Does CBD Actually Help With Your Workout Recovery?

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Driven Nutrition Owner Jason Rule flew into to San Diego to hang out with us for the day, shoot a show and fill us in on the CBD industry. Jason goes over the details of CBD for pre and post workout recovery and optimization.

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Take a free quiz to see if CBD is right for you:

There are a few things to remember when buying CBD for recovery.

High strength CBD is needed (minimum 10%)

Buy Full Spectrum CBD oil

Check for lab tests as there are a lot of snake oils on the market.

My personal preference is Dr. Hemp Me full spectrum 20% CBD oil. I train a lot and I have to say the recovery time is none existant after a few weeks of taking the oil twice a day.

Goodby! That intro was too long and too self indulgent

Ffs just give me the review

Do the lifters in this video have Instagrams?

How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

Nice talk but boring

Enjoyed the anecdotal commercial.

What? Guys, where is the science? Where's the evidence? Links to the studies? This was purely anecdotal evidence and you guys haven't proven anything beyond a conversation about how it worked for a few people.

I don't intend to claim that CBD has no benefit, I know it's worked for other applications. But you can't tout "putting your money where your mouth is as far as research and supporting the industry goes" when you haven't put anything remotely relating to anything scientific in either the video or the description. There's nothing here to back up anything anyone has spoken about in this video besides testimonies from your customers and the people in this video .

I am more than willing to hear you out, but you can't use some science jargon, make claims about it's effectiveness for you and a few other clients, link a website to purchase the product and not provide the evidence for why it works for the general population.

I'm almost done with my 1st bottle. Still experimenting but so far can agree with the post down regulation of tension. Also, a small daily dose (5mg) is in a word anandamide. Runner's high! I'm using <0.3% THC hemp sourced so not expecting much joint type of relief but so far it's not nothing. My usually abnormal gait on ramps and the like is now gone. Two thumbs up from me on full spectrum 3rd party tested CBD oil

Shame I live in such a backwards place that it's illegal to use even the topical product...