Does CBD Stop Pain? How CBD Oil Affects Chronic Pain and Inflammation by Thomas DeLauer

DOES CBD STOP PAIN? Inflammation is simply a response to any kind of trauma or any kind of immune event in your body, where your body needs an immune response. Okay, we have two different kinds, acute and chronic.

Acute is the kind that you probably know about. When you bump your elbow, when you get a scratch or a cut, and it gets swollen. It gets swollen and red, that's simple inflammation.

Then, we have chronic inflammation. It's the inflammation that's occurring in our body all the time, really. It's constantly happening. Sometimes, it's worse than other times. This has to do with the fact that our cells become actually sick and we trigger and immune response, and then it cascades into this vicious circle, where the immune system responds even more, and more, and more, yielding to chronic inflammation.

Cytokines are signaling proteins that ultimately recruit inflammation to happen. Cytokines will trigger specific immune cells to release inflammation or actually even reduce inflammation, when given the right circumstances.

When we get down to CBD, CBD actually modulates the cytokine production. It works on cytokine production with very specific cells though. Since we don't want to get rid of all the cytokine activity, we do want to get rid of it with specific things. So, very specific immune cells that overactive that are causing inflammation in our joints all the time or causing inflammation in our brain, they can be become reduced with the instance of CBD being in the equation, simply because now we have all the stimulation of these natural endocannabinoids to reduce that inflammation.

There's one specific area of the body that reduces cytokine activity that's exceptionally important, and that's when it comes down to T helper cells. If you ever heard of T cells before, then you know that there are two kinds. There are helper cells and there are killer cells. The helper cells travel around the body and they slap a label on anything that is potentially bad. That label allows the killer T cells to come by later and designate that to be killed. Basically, has a label, and now the killer T cell goes ahead and it kills it, so they're working in tandem, a two part equation here.

What CBD does is it limits the cytokine activity of these helper T cells, meaning they are not as activated in a bad way. If you have overactive T cells, T helper cells, they're going to run around your body, running rampant, slapping a label on everything, triggering inflammation and triggering killer T cells to come around and start an attack on things that don't need to be attacked. You can see how this can lead to a massive amount of chronic inflammation leading to joint pain, brain fog, digestive discomfort, all kinds of different things.

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Can you list reputable CBD oil brands. There are so many on the market and a lot of them are garbage.

Hey Thomas, you should do a video covering Hemp food products! Hemp is very nutritious. I personally eat in a nutritional protein bar, hemp milk, and there's more. Hemp protein is very good as well. Hemp in general is an amazing plant!

I already follow a low carb Keto life style so I have inflammation in check to a large degree so I can't speak for controlling inflammation from CBD. What I can speak to is since taking CBD I have neaver slept better. I sleep deeply and feel way more refreshed after sleeping. It also has me feeling more calm overall. And a big one is since taking CBD my tinnitus has lessened. It's not as bad as it was, way more toned down so that's a plus!

I heard what you said but your biceps 😍

Wow lot of info

Great video here and it's great how you explain is very well.

So, in a few words- what’s the bottom line?

I am 80 years old and cannot use oral pain medications, over-the-counter or prescription. Fortunately the only pain I have is from two torn ligaments so I buy CBD in a balm form and that takes care of the pain. Mr. DeLauer does a good job of telling us how it works. Very technically though. Thank you.

CBD has been known to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells as well as promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

Ha 😳???

Loved it Thank you

In this video, Thomas Delauer discusses one of the main reasons why people use CBD - to combat chronic pain and inflammation. Do you benefit from CBD? Please share your thoughts with us.

Loving 3x the descriptions and the video. Thanks much man. You have a healthy nice body anyway💁

Could you please make a video about "CBD oil" and "Hidradenitis Suppurativa"?


His talking reminds be of the Life Extension book. I don't know chemistry. I would read 2 pages in 1/2 an hour constantly looking up words to truly understand the smallest segment of what they were saying. I just understand the body. He brings it in just under crazy or Non science majors need not bother. The good, the bad, the Cytokine...O.K. Does CBD stop pain? Inflammation? Doctors aren't going to say positive for pot. I wish someone would break it down. To manage inflammation. Chronic. structural problems and damage impinging on nerves. The bit on anti-inflammation drugs he explained so simply. Almost killed me and did kill others. CBD is for the rich right now. If I could "break" or "lower" the cycle of pain 2 days a month it would do more than the steroidal injections. On goes the search before I lay out my "disabled" funds for legal relief.

I'm so judged by my friends and family because I use some natural oils and cbd for my body. Yet, they constantly ask me how I can shovel snow for 7 hours straight and do yards in summer and not be in pain, also I'm 52 and they ask how I look like I'm 30. I tell them what I eat and take, then they freak out on me and get judgmental! I've been doing these things since childhood. But they refuse to believe me. Ugh.


I can't take anyone seriously that has hairless, cartoon-like arms. Does he realize how stupid they look? I guarantee you his thighs do not match. I get douche chills just looking at him.

