Dr. Oz Talks CBD Benefits, Hallucinogens & Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Chicken

Dr. Oz drops in to explain why there's no health benefit to washing your chicken before you cook it. The Doc also talks how moral hang ups affect our thoughts on hallucinogens and magic mushrooms.

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Dr. Oz Talks CBD Benefits, Hallucinogens & Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Chicken

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You can look up the labresults of the cbd oil product on google

Everybody on here talking about him not washing chicken, but did y'all hear him say he don't wash his ass with soap?! 😳😳😳 that's a whole NO!

We wash & clean our chicken not just for bacteria- but also for the flavor. When meat is bloody and layered in slime it tastes nasty. But if you cut off the fat, trim the skin, and rinse off the blood and slime it literally tastes better. I even soak my meats in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of vinegar. Some call it “Kosher”

You should definitely wash your meat...forget the bacteria. Think about the particles of feces, and other things that can land on the meat from farm to factory and packaging. I've found strands of hair in packaged produce and other odd things. Heat does not kill those things, it becomes an added ingredient. The reason stated for not washing meat also sounds mad dumb....due to splattering? Make sure shit doesn't splatter then, clean the area, wash your hands before hand... I'd rather take my chances with the latter steps, than to potentially eat foreign substances that I didn't see on the meat.

Doc oz is not a person I trust.


22:54- 22:57 😂😂😂

Nobody has ever died from washing children!!

CBD oil talk with Dr. OZ

Everything with a docter...whatever


www.marialcbd.com Stop Chronic Pain and Inflammation (FOREVER)

"I'm not a fan of recreational marijuana"... what a piece of shit. You're cool wit havin a beer after work but u anti weed. STFU

Allergy problems.... More like cocaine problem. All the answers he has,he should never be sick.

Everybody: We still washin our chicken

Me: Did this dude just say that he spits on his toilet paper then wipes his ass with it 😲


@ 20:50 Dr. Oz's position is that washing chicken isn't being anymore hygienic. This is obviously a CULTURAL issue, mainly between black and white, not a hygienic one. How about Asians? Wash or don't wash chicken??

Heat kills germs. Like wtf. When you’re cleaning baby bottles you boil them ....you know why ? because it kills germs among other things🙄🙄🙄🙄. Get with the times ppl.

People have to read the ingredients on bags of chips. You can buy organic, non-gmo chips that are made with more processing and others that are made from the whole vegetable, like sweet potato or white potato chips. Certain brands are made with the whole potato and other so-called healthy brands are made with potato flour, not the whole potato.

How does Dr. Oz feel about women (or men) wearing lipstick? isn't that detrimental to the lips?

I never bread my chicken. It is delicious with a thick layer of garlic powder, a little pink Himalayan salt, black pepper and turmeric, and cooked in a 350 degree oven for 40 to 45 minutes. I prefer thighs with the skin on and bone in. Breast is boring unless you marinate it and get creative, but thighs don't require as much thought and effort, just plenty of garlic powder, etc.

I wish Dr. Oz would become seriously involved in changing what is wrong and run for president. He would definitely get enough votes and he would probably stay healthy and live long, so he could stay in the White House longer than four years. Our country is in trouble and we need a mentally and physically healthy man with a high IQ to fix it.

When did the chemtrails begin? Does anyone know exactly when they started spraying with toxic chemicals from planes? I wasn't aware at all, until the internet. Our air, our water, our soil and our food...all toxic. Food WAS our medicine ... they took away our natural prevention and cure of disease, when they started the chemtrails. Crops are poisonous, causing birth defects from pregnant women eating them. Ask Argentina.

Lay down with pollen and wake up with hives.

There are no bad trips... Only learning experiences.

Bill Wilson was on the Belladonna Cure.

You CAN make your own CBD!!

I could have sworn he said 5 out of ten and then 10 out of thirteen anothervtine then went back to 5 out of 10

I did too many Mushrooms and walked around my neighborhood with my pants to my knees and all my junk hanging out... telling people I was God... I don't remember much of it... but it was most hellafied experienced in my life

22:19 I’ve been washing chicken my whole life and I’ve never had salmonella 😂😂😂😂 So true

How about the cbd flower

I couldn’t enjoy eating any chicken i KNOW was not rinsed properly... it just won’t taste the same 🤢🤮

Complete range of CBD www.great-relief.com

Wow. Exciting to see Dr. Oz support the truth about hallucinogens. There's far too much misinformation and fear. It will find you when you're ready.

Yes using dryer sheets is very dangerous to the profits of liquid fabric softener companies.

Quitting smoking is 40% willpower and 60% desire not to die! Losing weight is simple, take the spoon out of your mouth.

I luv dr. Oz. His show is phenomenal and he works so hard. We r watching his great show for free. He is one of the kindest human beings out there. Genuine and we have to save life, planet and water. Can’t lie honesty is best policy. Mother Nature gave so many things for free. We need to pray hard!

We are in a Prussian School system FYI which replaced the Agrarian System long ago no Thanks to Horace Mann’s infatuation 🤦🏾‍♂️

People always wash your chicken

I remember waking up this day and seeing this, these daily shows make my day.

Dr.Oz go back to black hair that color does not complement you at all😉

I'm going to wash my chicken 😒

💖 Dr. Oz

Muslims have been washing their behinds with water since we were born.

