Dr.Oz Reveals The Problem With CBD

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HEY EVERYONE have you heard of CBDa?  ....  I know most of us viewing have all heard the buzz about CBD.  There are some reputable companies out there including American Shaman.  American Shaman is a full spectrum product but good products, however,  who still have the 0.3% THC content and so for those who get drug tested remember even small amounts of THC can build up in your system if using for a period overtime which  could possibly in the long run have you fail a drug test depending how sophisticated the drug test is.   One CBD wholesaler of Broad Spectrum CBD called Cheer Organics who also use nano technology, however, Cheer Organics mostly focus and work with  chiropractors/physicians at pain clinics. Reason being doctors are looking for the stringent chromatography process and proprietary state of the art extraction creating 0.0%THC free process which is what pain doctors look for because pain management doctors do drug test their patients for THC just in case if they feel they need to prescribe and opioid   ….  But have you heard of CBDa?   If your not aware of  "The father of CBD" Raphael Mechoulam talks about CBDa and its superior efficacy compared to regular CBD.  CBDa is actually the precursor to CBD, what happens is when the hemp plant is extracted CBDa is exposed to heat and that causes decarboxylation, meaning the carbon bond is detached and then becomes CBD.  HOWEVER one company has a patented process that does have CBDa in some of their product and the results are superior.  DR. Steven Trobiani, MD talks about CBDa and how and why it works differently than regular CBD.  Check it out his videos on this landing page https://jtx.myctfo.com/index.html.    Hope you all enjoyed this information.  Again check out Dr. Trobiani's video about CBDa.

Founders Hemp is a great CBD Company Coa's Available!

I have used the best in Aussie, organic and biodynamic great results... like life changing results... just love it

What are the good companies selling CBD oil

Do your homework, there are several good companies to buy from. You don’t want it if it comes from the gas station or the video store.

Never mentioned name of CBD companies, or did I miss something?

Cbd at @18:05