Does weightlifting contribute to chronic pain?? Is it ok to push through the pain if its chronic?? It's going to be there whether i gym or not so maybe strengthening could relieve the pain?? I'm thinking of taking cbd to train until I'm better

thanks needed

Greatest vid ever. One question no one seems to answer is how much is too much is oil or water soluble CBD better.?

My wife has chronic pain and CBD oil does nothing it’s a bunch of hype

This is the best CBD explanation that I have come across. Thank you!!

I am going to try CBD oil, but I do have a concern. After researching about CBD I have come across some articles stating that CBD can cause liver damage. The FDA approved medication which contains CBD is called Epidolex. Apparently it has a warning about liver damage. Do I need to be concerned when consuming store bought CBD oil products? Thanks.

I got information from 2 bad knee surgeries CBD creams in my own opinion the cream is better than the oil I get 500 mg my knee is very stiffness injury on job 2001 The 500 mg cream is does takes the stillness aways

Love those shelves in the background.

Dude... you should stay out of the gym for awhile cuz your arms are crackin me up

Wow! That is indepth into but very informative you nearly lost me with all that technical info but I did find it interesting and informative as I've just started taking CBC oil due to health condition so good to know there is no bad effects only good I hope it works out for me.

What cbd oil brands to you recommend using?

I have brain cancer. Metastatic melanoma. 3 weeks post brain surgery...problematic chronic pain. Back n forth to hospital with PAIN...pain management etc. A lot of brain swelling and severe headaches. I tried CBD and my pain has serioisly decreased💙💚💜 Amazing💙

Do you recommend full spectrum CBD ??

Does anybody have any suggestions on which specific brands of CBD oils, I keep hearing how great it is, but haven’t found much on quality brands or manufacturers.
Thanks for any help y’all can provide.

Hemp CBD is federally legal. Cannabis CBD is not legal. It’s two separate plants that look similar, it’s tricky. The Amish farm sells it near my ranch.... I admit I was starting to get curious and not sure what the heck they were growing!

Each time I take pure CBD even a drop of lower potency CBD 200 with less than 0.3% THC I get anxious and also feel high? Does anyone get this too? It’s the opposite effect of what I’m told it should do or want it to do...

You doing great work , people need to understand what CBD is !

Bro....12 minutes with all that dictionary talk...just say if it works or not


I work 60 hours a week and all that time is on my feet. Four days are 12 hour days. Before CBD my feet at the end of the day were inflamed.

hey so i have a question. i have had plantar fasciitis in both feet/ of late my left ankle has been very inflammated . could and would you be able to recommend me a great CBD oil to take because ive tried everything ( non steroid inflammation pills, cortisone shots) and nothing has helped!!...please get back to me , thank you.


Okay so does CBD help me get arms like that?

Don't buy the hype. I'm still testing it and have found no redeeming value in CBD oil. It may possibly help a person get some sleep... still testing, though.


I have a CBD business and I never tell anyone to start with such a high dose. He doesn't say what the CBD mg strength is, and of course he was over tired and falling asleep because he was taking too much at one time and in one day! This guy does not appear to be very serious about giving CBD a chance to prove itself, and between him and the doctor he consulted with, the impression given is that CBD just MIGHT help with certain conditions. This makes me sad and angry, because Hemp sourced CBD and marijuana too, were used for medicinal purposes for hundreds, if not thousands of years, all across the globe and the only reason that changed was due to lies and negative propaganda put out by greedy corporations and politicians. I urge everyone to do their research and choose natural medicine that literally has no known side effects, unless you take too much at one time. Blessings to everyone for a healthy, happy and pain free life :)

I'm glad this video exists! Definitely tells everyone that's CBD is totally natural and a brilliant anti inflammatory tool for overall body function.

Try tell us that science is a lie government! 🤜

No one ever mentions what an effective dosage of cbd oil is???


Do you recommend for autistic children?

Please much more

I take 7 cbd every day its nice on me thanks


Keep doing cbd videos that was really informative!!

how to take cbd for rheumatoid arthritis

Thomas, I am so grateful for your thorough video because I am new to using CBD oil in fact I have just received my 1st bottle that I have paid a considerable amount of money for and yet I have no idea how to use it to help with my over all inflammation for rheumatoid arthritis and you seem like the person with the knowledge to help me. Is it possible to set up a consultation with you or can you direct me to information on how to internally or topically use my hemp oil?

please slow down your lecture. I am a 63-year-old man with chronic pain syndrome and he retired physiologist who quite frankly had great difficulty following you. Like others I need the content and will follow you as you appear to be a great educator that said please appreciate the fact that there are a multitude of different learning Styles in your audience. Thanks much

he's hot❤❤❤

Short answer, yes. . CBD does help with many things. . Such as inflammation, seizures in many people, stress and insomnia with many people as well.

It really works oh thank god... Just down anything for inflammation( tart cherry, ginger, pineapple) and some CBD, it calms everything down in a matter of minutes

Great information. Could you talk in a future video about vapes and wich types are better.