5:19 - grow cannabis... extract out the CBD and make stuff... you can make gummies or just ingest the CBD oil alone... known as FECO - full extract cannabis oil. you do not need to smoke anything to get CBD

3:50 - marijuana is the smoke of cannabis sativa L... CBD is from cannabis plant, all varietals

No GMO'S!!!!!!

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Doctor Oz!!!! Eat whole foods!!!!!!

Water doesn't kill salmonella!!!!It just makes it air born, splashes, sprays.

His theory on allergies makes a lot of sense. I have to work tonight but tomorrow I'm gonna wash all my pillows/pillow cases.

Never take LSD or any drugs! I took LSD one time and it has ruined my life when it comes to sleeping and just a bad trip overall

If washing chicken doesn’t wash any salmonella anyway then how come earlier he said you spread salmonella everywhere 🤔

Dr. Oz just seems like a really genuinely nice dude tbh.

CBD does in fact work for inflammation. That's why its becoming so big for athletes. Anyways you gotta make sure you get the real stuff, cbdMD is the best brand, and they offer 15% off coupon using CBDMD15OFF

Total Life Changes a company you can trust when it comes to CBD! check out the quality products weightbegonenow.com
Detox Tea with Cbd, drops and cream for joint and muscle pain.

My channel has many informative vids regarding CBD should you want to learn more

If u believe that you shouldn’t wash chicken, you are a fool!! 😳 the chicken is the ONLY animal that’s dirtier than a pig 🐷😳 Smdh

Dr.Oz the ol buy this weight loss cure himself. FoH

Great now I wanna try LSD 🙄

You are sentenced to jail for the rest of your life. B, D, B, C.

Janet at S. The g a. WRJ, VT. B

Criminals. Princess Disna did not have to die. Paul's sister Dawn should be jailed!

Dr Oz. Paul, Mr Lsvery, Gabe, D. WTF.

everyone with a cow pasture has hemp plants here in S. Oregon right now being harvested. We are literally floating in cbd. I hope all products have plenty of cbd now. I hate to think that any fraud is going on

Nate Diaz blew up CBD

Y'all talking about the chicken thing what about when he spits on toilet paper to wipe his ass??!! That shit is fucking disgusting!

I take lsd No wonder I don’t like drinking alcohol dr. Oz is right 👍 I tried meditation. Meditation it so hard But with psychedelics is so easy to meditate 🧘‍♂️

.Who else finds beneficial to take cbd oil?

These are my benefits pain relief, anti inflammatory, cognitive function, reduces stress and sleep improvement.

7:00 wtf he said???😂

Ppl who try shrooms that dont tell what their doses were, u can automatically tell they didnt trip. If they actually tripped they would have a lot more to say.. trust me

Hey retards how about u buy ethically sourced chicken so u dont have to worry about all the SHIT it has on it

Blasphemer!!!! Wash that chicken off!

He says he bought it in a pharmacy then said he bought it in a gas station/cornerstore

This is the first time i have ever seen Charlemagne be respectful and cool with a white guest lmao

Damn im still washing em chicken as there are other bacteria in em chicken than salmonella,wash em chicken folks.

Mans talking about spitting on his ass

My chicken goes straight into boiling water for a few seconds then out to prepare. The package is inserted into the boiling water next then into trash. The boiling water is poured over the sink area. Its a simple routine for sterilization. Not even 10 extra minutes including boiling the water.

Will never take advice from this dude

This one was very good, love dr oz

“Do your lips like this, that’s your a**hole” 😂😂😂😂😂

All you all cared about was the washing the chicken.....

yo no cap this nigga said I eat vegan with a lotta meat lmaooooo

Can't believe how many people wash they chicken. Once it's cooked its safe to eat damn

I have never washed chicken and can't believe there are idiots out there who do. What, do you people run water all over your ribeye steaks too before throwing them on the grill? Smh.

Wtf spitting on the toilet paper!

I dont wash my cock before I throw it in the hen cage!

For those who is still trying to loose their fat with pills, crazy diets and hard exercises. That wonderful woman has given tip me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning milkshakes. Watch that short video here to know how!

22:54 LMFAO I’m dead

I feel like I fell into some weird bizarro world. What in the world...

You don't just wash the chicken with water. But with lime/lemon juice and/or vinegar In a container. Water slashing? No whater should be splashing anyways.

I dont trust mfkas that dont clean their chicken/meat this is why i dont eat everyones food😭Salt lime and vinegar 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹water alone isnt suffice to me

IDC what anyone says Dr. OZ is alright with me. His interviews are always great!

These the same people that dont season they chicken... GTFOH!!
Black people been doing this shitt before white folks came out the caves! Lol

** Attention **

People wash Your Chicken. I don't know what he is talking about. I Love Dr. Oz, but Lawd Have mercy. What if they dropped It on the Floor before they packaged it and the Floor has had nasty shoes walking on It and The bottom Of your shoes been walking on bathroom floors and all Kind of other floors that might have had some Dooky or some other nasty stuff on It that you might have stepped on and you didn't even know it! So they drop the chicken and didn't rinse it off When they Packaged It and then you Buy It and don't wash It! Stoppppp. You Done ate the Dooky that was on the chicken. I'm Just saying. You better wash that Chicken Folks. For Real.

Facts at your man spit lmao

Lmao white people