurement and refinement and purification and isolation og the ingredient that was the key to the balance. What is happening with cannabis is a dangerous shortcut with our population as the phase one study.

We don’t know if it’s safe?
What do opioids do to you system and brain? Grade D-
You get some credit for trying.
Nothing new in the talk.
Good luck big pharma!

This video reminds me that a medical dispensary recently opened less than 2 blocks from my house and I have no medical card and no buds... :(

What Dr. Ross said about it causing some psychosis made sense because there are people that can't handle it for sure. But juxtaposed against alcohol and opioids you can say cannabis is safe in my opinion. We are on the cusp of THC infused food and drink going legal in October 2019 so it will be interesting to see what happens. A lot of people simply can not inhale without coughing so bad they decide right there cannabis doesn't work. Be interesting to see what they say the first time they get stoned later this year. There should have been more about CBD and what role it plays hopefully the good doctor can do another Ted Talk.

But she would have dinner and a bottle of wine or a few beers without a second thought. Why is alcohol which has no medicinal value and is processed and causes illness and deaths be allowed but we are denied cannabis which saves lives? This is twisted. Money money money. Money matters more than lives. Money rules.

she know everything this pittfull human being trying her best to be liked! doctor this and that i represent Pharma dont say anything please! everything coming out sound like a sale trick for normal pharma!

Cbd oil helps me. That's all I care about.

Extremely weak talk. Clearly one-sided and myopic. Also, her pants fit horribly.

The random key analogy doesnt work.Cannabis/Hemp has been like the dog or horse in mankinds development,anyone who had a boat needed a rope,anyone who had a rope knew about Cannabis/hemp.

THC replaces anandamide and disturbs it's natural production. Anandamide seems rather important for managing mental illnesses. Which is why it makes Schizophrenia worse. Cannabidiol almost has opposite effect. And is all around a good guy molecule.
Also exercising on THC is probably a good idea and easier than you might think. It would like having a runner's high before you run.

She told the story, the insight was good, she gave it a shot, it was ok!

Sounds like an agenda 🤔

Cannabis is ultimately harmful.
Use at your own risk.

So what’s the alternative pharmacy drugs. I’ll stick with cannibus

With respect, so many years experience:
We would of liked you to go into the effects of CBD on this system. "Too much THC makes you prang out and forgetful" yup.
What of the anti psychotic effects of CBD on the ECS? Why is it so insanely popular.. must be helping people or we wouldn't be forking out for it.
Doesnt it regulate our ECS into homeostasis.. missed opportunity. Suspiciously one sided.

if we took her conclusion Big "R Little D (research & Development)" approach to transportation, automation or anything else we'd still be living in caves trying to light the fires with sticks! But hey, their type get paid to research and ponder, not to actually produce...


The powers-that-be always try to steer you away from thc, just like this talk. I'm not buying into her speech.

Typical doctor. Full of shite

The relationship between CBD and THC is FAR too important to just leave out. It's literally what protects your brain from THC's bad side and boosts it's medicinal properties. What a shame..

So many in society railing against the ills of cannabis use, so few against the uses of war...wonder which one is more dangerous...

She can say anything she wants. Someday if she is sitting in from of an Oncologist and they are telling her that the best plan of action is to fry her body with chemo and radiation and destroy her immune system, well she can refer back to this talk. My guess is, she is either a Big Pharma clone or she's backed by the FDA.

If it’s working, stop complaining and start celebrating. Seriously!

Wow, so disappointing to see a TedTalk with a guest that is giving BAD information. I have to wonder who is paying for her "research"....

As many of the popular comments under that video pointed out,

there are DEEP PROBLEMS, and DEEPER PROBLEMS, associated
with respect to anyone actually 'employed' in established systems.

Generally speaking, people deliberately do NOT
recognize their own surrounding keys and locks.

Is she forreal?? She is betting on the ignorance of humanity to fall for this... So, be afraid of weed... It could give you disease and other horrible stuff.... But, big pharma is turning weed into a prescription, so you be afraid of that cannabis, until pharmaceutical corporations can make billions off of their prescription version

Awesome lecture!! Love It!!

There is absolutely zero research that suggests THC can lead to schizophrenia.

The research shows many people with schizophrenia use THC to help them and often cure them completely.

This woman is too 'PC' and seems to be shilling a bit for big pharma.