No CBD oil I've tried helped one tiny bit. I have chronic migraines and neck pain. And now my pain is spreading so probably fibromyalgia.

Fish oils are cheaper

Hey Thomas, Is CBD oil better than water soluble CBD? I've seen way too many arguments about this and can't seem to really find the answer. I'd greatly appreciate your assistance

This video is very informative so much so I think I will do a set of chin-ups in honor.   And I will add that if a person consumes high sources of nutrition the benefits that come from hemp oil or CBD will be magnified. Example there is something in red cherries that improve upon the way electrical impulses flow throughout the body.   Keep in mind nothing happens within the body without a electrical impulse.    Red beets improve upon the circulation throughout the entire body. Wheatgrass allows the blood cells to maintain oxygen more efficiently.  Bone marrow strengthens the teeth eyes hair nails bones tendons ligaments muscles over all skeleton structure.  At the same time it detoxifies the liver which is the primary organ that helps the body cleanse itself from any harmful toxins.   9 g of protein per tablespoon,  this   particular type of protein is easy for the body to break down and absorb digest and put to use so it is female and child friendly. Think about this for most of a person's life there skeleton structure is breaking down deteriorating it does heal itself to a certain degree.   However nowhere near to the effect that bone marrow will.    Which brings me to my next point for when a person skeleton structure is constantly breaking down deteriorating that takes a lot of energy for the body to manage deal with just to stabilize.  Now with the bone marrow powder you will be rejuvenating replenishing the overall skeleton structure freeing up all that excess energy that went into stabilizing to be used for other functionalities within the body such as adjust adapt respond recover.    This method will improve upon the most extreme situations even if the are polar opposites example those in special forces training or those who are in the critical care unit going to be facing many years of rehabilitation.  Or even the most common basic average normal problems that stem from those just being soft lazy out of shape overfed undernourished overworked and underpaid with dirty low-paying jobs.  Thank you for sharing your time here on YouTube.

you lost me right after you said hello

...need to increase bioavailability...

my wife has pancreas and liver cancer level 4 and i got her cbd oil and she feels better. that's so big to me. all drugs should be legal.
fuck you moral bastards that are killing people. gare

The world is re-discovering this plant and people will be better because of it.

Will it work for headaches and body aches or schizophrenia?

Absorption is very important when taking any nutrient. Like most people who are gluten intolerant, the effect may be very limited.

I'm new to all this , but very interested , would what you explained in this video happen if you apply with a cream on the sore area or ingested orally ? very impressed with your video, Thank you

Its work for my knee and back pain.. But i would like to try for snoring and my face..

Thanks for ur information bcos i m introduce CBD oil (here i call herb C oil) and its work for imflammation and cancer hidh blood, gout and all cronik sickness.. Its work really so now i m introducing it to many peoples bcos im so pity to see peoples sick and why me and daughters.. Do reserch what product is the best. And its CBD oil.. But we get cure from our local suppilment.. Bcos we its not legal here in my country bcos just get it for sick peoples..

Yes, keep them coming!

Keep doing cbd videos

Saved me RA

Not my pain.

So the oil basically helps balance your body. Benefit in a healthy way.

Sir/ Maam please tell us where to buy your product CBD cream/oil for arthritis pain thank very much

You are awesome! Thank you!

It’s CB1 and CB2...not CBD1 and CBD2. Can’t stand hearing you say that. It makes you sound uneducated. It’s also anandamide not andandamide...good presentation but get your words right

Question can I vape cbd oil or just liquid? Also CBD on keto?

You're driving me nuts saying CBD1 and's CB1 and CB2!!! Get it right...

Not really for headaches

Hi what are your opinions on cbd oil and tinnitus please ?

Sheeze ...its a one word answer, does it help pain?

One of my best videos explaining inflammation I've seen....Good job!

So does it matter if it's full spectrum CBD or pure? I've read before that only CBD-A is able to reduce pain. Problem is there is less CBD-A in a full spectrum product than THC, which by law has to be less than .3%. I take 80mg full spectrum once or twice a day for degenerative disk in my Cspine. It helps, but doesn't eliminate.

It doesn't work for me. At all. The only people I see who say it works is the people who sell it.

Which one is best? I need it for anxiety and body pain

Just smoke it and get over it already.

Very good! Please keep these video's coming

Well, the out of control T cells when misbehaving result in autoimmune disorders.

What do you recommend for tight muscles

My mom has pain every day can that help her

Excellent! Keep it coming, professor!👍

What r ur thoughts about Irwin Naturals CBD line? I only ask due to your clear expertise but also because they are so far the one product that’s affordable for me. Thank you!!! 💘👍


my mom can't use her left arm and hand from stroke can cbd make new cells in the brain then she can use it?

I have tried this in a BALM form on my Hands too cut down. Arthritic Pain to no avail. would it work better if in OIL form??

Whatever you do, make sure you are buying pure CBD. NO GMO’S, NO PESTICIDE, NO ADDITIVES OR FILLERS. Make sure it's ORGANIC & 3RD PARTY TESTED. If you need help finding this, just ask.